The Care Home Employer

Strong Life

The owner of Strong Life was clearly passionate and proud of what he and his team had achieved. There was an abundance of health and wellbeing activities to support staff and their families.


Highly Commended

Gloucester Charity Trust

Lovely people who are  in care for right reasons. They have a dynamic and innovative approach to achieving person centred care.


The Home Care Employer Award

Space Inclusive

In a hotly contested category Richard and David’s passion and innovative approach stood out. There was a real focus on the mental health and wellbeing of their staff. There was a ‘thinking outside the box’ approach to create an environment where staff can thrive and engage their own passions in a working environment. A drive to ensure a rewarding experience for staff and clients in particularly challenging financial situations. This company are finding innovative ways of inspiring, motivating and supporting their employees.


The Care Home Worker Award

Laura Smith – Morton Grange

Laura is passionate and dedicated with lots of innovative ideas to support residents and colleagues. She showed empathy and kindness to her service users. Inspirational!


Highly Commended
Catherine Khan – Community Integrated Care

Catherine makes a real difference to people’s lives and goes above and beyond to encourage people to achieve


The Home Care Worker Award

Michael Smith – New Prospects Association

In his own words Michael ‘has not done a day’s work since he joined the care sector – he just spends time with his mate’. He goes out of his way to enrich the life of the person he supports, even going into the Newcastle United shop despite being a Sunderland supporter!


Highly Commended

Keely Ware – Portsmouth City Council

Keely’s passion is just embroiled as to why she loves the sector and the difference she makes to peoples’ lives. Keely was able to demonstrate where she made these differences.  In her words,  “If I was a cake, I would give all of it away, and I need to save some for myself!”


Kell Byer – Peabody

Kell is a young man to watch.  He will be a future leader in the social care sector.


The Home Care Newcomer Award

Richard Ward – Direct Health

Richard demonstrated a unique passion and proactive approach to his role. He always seeks to make the life of every individual better by ensuring the quality of care and support enables people to reach their outcomes. Richard quotes “I just want to be the first person they see and the last person they remember”

 Highly Commended

Rebecca McCarthy – Bluebird Care Croydon

Rebecca demonstrated her passion for her newly found role in care. She had a unique honest and compassionate style that impressed the judges and we encourage her to continue in her professional development to enhance her future career.


The Care Home Newcomer Award

Colin Watson – Hesley Group

Colin is an inspiration newcomer to the care sector. Embracing the skills, experiences, behaviours and attitudes and applying them in his new career; truly making a difference to those he supports. Colin’s new challenged is to bang the drum to ex -forces personnel as he feels they have so much to give to the sector.


Highly Commended

Lois Southorn – Castle Meadow Care

If we could bottle Lois and label her as the ideal future carer – then we would! Her desire to learn and make the lives of those she supports every day is an inspiration to other young carers.


The Care Home Registered Manager

Trudi Barnett – Herefordshire Care Homes

Trudi quite simply displayed a thorough understanding of the principles of governance for strong leadership in the management of a complex service. She generates enthusiasm and stimulates staff. This includes a novel approach of acting as resident of the day to promote exceptional learning throughout. She gave an excellent description of the intended outcomes of her service to avoid secondary care.


The Home Care Registered Manager

Lucy Challis – Blue Arrow Care

Lucy is a passionate, caring person who had the wow factor! Lucy is deeply passionate about the service she and her staff provide to clients of Blue Arrow. Lucy was the youngest regional manager to be registered. An excellent role model and outstanding home care manager.


Highly Commended
Mike Jones – Westwood Homecare

Mike is an all-around regional manager and supports all. Through challenging himself he has become the person he is and supports others.


The Care Home Cook/Chef Award

Steven Ireland – Country Court Care

An inspirational chef who has introduced a five-star dining experience for all residents. Steven has set up an Instagram account so residents and families can share the five-star experiences. It currently has 200 followers.


Highly Commended

Carrie Ann Higgs – Forest Health Care

A passionate individual who is dedicated to ensuring that the care sector workforce can access specific training to meet the challenging needs of the service.


The Dignity in Care Award

Team Hall – Lifeways

This is an inspirational service. It is forward thinking and gets the dignity bar for all services at a higher, more genuinely personalised level. Dignity runs through absolutely all areas of the service delivery, encouraging people to be a real part of the service planning delivery and lived experience as well as part of their local community.


