The Care Home Employer Award

Geoffrey Cox, Southern Healthcare (Wessex) LTD.

Geoffrey leads from the front. His dedication, research and commitment to follow the true principles of person-centred care is admirable. How he has applied these theories to support his team, not just the residents, is reflected in the work they do and the relationships he has with them.

Highly Commended

Diane Clarkson, Keate House Residential Home

The placements and work that Keate House has been doing with a local S.E.N.D college has not only brought an abundance of value to the team and residents alike but also shows their commitment to diverse and inclusive recruitment, highlighting the benefits it can bring to an existing workforce and those they support.

The Home Care Employer Award

Neil Findlay, Bluebird Care, Wansdworth and Clapham and Stretham

Bluebird Care, Wandsworth and Clapham and Stretham is a culture of learning, growing, and empowering their care team. They have built a more inclusive and equitable work environment for their 140 plus employees, understanding that the 200 clients they support are a priority. This business recognises that they must support and provide a ‘career journey’ and level of care for their own employees. This business truly cares about their employees and has them at the heart of every decision, giving them vital empowerment to feel a part of something truly valuable as a social care offering.

Highly Commended

Paula and Keith Pidd, Ebor Home Care

Paula and Keith Pidd set up their business at the height of Covid reacting to a gap in the market: being able to respond quickly to the care needs of elderly clients and those with a disability without time constraints or pressure for their care workers. The business, although in its infancy, has grown through word of mouth and their ability to offer excellence in care, quality time with those they support and their leadership model. Paula is very much part of the care team and is visible. This business model is to be applauded.

The Care Home Worker Award

Robert Kabanga, Leycester House, Berkley Care group

Robert showed a genuine love for care and was very animated when speaking on the subject. He gave us lots of examples of how he works well with clients and supports staff. He demonstrated a true understanding of person-centred care.

Highly Commended

Scott-Taylor, Nelson Lodge – Anchor

Scott is very dedicated to his job and has demonstrated this through many examples. He is very caring toward his clients and other members of staff he works with.

The Home Care Worker Award

Yves Tshamba, Access Your Care

Yves stood out in particular because of what he shared about his life before going in to care and the joy he expressed when helping others in his present role. He is extremely humbling to listen to: his passion for caring for others was palpable.

Highly Commended

Michelle Orange, EveryDay Care & Support

Michelle is a passionate professional who truly cares about those she supports. She is a shining example of excellence in home care.

Highly Commended

Tara Brook, Consensus Support

Tara goes above and beyond in her role to deliver the highest level of care. She is much deserving of high commendation.

The Care Newcomer Award

Kayleigh Carter, Saracen Care Services

Kayleigh is an exceptional newcomer to care who keeps the people she supports at the heart of her practice. She is a well deserving winner of this award and a rising star in the sector.

Highly Commended

Daniel Jarvis, Cambridge Nursing Home

New to the sector, Daniel is a natural talent, instinctively keeping person centred care at the heart of everything he does. He will go far in this sector.

The Care Home Registered Manager Award

Brendon Prior, Fairfield ROC- Northwest

Brendon’s personal understanding of what’s needed ensures that the young people in his care get exactly what is important to them. He doesn’t ever take the easiest option and turns even the most challenging young people’s lives around. Driven and committed like no other.

Highly Commended

Lindi Urubusi, Sanctuary Supported Living

Very innovative and person-centred approach to ensuring those in her care get the best. Goes out of her way to ensure that residents are heard and they truly have a say in how the service is run. Lindi is solution-focused and sees herself as an equal.

The Home Care Registered Manager Award

Mike Durrant, Butterfields Community Care

Mike took over a struggling service and in 3 years turned their fortunes around moving from ‘requires improvement’ to ‘outstanding.’ Mike is a leader in the area and the industry. His hard work and determination to support not only his clients but his staff is contagious and he is constantly thinking of new and creative ways to work.

Highly Commended

Samantha Almond, Allegra Care

Samantha’s enthusiasm for care is incredible. Creative thinking and true person-centred care are at the heart of everything she does. She and her service are extremely proud to have received a Queen’s award for their work as well as being finalist for the Great British Care Awards.

