The Care Employer Award

Nathalie Gilder, Haverhill Community

Natalie is a humble human-being who doesn’t realise the impact that she has on her staff, customers and the wider community. She is an amazing individual that deserves recognition for everything she does in her community


The Care Home Worker Award

Mary Deane, Four Seasons Healthcare

Mary has care and compassion running through her like a stick of rock, and it’s clear that caring for others is a vocation that drives her. She is someone that treats people like an extension of her own family, always putting others first. She embodies the caring spirit of the sector and should be an inspiration for her colleagues and peers.


Highly Commended

Dee Hill, Anchor Hanover

Dee’s passion and enthusiasm shone through. It was clear she was not only a big personality in her home but someone who made a big difference to the lives of her residents and, particularly, their families.


The Home Care Worker Award

Sally Sullivan, Caremark Mid Sussex and Surrey

Sally is an inspiration and we were very emotional. Having made the decision to spend Christmas with a client who has Covid rather than with her family demonstrated her dedication to the people she supports. In Sally’s words, “You cannot teach someone to care, it comes from the heart.”


The Care Home Newcomer Award

Laura Bowker, Dove Adolescent Services

From working in a call centre to changing the lives of young people, Laura has truly made a difference and is a role model to all. She is someone who really cares for the young people she supports and this clearly shows through her everyday interactions. She is an extremely genuine and heartfelt individual.


The Home Care Newcomer Award

Wayne Cooper, Alternative Futures

Wayne was a fantastic example that’s it’s never too late to change your career. Wayne gave a great example of how he improves people’s wellbeing by getting outside and growing their own produce, even though lone working in an outreach services can be a challenge. Motivated by personal experience you could really connect with Wayne and his strong value base.


Highly Commended

Lana Lawrence, CSN Carewatch (SE)

It’s easy to forget how young Lana is as she is such an exceptional young lady, with already so much life experience. Her passion and drive are clear to all. She wants everyone to understand the importance of supporting people with complex needs in a respectful way, with dignity and choice. Lana has a wonderful aura of positivity and her fantastic personality really shines through.


The Care Home Registered Manager Award

Elizabeth Robinson, Akari Care (NE)

Elizabeth is an incredibly genuine, open and dedicated individual.  She oozes enthusiasm and truly cares for staff, residents and their families.  An outstanding care professional in a category of outstanding candidates.


The Home Care Registered Manager Award

Simon Rowland, Caremark

The self-sacrifice that Simon has made to ensure his customers and family are safe is truly outstanding.  He isolated for a 12 month period from his family only having contact by Zoom,  truly going above and beyond for his community.  For Simon, caring is more than just a job, it is his passion.

Highly Commended

Jonathan Short, MiHomecare

Jonathan has been through a traumatic year and has come out of it so much stronger with so much empathy for the care and support he offers, not just to his customers but also to his team.


The Care Home Cook/Chef Award

Lian Pilkington, Stocks Hall Care Group

Lian is a breath of fresh air. Having fell back into catering during the pandemic his infectious personality rubs off on not only staff but also the service users he caters for.


The Dignity in Care Award

Tracy Farzal, Anchor Hanover

It was a joy to meet such an inspiring person!  Tracy deserves public recognition for what an incredible job she does with such humility.  Tracy obviously works in a very challenging environment but demonstrated the delivery of dignity and respect very naturally.

The Dementia Carer Award

Nicola Dodds, Vida Healthcare

Nicola is truly remarkable.  She is patient and caring, forging close relationships with people she cares for. Her ability to not be self-conscious and put residents first, winning their trust with chocolates, kindness and above all LOVE, is truly inspiring a well-deserved winner.


Highly Commended

Heather Marchant, PJ Care

Heather’s passion to caring for people living with dementia was abundant and her desire to qualify as an Admiral Nurse only re-enforces how incredible she is.  She takes the time to fully get to know those in her care to provide the essence person centred care.


The Care Home Team Award

Roseville House, Achieve Together

This team really stood out for their genuine passion for caring for their residents.  They support one another in very challenging circumstances to ensure the wellbeing of residents and demonstrated an innovative approach to delivering person centred care.


The Home Care Team Award

Support Team Kismul Group Ltd (EM)

This team were very dedicated to their residents. Through their commitment to care a young lady who had a terminal illness was able to pass away in a dignified manner, in familiar surroundings, with a care team she knew and loved. The fact that they were nominated by the family for this award shows how important this support was to them.


Highly Commended

Swan Care & Support, Swan Housing Association

The team were very well connected and offered a hospital to home service.  At a time when others around them were fearful due to the pandemic, the team were forward thinking,  strategically planning  for events.  A testament to this was that no client was affected from covid under their care.


The Care Home Activities Organiser Award

The Activities Team, Mill house Care and Dementia Home

This team had an in depth understanding of how their residents and families were feeling during the pandemic. They made great efforts keep activities running whilst adapting their approach. Residents were encouraged to write their own plans and be involved with planning activities of their choice.


Highly Commended

Chris Guest, Majesticare

Chris is passionate and knowledgeable about his role. He demonstrated a thorough understanding of how activities benefit people’s wellbeing. Chris also provided many examples of how he had involved residents in local community activities. Residents were supported to take on specific roles in relation to event planning to promote ownership of activities.


The Ancillary Worker Award

Grant Mugford, PJ Care

Grant impressed the judges with his outstanding commitment and passion for his residents.  Grant goes above and beyond his maintenance role, supporting staff and residents alike.


The Workforce Development Award

Ruth French and Alex Ball, Stow Healthcare

Stow Healthcare use diverse and creative strategies to develop their work force in all job roles, including their residents’ participation in training programmes. They recognise that everyone has skills that can be transferred and learnt by others, to achieve an outstanding standard of care and working environment.


