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At The ICC, Birmingham

27th June 2015


Venue - The ICC Birmingham


Your host - Steve Walls


Celeb presenter - tbc



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“Tonight is a massive celebration for the unsung heroes of the United Kingdom. We would not have the community that we would have without these people and because of these people the people who are cared for have a better world to live in. The carer very rarely gets any thanks or recognition and they do it out of love for their job. It’s extremely humbling when you see how much they do day in and day out. I am honoured to be here tonight and to be part of this event.”

Jane McDonald


“The awards are the one opportunity to show everyone how fantastic the people who work in home care really are.  They are inspirational and a reminder of why I came to work in the sector all those years ago''.

Mary Bryce, chair, Ceretas


“The social care sector is a 'people' industry, whether it's the front line carers, back-office support or the service users themselves. Our Healthcare 'people' within RBS understand this well, and aim to support the wider social care sector. The GBCA events are a fine example of profiling the best people from across the industry, and positively endorsing excellence in social care.”

Mike Coster, business development director, healthcare, The Royal Bank of Scotland


"It is humbling to hear all the amazing work that people are doing above and beyond the norm. We, Nutricia, support the unpaid carers award with Carers UK and these people should be recognised and applauded more than they are, the Great British Awards is one step in this direction and Nutricia is proud to support them."

Kate Hall, external affairs manager, Nutricia


“These awards recognise the best that are in the care sector within the UK and identify the very hard work that is done by the care workers and office staff and all the people who are involved in the sector. They do truly valuable work looking after all the venerable adults within the community who are now there friends and we like to support all the care workers and the carers in the community so they are inspired to continue their work.”

Sushil Radia , Managing Director of Westminster Home Care


“I think it’s great to recognise good practice and it’s great to see such a professional ceremony which recognises and imitates the professional work of the service and gives us a high profile and it is very rare that we are actually recognised and its just fantastic.”

Les Clark, Director of Strategy & Service Development, Housing 21


“The care awards are a fantastic series of events which recognise people who do so much to help people live independently to have a great quality of life and it really recognises work that isn’t given the credit that it deserves. For us at Carers UK it has been fantastic timing having the awards at the end of cares week which really celebrates the 6 million people across the uk who care for family or loved ones who are either older or disabled which has been a lovely end to our week of celebration and creating awareness. We also feel that if people are to be cared for well, often it needs to be a really good partnership between the family and the cares and it’s been lovely to part of the awards tonight as it really has been about that partnership.”

Helena Herklots, Chief Executive, Carers UK