The Care Home Chef Award

Paul Wright, Mysing Care

Paul has brought many of his qualities and skills into the care sector. The introduction of gourmet nights with 8 course taster menus, cocktails on arrival and 89 wine pairings brings fine dining and elegance into the care home and sector. Paul is a great ambassador and others should be inspired by him and his ideas. He was both funny and humble and knows his stuff!

Highly Commended

Tony Tripe, Signature at Elton House

Tony was a close second and truly works on person-centred care and knows those he cares for well. He has the foresight to organise his kitchen to ensure a continued and smooth running of the home. He showed commitment and compassion and is a truly remarkable man who should be proud if his achievements.

The Dignity in Care Award

Martyna Kozielska, Astar

Martyna really brought the concept of dignity in care to life – her motto is to care for everyone as she hopes to be cared for herself one day. She is an excellent advocate for social care, delivered with Dignity and her passion really came across.

Highly Commended

Sonia Newhouse, Home Instead Hinckley, Burbage and Nuneaton

Wise words from Sonia – dignity is hard to describe, but everyone can see when it is not there. A compassionate individual who is much deserving of high commendation.

The Dementia Carer Award

Janet Thompson, The Rainbow Care Group

Janet was part of a project on a working farm which works with people with dementia. They provided a range of fun and rewarding person centred activities for people in the community. Janet was also actively involved in dementia coffee mornings every Saturday. Compassion, understanding and adaptability are at the heart of everything she does. It was clear that Janet is passionate and thoroughly enjoys her work and the difference she makes to those living with dementia.

Highly Commended

Honey Berry, Orchard House, RCH Care Homes

Honey demonstrated a really good understanding of the sector, with her own personal circumstances bringing her into this career. We were really impressed with Honey’s commitment and desire to engage with the community, imparting her own knowledge and providing support to others for the benefit of people living with dementia. Honey was clearly a passionate and motivated individual who was committed to being ‘a sunshine’ for those with dementia

The Care Home Team Award

Balccares Care team, HC-One

A person-centred organisation. What really stood out was the mutual respect between Lynn and her team and residents alike. It’s no surprise that word of mouth is so positive. We were particularly impressed with Lynn’s unique approach to managing funerals and making residents dreams a reality.

Highly Commended

Holmdale, Community Integrated Care

The passion and trust amongst the team was evident in their approach to teamwork and the level of support they show one another. The long service is something they should be very proud of and something many organisations can only dream of.

The Home Care Team Award

Vale Place

A wonderful team of people who come together and support one another to provide the best possible care and experience for residents of Vale Place. They have grown and come together with a new ethos and commitment focused on bringing joy to their clients and service users.  Their regular ‘night club experience’ is just one of several examples of the incredibly positive things they do to support the whole person. People matter to the Vale Place team and they are a clear example of a team and individuals going above and beyond. Well done.

Highly Commended

Five Lamps

Amazing dedication and commitment to put residents first and not let them down.  They went above and beyond as a team to carry on working when their previous employer went into administration even though they had no job certainty and were not getting paid.  Could not contemplate letting down their clients.  They are now part of Five Lamps delivering a service with pride and maintaining same sense of commitment and passion.  This team showed that they really do love their clients.

Highly Commended

Aspire Home Care Thanet

The passion of the team came across in waves with so many touching examples of making a huge and transformational difference to the lives of people who might have been too hard to reach for other organisations.  Dedication and delivery of a most intimate service.  A whole organisation and team built from the ground up on an ethos of meeting any challenge head on, never giving up on anyone and adapting to the person. An organisation that makes sure it really knows and gets to understand every client as much as they know themselves. Very impressive indeed.

The Care Home Activity Co-ordinator Award

Naomi Dalglish, Woodstock Care Home

Naomi wowed the judges with her amazing passion and forward thinking towards her residents and the home – she has outstanding commitment, drive and passion and is a worthy winner of this award.

Highly Commended

Amelia Pace, Castleford House

Amelia was articulate, driven and her ideas were out of the box!  The judges loved her passion and flair, she is a real superstar.

The Ancillary Worker Award

Cy Gadd, Nesbit House

Cy showed trued passion and commitment to his residents. His job goes above and beyond the expectations of a maintenance manager; from hosting cocktail nights and even dressing up to recreate Elvis concerts for residents. He feels maintenance men can be seen as the ‘under dogs’ in care homes and is working hard to put them back on the map. A truly inspiring role model and a deserving winner.

