The Care Employer Award

Haverhill Community Care

The judges were extremely impressed with the level of dedication and support the organisation gave their services, by the sacrifice the home care manager made moving into the service to ensure that people were kept safe.


The Care Home Worker Award

Kayleigh Darby, Nelson Lodge

Kayleigh is very passionate and caring and someone who puts other people first.  She goes above and beyond in her role and recognises that little things make a big difference!


Highly Commended

Sophie Groves, Halstead

Sophie clearly demonstrated going above and beyond particularly during the pandemic, learning new skills. She was passionate, caring and clearly loves her job.


Highly Commended

Matt Sharp, Choice Care

We loved his person centered approach and the fact that the service was part of his family. He had great examples of going the extra mile and making a difference both with the service users and his staff team. His work is his passion, not his job and his role within the team has clearly driven the culture of an environment within the home from a negative to a positive and a really fun and happy place to live.


The Home Care Worker Award

Sarah Cawdron, Kare Plus Norwich

Sarah’s passion for care inspired the judges with her highly personalised approach, using music and song to touch the hearts of the people she cares for and overcoming linguistic barriers by learning a few phrases of Polish and downloading Polish songs to delight her clients.


The Care Home Newcomer Award

Nida Mafooz, PJ Care

Nida has made a real impact in a short space of time.  Her enthusiasm, passion and commitment to provide quality, person centred care shone through.  Nida is an asset to her organisation and indeed the sector!


The Home Care Newcomer Award

Nicola Woodbridge, Caremark Cambridge and South Cambridgshire

Having previously worked in retail, Nicola has quickly adapted to working in social care, showing a true commitment and passion and will willingly go out of her way to support her service users.


The Care Home Registered Manager Award

Ronnie Lane, The Tudors Care Home, Gold Care Homes

Ronnie just blew us away, he was absolutely incredible. We could clearly see that he is the heart of the home he manages, but always credits the achievements to the whole team. He is an absolute star, who is a true asset and ambassador to the care sector. Simply outstanding.


Highly Commended

Sam Gallagher, Brandon Park, Stow Healthcare

Sam is a dedicated and committed manager who clearly lives and breathes the role she plays. Her passion towards innovative ideas in the care home environment is uplifting and inspirational. She is clearly a great leader who has created a great family feel care home for residents and staff alike.


The Home Care Registered Manager Award

Jonathan Short, MiHomecare Limited

Jonathan learns from his team and regards them as the experts. He uses his coaching skills to empower others and creates best practice from their lesson learnt. Recently Jonathan and his team went above and beyond to support a clinically vulnerable client to remain in the community.


Highly Commended

Sonia Thacker, ENA Care Group

Sonia has a unique approach to transparency within her role, which has increased staff retention and improved clients’ continuity of care


The Care Home Cook/Chef Award

Karen White, Mayfields Care Home

Karen showed great passion and knowledge on how to meet the nutritional needs of residents.  She recognises the crucial role that meal times play in promoting wellbeing.


Highly Commended

Alex Cambridge, KRG Healthcare

Alex ensures that his residents do not just eat a meal, but they are offered a restaurant style experience every day. His passion and understanding of the needs of the company, his residents and their family is outstanding.


The Dementia Carer Award

Georgia Barnes, Park View Care Home

Georgia is a breath of fresh air.  She is passionate about her work with dementia residents and clearly has a lot more to offer. She is knowledge and understanding of the needs, challenges and rewards working with dementia residents can offer.


The Care Home Team Award

Lound Hall Care Team, KRG Healthcare

This team have gone through many changes over the last few years. They have stuck together and welcomed a new management team that have led them to turn around the business and now their aim is Mission Outstanding. Staff that left have returned to see  it transformed to a well led cohesive home. A shared sense of humour, values and purpose now means that they are proud to wear their uniforms rather than hide these under their coats They feel that the management team had the recipe but they were all the ingredients that mixed together has resulted in their success.