Highly Commended

Claire Scarborough, Calcot Services for Children

The energy and enthusiasm Claire shows when talking about her job role demonstrates how passionate she is about creating a skilled workforce, ensuring all the needs of the children in their care are met.


The Care Innovator Award

Craig Aitkin, Support for Independence

Craig was so understated in what he has achieved. He has gone away and developed an App with the help of the people he supports, producing something that empowers people to live independently and safely. Craig demonstrated how innovation and technology really can change lives. Adapting learning methods to enable people to gain new skills and keep safe has been born from listening to the people who need this. We were both blown away by Craig and what he has achieved!


The Care Home Frontline Leaders Award

Sharon Oldfield, Vida Healthcare

Sharon is a force to be reckoned with. She is passionate, committed and has made a very positive impression on the judges. She has knocked our socks off in what was a very strong category.


Highly Commended

Kathleen Gaynor, Anchor Hanover

Kathleen passed the judges mum test – the resident experience and importance of this shone through in what was a very strong category.


The Home Care Frontline Leaders Award

Camille Leavold, Abbotts Care

Camille demonstrated true leadership throughout her interview when she explained the dynamic management of the pandemic in home care.


Highly Commended

Neil Martin, Earlybird Lifestyle Support

The judges were impressed with Neil’s hands on approach to leadership and he demonstrated true person centred care throughout his interview.


The Home Care Co-ordinator Award

Maria Gomez, Caremark (Worcester and Malvern Hills)

Maria is a highly motivated extraordinary person who is customer focused, knows what her role is and how this impacts on staff, service users and the business.  She is incredibly hardworking and went above and beyond in extremely challenging circumstances.  A real star!


The Care Assessor/Care Planner Award

Kate Birch, Westwood Homecare NW

Kate blew the judges away with the level of detail, passion and empathy she showed during her interview. The person centred approach displayed by Kate was amazing.


Highly Commended

Sinead Brooks, Constania Care
Sinead’s energy was outstanding and using her own personal, lived experience in informing care planning and assessments for her clients blew the judges away.


The Putting People First

Katie Clohessy, Precious Homes

Katie leads from the front and always puts others first, whether that is the people she supports or her team. Her achievements, both in her career and with the people she supports are inspiring, and it was clear that helping others is a vocation for her.


Highly Commended

Bianca Bonat, Stephanie Andrews and Maria Vdokaki, Avant Hillingdon
Despite providing a vast range of care services, the Avant team clearly go the extra mile to bring happiness and achieve outcomes for the people they support. Their case studies were impressive and demonstrated how they had adapted to the pandemic to put their clients first.


The Palliative Care/End of Life Award

Astar Homecare Services

Both judges were moved to tears! This is an outstanding team, going above and beyond not just for service users but also the families


The Housing with Care Award

Nicklebury Road, Sanctuary Supported Living

A very informative and inspiring team.  A service user attended interview and expressed how her confidence has grown and is now working.   The team clearly are doing an amazing job! They are dedicated and enthusiastic, making a fabulous difference to the lives of others.


The Social Care Nurse Award

Rebecca Hyland, Exemplar

Rebecca was able to show a clear understanding for the needs of her staff and her residents. Rebecca through her own practice and level of commitment,  has developed relationships that have proven to be so important to the service users, that they consider her to be part of their family


The Unpaid Carers Award

Sandra Blockley MBE, Making Space

Sandra Blockley MBE is a former unpaid Dementia Carer. She is devoted to people living with Dementia and their Carers. Sandra is 75 years young and for the last 20 years, Sandra has raised funds for so many causes in Rotherham, particularly for Cancer and Dementia causes. She was awarded her MBE for her fundraising efforts for the community a decade ago. When asked how much she has raised, she says she stopped counting at £750,000! Eight years ago, her husband Charlie developed Dementia and for 5 years, until he died, Sandra was his wife and carer. Sandra is the first to say that she could not have coped without the support of four Rotherham Dementia Cafes. Covid has stopped everything in terms of meeting up socially. Sandra knows more than most how devastating this loss of social contact and support can be and wanted to do something that could help this group of people. On 15th June 2020 she opened her own charity shop in Thurcroft. This is no ordinary charity shop –  shop profits will go to Dementia causes. You will find Sandra outside on her chair, next to her mobility scooter, talking to everyone. Each day she welcomes customers living with dementia and their carers and makes them aware of the dementia support available in Rotherham. This shop is also proving to be a magnet for older isolated people who previously went days without speaking to anyone. Sandra is a special lady who is a wonderful impact on everyone she meets and she has done more to raise Dementia awareness in Rotherham than any other person or organisation. She makes everyone want to do more for people living with Dementia and their carers in Rotherham.


The Outstanding Contribution to Social Care Award

Julia Rana, Northumbria Police

Julie has had an extensive career in the police force that has involved her working with many different providers of social care. Her focus throughout has been on protecting individuals in the community she serves, looking out for not just victims of crime but also supporting vulnerable families who may be at risk. Julia went above and beyond her role and led her team to achieve successful outcomes including her work regarding coercive control with Northumbria police being the first to bring a conviction in this.


The Social Care Covid Hero Award

Katy Grindley, Millennium Care

In a category of outstanding candidates Katy stood out for her sheer commitment in promoting residents’ emotional and physical wellbeing, through innovative approaches and gritty determination.


The Social Care Covid Hero Team Award

Jilly Hunt and Team, Ashdene Care Home

Jilly and her team used innovative ways to ensure the wellbeing and safety of residents in very challenging of circumstances.  They impressed the judges with their enthusiasm to support one another as well as the residents in their care.  They are truly exceptional!