Highly Commended

Jason Bond, Camberley Manor Care Home

Jason has come on a huge journey since joining the team at Camberley Manor. Being part of the commissioning team has turned the home into a labour of love for Jason and it was evident he takes immense pride in his work. He loves spending time with his residents and encouraging them to get involved in the home’s upkeep and maintenance which is rewarding for everyone involved. This job has helped him grow in confidence on his own personal journey and he should be immensely proud of everything he has achieved; he is an asset to the team. 

The 3 R’s Award

Courteney Katramanos, Right at Home

Courteney has really gone the extra mile since joining Right at Home leading to the best staff  retention in the Right at Home network. She has created a vibrant and positive working environment. She hosted a soft play event so parents could attend showing a great empathy for others. She is a worthy winner of this award.

Highly Commended

Tayvanie Nagendran, Care Providers Voice

Tayvanie is an absolute force of nature! Tayvanie created Care Providers Voice to represent social care providers, to support recruitment and retention in the care sector, and to collate resources for providers. What she has achieved is nothing short of amazing. Tayvanie is professional, driven and competent: a really special individual.

The Workforce Development Award

Liz Norton, Collingham Care Consultancy

Liz is a wonderfully inspiring person whose passion for training was evident. Taking a well-rounded, holistic approach to workforce development, those in the sector can learn much from her.

Highly Commended

 Karen White, CMHTOA

A highly passionate and dedicated person committed to the project of workforce development. A pleasure to speak to, Karen is much deserving of high commendation.

The Care Innovator Award

Matthew Nutting, Radfield Home Care

Matthew’s innovation has had an incredible impact on his staff, clients and the care sector as a whole. He is a ‘change maker’ and has influenced both local authority and other organisations too. He is a worthy winner of this award.

Highly Commended

Alex Nash, John and Matt, Access Health and Community Integrated Care

Alex is a dedicated and quick-thinking individual who can rapidly identify a potential issue and deal with it before it escalates. He is innovative, monitoring clients closely to see any changes and subsequently meeting their needs. Community Integrated Care have a project that helps anyone with a disability follow their dreams, and help support them to do the things they feel they can’t.

The Frontline Leaders Award

Michelle Cox-Coley, Holmleigh Care Homes Ltd

Michelle has worked in all aspects of care and has strengthened her leadership style through the years. Her hands on experience make her a particularly effective frontline leader who should be proud of her contribution to the sector.

Highly Commended

Ruth Giles, Fieldbay

Ruth leads a team of 4, providing manual handling training and support for the company. She believes in working with the team to find the best solution for everyone.

The Home Care Co-ordinator Award

Becky Bartlett, Complete Care West Yorkshire Limited

Becky is an amazing advocate for social care and really highlights the benefits care can bring to the community.  She is an excellent role model and is able to put herself in other people’s shoes and see both sides of the story.

Highly Commended

Alex Rose, Everyday Care and Support

For someone at the start of her care career, Alex has an incredible insight into the roles and values of social care, and how domiciliary care can really make a difference. This natural talent, paired with determination, will see her far in the sector.

The Care Assessor Award

Ffion Caunes, Worthington Lake – Millennium Care

Ffion demonstrates amazing understanding of the need for detailed care planning and she is able to do this in a way that put the client first always. An absolute pleasure to speak to and well deserving winner.

Highly Commended

Ann Weir, Holmleigh Care Homes Ltd

Ann shows thorough understanding of the need for assessments and care planning through a care service. She is a knowledgeable professional who is well deserving of high commendation for this award.

The Putting People First Award

Lynne Taylor, Happy Futures

What Lynne represents to the care industry is a shining example of what ‘putting people first’ should look like. Uplifting & enthusiastic, Lynne puts her heart and soul into everything she does. Its clear to see this is her passion and not just a job. During the judging process Lynne shared an experience about a long-term resident where she was able to achieve considerable improvement to this resident’s life by being persistent and attentive – Lynne had given an opportunity to someone who had lost all hope. Lynne puts in that extra mile to the people she cares for. Congratulations Lynne – this award is much deserved!