Highly Commended

Lemmy Nolan – JHB Ltd

Lemmy is a dynamic, imaginative, genuine champion for dignity, whose passion for considering and meeting people’s needs shine through in her relativity, enthusiasm and drive for positive enjoyment.


The Dementia Carer Award

Natalie Dobson – Over The Rainbow Care

Natalie had clear values and passion for the care her and her team provided. Over the Rainbow Care is innovative and bespoke, whilst remaining person centred. Natalie had an inspiring vision as to how dementia care should be provided – not just by her service, but by all services. The team are clearly supporting families, as well as those being cared for.


Highly Commended

Victoria Nameth – Barchester

Victoria demonstrated to us that care for those living with dementia was not just her job, it was her calling and something that she genuinely loves. It was great to see someone of the younger generation so passionate about her role and dementia care. The level of detail in the stories demonstrated how well she knew each resident, and that she considers them to be family members.


The Care Home Team Award

Angela Herbert – St Martins

A truly inspirational team that have reshaped the model of care for homeless people and those that have been rejected by much of society. They are a team where everyone does everything and a care home where the clients trust every member of staff. They have built their success on strong values. This success has been transitioned into a book being published and their vision is for a more inclusive world where everyone works together.


Highly Commended

Cedar House – Belong Ltd

Over the past 12 months the team at cedar house has overcome numerous challenges with a focus on being totally dedicated to their clients. Their strengths have been in strong leadership, having a positive attitude and supporting each other. They work as a ‘family’ and are focused on giving the best possible life to those they care for. Going the extra mile is part of the day job.


The Home Care Team Award

Derby City Dementia Team – Making Space

Through outstanding partnership working in such a small team, this team can deliver a full spectrum of the community by involving schools and young children in educating in dementia. They are completely community focused and their inclusiveness and their passion was inspirational. It was heart warning to hear their journey of where they have come from, where they are now, and their vision for the future.


Highly Commended

Riverside Group

We have never experienced so much passion, drive and enthusiasm from a team. Outstanding evidence of outcomes for service users. Such a clear vision and drive to make and deliver the best possible services with the best team.


The Care Home Activity Organiser

Bernie Leister – Precious Homes

Despite the nerves, the moment Bernie starts talking about her role she lit up and the passion for what she was achieving within the service shone through. As a service user and not an employed team member it was evident that her drive was about inclusion, love and above all about what the service users want – which is to be better enabled to tackle day to day challenges and achieve dreams. In every disability there is an ability. An amazing lady!


The Ancillary Worker Award

Joy Thompson – Ashmere Derbyshire

Joy makes a real difference to everybody in the care home. She is appreciated by residents, relatives and staff. Joy says she is the eyes and ears of residents to keep them safe. She gives everyone choice with small details such as sheets and towels and above all the choice they would have in their own home. Outside work, Joy takes residents to her home for Sunday lunch which is available for all residents.


Highly Commended

Samantha Stockwell – PJ Care

Sam has created an amazing, sensory garden which has included residents in planting and designing. The plants are edible and vibrant. Residents are encouraged daily to participate and for those who are unable she has brought a living garden indoors.


The Workforce Development Award

Ruth French and Alex Ball, Stow Healthcare

A small company that regenerates failing care homes. They are passionate about utilising existing staff and developing them to their full potentials, providing opportunities to learn new skills and knowledge and advance their careers. They work closely with universities, schools and the wider community to engage and educate people into health and social care roles.


The Care Innovator Award

Kelly Lindsay – Friend In Deed

Kelly’s personal and business contribution to the improvements of people’s lives is outstanding. Bringing generations together and building the gap is a much needed and essential part of the wellbeing of everyone. Kelly should be extremely proud of the positive changes she and her volunteers are making.


Highly Commended

Paul Dixon – Mill House Care and Dementia Home

Paul’s passion for his role is clear to see. The impact this is having on people’s lives is huge. Paul has a proven track record in the delivery of successful innovations, and we hope this continues. Well done



The Home Care Frontline Leader Award

Sam Cant – Focus Care

Sam manages services with clients with complex needs and challenging behaviours. He is at the forefront of driving the transformation in this care initiative which enables individuals to experience a life they want and choices they want to make. He has created a culture of stability of professionalism and dedication within his team and it is evident that his leadership skills have been paramount in achieving a stable staff team.