Highly Commended

Memory Care Team, Gracewell Healthcare

This home looks at new ways and therapies to improve the lives of their dementia residents. Not afraid to try new things it is clear that these are enhancing the lives of those in their care. A new sensory room is being used for those with more advanced needs and this has proved to help reduce anxiety and improve the quality of their lives. Techniques being used   such as small groups working together using songs and group names, has led to social groups being formed and recognition that was not previously there.


The Home Care Team Award

Johnathon Shaw and Team, Mihomecare Cambridgeshire

A very dedicated and united team who have pulled together, supported each other and been led from the from the front by Jonathon who has actively got involved with all aspects of care whether it be in the office or in people’s homes, he is very proud of his staff and their achievements.


The Care Home Activities Organiser Award

Samantha Farrow, Excelcare, St Fillans Care Centre

Samantha thinks outside the box to deliver meaningful, person centred activities to promote wellbeing and independence.


Highly Commended

Karen Adams and Matthew Peace, Ford Place Nursing Home

Karen and Matt bring love and life to their home, providing laughter and energy to  residents.


The Ancillary Worker Award

Grant Mugford, P J Care

We both feel that Grant has really stepped up to the Covid challenge that we are all facing. He has taken on multiple roles within the organisation for a variety of reasons and still volunteers at weekends. For Grant, PJ Care and the residents within are his second family – even his own family lend their support then they can. He is definitely a rising star with a cracking attitude. Well done!


Highly Commended

Liz Cotton, Park View Care Home

Despite many amazing stories, Liz really stood out from the crowd by putting her own safety concerns and moreover the welfare of her husband to one side, despite her families fears. She turned up for work every day through this pandemic to deliver services to residents with their own welfare in mind, whilst trying as hard to keep her husband’s exposure as limited as possible. Liz has been a latecomer to paid care but is certainly making up for time with dedication!


The Workforce Development Award

Ruth French and Alex Ball, Stow Healthcare

Ruth and Alex go above and beyond using innovative approaches to motivate and develop staff.


Highly Commended

Dr Nadia Correia, Life Opportunities Trust

Nadia demonstrated on several occasions her passion and commitment to ensuring service users are at the forefront of everything she does. An example of this was during the first lockdown when a service user contracted covid. With the manager and senior staff off unwell she moved into the home and provided 24 hour care for 5 days before being moved to hospital, contracting covid herself during this time.  Nadia put the service user’s  wellbeing before her own health and thoroughly deserves this award.


The Care Innovator Award

Cath Pickles, Restitute

Cath provides a bespoke and unique service to the families of domestic/sexual abuse after learning herself that there was no such service available following her own family trauma. She is clearly very passionate about others who have gone or are going through similar situations, those that are forgotten during such times, ie. those that care for the victim and fell their pain but don’t have that support.


The Care Home Frontline Leaders Award

Kathleen Gaynor, Anchor Hanover

This leader oozes qualities of an extremely kind, caring and compassionate individual who places the rights and dignity of those in her care first and foremost. She is an exceptional front-line leader with good organisational skills, a team player and is always willing to go the extra mile.


Highly Commended

Sarah Davies, Hightown Housing Association 

This frontline leader excels at supporting her staff and service users who have experienced a challenging year, not only in relation to COVID 19 but also due to the sad loss of two colleagues. The Life and Career Coaching model this leader uses has helped the team to move on in a positive way and look to the future.


The Home Care Frontline Leaders Award

Krystal Westgarth, Home Instead Bedford

Krystal is a proactive, hands-on leader. She has analysed practice and sought ways to improve the service for service users and staff. Her dedication and passion is evident in her work through the pandemic.


The Care Assessor/Care Planner Award

Amanda Mudie, Chesterford Homecare

Amanda demonstrates a clear person centred approach to all aspects of her work. Attention to detail is a priority and Amanda takes a lot of pride in her teams’ achievements. Amanda goes the extra mile for her service users.