Highly Commended

Westlodge Support Team, Community Integrated Care

Annette and her dynamic team embody ‘putting people first’ making the effort to include their residents in the judging process and keeping them at the heart of this prestigious award. The passion, fun and heart-warming stories is clear evidence that this Community Care Centre wants to give the best possible lives to its residence.

The Palliative Carer Award

Britannia Household, Belong Crewe

This team is full of heart-felt anecdotes regarding the residents and the end of life care they provide. The compassion they show at end of life is inspirational. The team’s approach is applaudable, and they should be proud how they show they manage as a team but also as individuals.

Highly Commended

John Bagnall, H2101

John stood out as an outstanding carer and devotes his time at work to making the best life for all those he meets. John is clearly understanding and passionate about his role in the sector.

The Housing with Care Award

Kirkdale House, Community Integrated Care

It is very evident that Kirkdale House look after the people they support on an individual basis with a person-centred approach. They ensure they are part of the community, giving clients structure and purpose to ensure they live the best life. They highlight the importance of looking to the future to see how they can support the sector as a whole.

Highly Commended

Salutem Supported Living, Salutem Care and Education

Salutem Supported Living showed such passion and determination to change the lives of the people they support, sharing incredible stories of how they have supported in the transformation of lives and the wider community

The Social Care Nurse Award

Nick Nystrom-White, Bespoke Health and Social Care

A strong conscientious nurse practitioner, Nick has gone above and beyond to ensure that patients who have complex care needs can be supported within the community, thus reducing hospital admissions and improving their quality of life, Nick also volunteers as a Community First Responder and uses his knowledge and training to further develop his team at Bespoke Health and Social Care. He is a very worthy winner of the Social Care Nurse award.

Highly Commended

Ffion Jones, NHS

Ffion showed commitment to her role by putting her vocation first during covid. As a newly qualified nurse she moved away from her family to ensure that an assessment unit that was planned to open went ahead. Ffion shows great dedication to her chosen field and those she supports, she is now a mentor assessor for students on placement in their first year.

The Unpaid Carer Award

DISC (Dementia Information and Support for Carers Graduates), Making Space

This team show a passion and dedication for those they support that is second to none. Their voluntary work is deserving of the highest accolade and they should be proud of the difference they make. They couldn’t be more deserving of this award.

The Outstanding Contribution to Social Care Award

Jonathan Beebee, PBS4

Jonathan’s passion for making a difference to people using social care shines through. Despite a brain injury at a young age, he has channelled his experiences to create better care services for the people he has supported. Jonathan has his own company specialised in taking people out of hospital settings into the community alongside his passion for raising the awareness of learning disability nursing. Jonathan’s commitment to social care and nursing in social care is outstanding.

Highly Commended

Bernadette Mossman, Vida Healthcare

Bernadette has a passion for career development with those that she works with, and this shone through. Bernadette manages a state-of-the-art dementia service and is committed to ensuring the people in her care receive second-to-none outstanding care.

The Social Care Covid Hero Award Individual

Jade Vallance, Active Prospects

Humbling experience meeting Jade. A phenomenal individual who really held her team and service users ahead of herself to protect them. A truly inspiring woman who is an outstanding example of accountability and leadership. She truly leads from the frontline.

Highly Commended Rosemary Johnson, Summerdyne Nursing Home

Passionate and caring – Rosemary is an inspiring woman. She highly respects the people she supports. A humble person making a huge impact by respecting every colleague in every role and the contribution they make.

The Social Care Covid Hero Award Team

Condover College Team

Exceptional team, led by inspirational leadership – Vicki the CEO and Hazel the Registered Manager – very passionate about the people who live and work with them. The team understood that communication was key at the outset and continued to support throughout the pandemic – from the heart. They supported all team members throughout the pandemic and celebrated all they did by getting families to do videos of thanks – they were very close to everyone and worked tirelessly as a team to deliver.

Highly Commended

Darlington Rapid Response, Making Space

You couldn’t help but smile at this team, their enthusiasm and creativity shone through. They thought outside the box as to how they could support people in need. Their flexibility and responsiveness ensured they were able to move quickly to meet the needs of those who needed to be discharged from hospital. As a result of this, the service has increased in size and we are sure will continue to thrive.