Highly Commended

Michelle Woodcock – Caretech Community Services

Michelle has a passion from providing an exceptional service to the people she cares for; she leads her team by example and creates outstanding outcomes for both her service users and staff. Michelle is driven by a vision of providing a culture of empowerment and dedication from her staff.


The Care Home Frontline Leader Award

Anthony Bage – Anchor Trust

Anthony immediately wowed the judges with his passionate and positive mentalities. He leads from the front sometimes dealing with challenging night shifts. Anthony is clearly aware of his accountabilities when on shift to the needs of his residents and staff. Anthony loves his work, is self-motivated and well respected by his team


The Home Care Coordinator Award

Daniella Raven – Abbots Care Ltd

Daniella showed enthusiasm and compassion and a willingness to go the extra mile to ensure her team were used in an effective and co-ordinated way. She had an infectious personality and appears to inspire her team to ensure quality care was delivered.


Highly Commended

Matt Ford – Pillar Care

Matt showed a methodical and attention to detail in the way he co-ordinated his team. He spoke passionately about the journey he had taken in his career and showed a desire and ambition for his future career.


The Putting People First/Personalisation Award

Home Care Transformation Team – Isle of Anglesey County Council

The organisation is innovative, outcome focused, compassionate and understanding. They listen to people and really do hear what they say. They always put people first and at the fore front of their own care.


Highly Commended

Hilltop House – Sanctuary Supported Living

This team go out of their way to change peoples’ lives.  They are one big happy family, promoting access to all wheelchair users and are always challenging people appropriately to empower their clients.


The Palliative Care/End of Life Award

Debbie Day – Cedars Care Home

This was a difficult choice as all candidates were excellent with some bringing the judges to tears. However, Debbie outshone the rest. She had a clear passion for ensuring a good death. She described how she would hold a person close and take them through a memory to calm them if they showed fear near the end of life. She goes above expected performance, staying with those she cares for while in hospital in her own time. Every care home needs a Debbie. When our time comes, we want a Debbie!


Highly Commended

Blossom Home Care

Dedicated home care team, who pride themselves with a minimum of 50 minute visits. Extended to meet the needs of the clients – often without extra cost. Passionate about end of life care, caring for people in their own home.


The Social Care Nurse Award

Michelle Gray – Signature at Epsom

Michelle is an extremely committed and passionate nurse who demonstrated strong leadership skills. She gave many examples of how she has worked tirelessly to improve the standard of care and overall rating of the home. She has shown strong mentorship and leadership to her colleagues. Michelle has maximised her personal development opportunities to make a difference to others in a positive way.


Highly Commended

Amanda Brownlie – Crown Care Group

Amanda came across as very dynamic and passionate nurse, extremely committed to the people she supports and her role. She has provided mini workshops to staff to raise awareness and improve quality of care.


The Housing with Care Award

Tracey Godfrey – Sanctuary Supported Living

Tracey goes above and beyond to support the clients and wants to make a difference because people are worth it, despite being homeless and rejected by society. Tracey and her team will not give up on anyone. Inspirational!


Highly Commended

Penrhyn Team – Accomplish Care

This team were deeply passionate about dealing with and managing crisis situations. They are extremely person centred and had a particularly good ability to observe and them act. Brilliantly forward thinking.


The Care Assessor Award

Emma Cross – Midway Care Group

Emma demonstrated exceptional commitment to person centred care. She clearly showed a passion for understanding the importance of tailoring care plans to meet the unique needs of the individual. Emma is extremely passionate about the care provided and feels privileged to do what she and her colleagues do.


Highly Commended

Annie Hunter – Home Instead Senior Care

We have chosen this nominee to be highly commended because they have a great eye for details to ensure that the individuals they support are cared for and safe. They are clearly passionate about offering choices and involving the person in planning their care.



The Unpaid Carer Award

Anthony Bradley Ideal Carehomes

A dedicated and loving husband to Renelle, Tony has become part of the family at Beaumont Hall and goes above and beyond in volunteering and supporting staff and residents. An inspirational volunteer who supports both residents and staff.


The Outstanding Contribution Award

Carrie Browne, District Manager, Anchor

Carrie’s contributions to the lives of both residents and staff are consistently evidenced to have improved the quality of life for all involved.  Carrie is both inspirational and aspirational, encouraging innovative approaches with the end goal of providing meaning and purpose for all, thereby leading to positive impact and outcomes.