Highly Commended

Sharon Bowen, Park View

Sharon has a bubbly personality who achieves a homely feel for all residents coming in and adds personalised touches to their rooms to welcome them.


The Putting People First

Radka Kozielova, Bespoke Health and Social Care

Radka remains the consummate professional and continues to put the needs of her clients before herself and ongoing life struggles. A truly dedicated healthcare professional.


Highly Commended

Beata Chapman, Chesterford Homecare Limited

Beata is a true example of someone who clearly puts her clients before herself forfeiting family life in Poland to stay with her client.


The Palliative Care/End of Life Award

Montague Road Team, Sanctuary Supported Living

Wow, what an amazing place and a fabulous team led by Milly and Debbie. It’s their commitment to caring for their clients and truly getting to know them that allows the whole team to play an important role at the end of their lives. There was numerous examples given of how the team from chefs to housekeepers right through to senior management went out on a limb for each and every client that had passed to get that moment and the time that leads up to it just right for the individual along with a resolute desire to ensure that memories live on. Very well done all!


Highly Commended

Rebecca Hurst, Chesterford Homecare Limited

Rebecca, your enthusiasm, energy, passion and drive to make a difference to the clients you look after at such an important time in their lives was so apparent in what we heard and felt. Hearing you talk about how you make a difference evidenced a very seasoned and wise head on very young shoulders. This only comes from life experiences and it is what allows you to achieve your aims to provide care and support so people can pass away with their needs and wants fulfilled. You are a credit to your company and please know you have every right to be proud as both a carer and mother.


The Housing with Care Award

Julie Monaghan, Hightown Housing

Julie goes above and beyond to ensure the wellbeing, choice and independence of the people she supports.  Julie has implemented a meaningful person centred activities programme and has created a warm, supportive and family culture.  During the challenges of Covid Julie’s commitment to supporting residents and staff was outstanding.


Highly Commended

Sandra Spanton, Redmayne View Housing with Care

Sandra is the manager of Redmayne and is a shining example of her team and the service that they provide . Her passion and care for her tenants shines through and her 17 year career is testament to this.


The Social Care Nurse Award

Elizabeth Smith, Consensus Support

Elizabeth was a delight to talk too with so many stories.  Her enthusiasm and energy for her work in health and social care hasn’t diminished in all her 45 years. Working with individuals with learning disabilities and complex needs she continues to make big differences to their lives every day.


Highly Commended

Linda Knock, Harmonize Care Ltd

Linda’s commitment to the safety of clients and staff is paramount. Linda improves the lives of clients, from enhanced training to personally overseeing complex needs clients, ensuring a high-quality care service.


The Outstanding Contribution to Social Care Award

Mark Topps, Caremark Ltd

Mark is passionate about making a difference in all aspects of care delivery including staff morale and wellbeing. Mark is actively campaigning to make positive changes to the social care sector. Mark goes above and beyond his role by ensuring he puts others first.


The Social Care Covid Hero Award

Claudia Ramsey, Willows Care Home

Claudia went the extra mile.. and more during the pandemic. She adopted an innovative approach to ensure safety and wellbeing.  She selflessly put the needs of residents above her own, putting smiles on faces in very challenging times.


Highly Commended

Ruth French, Stow Healthcare

Ruth provided good support to her staff and residents within the company. She took it upon herself to read up the government guidelines and condense these to the staff with guidance and briefings tailored to each home.  She really did go above and beyond and a true hero!


The Social Care Covid Hero Team Award

Sonnet Care Homes

This team went above and beyond, pulling together and using innovative approaches to maintain the wellbeing and safety of the people they support.  Outstanding!


Highly Commended

Brandon Park Care Team, Brandon Park Nursing Home

This team are very dedicated to their nursing , residents and colleague. They pulled together through very challenging times but came out at the other end. They should be proud of their achievements and are well deserving of this recognition.