The Care Employer Award
Church Farm Care
A thoroughly enjoyable interview! Patrick summarised clearly the things that he sees as fundamentally important in his business – his staff, his responsibility in supporting them, delivering high standards of care, giving back to the Community, and importantly, always wanting to do more and better. Well done, Patrick and his Team!

Highly Commended
Oakdene Care Home
Michael runs the Company with his mum – and was supported by his wife (who also works within the business) at his interview. A clearly humble man – who does not feel comfortable in the limelight or being praised. However, the way that he appears to do everything that he can in the background is inspirational. Hist story of how he walked with a Resident for 1.5 hours each night, up and down the corridors, after promising his family he would, as COVID hit – was truly remarkable. Well done, Michael!

The Care Home Worker Award
Luke Turton – Exemplar Healthcare
Luke was quite self-deprecating but he came out with a few comments which made the listener ‘stand up and listen’. He is entirely SU focussed and said clearly about the approach that he uses to support one gentleman in particular, “If there is no smile, I work hard to get the smile”. This highlights his desire to make that difference to the people that he supports.

Highly Commended
Julia Stevenson – Woodleigh Christian Care Home
I spent most of my time interviewing Julia with a smile on my face. Julia was very humble throughout however, the passion, warmth and empathy for her role shone through everything that she said. Julia epitomises what it means to be truly ‘person centred’. She came across as a credit to the Home that she works within and is someone who clearly ‘loves what she does’. I believe that anyone who is fortunate enough to be supported by Julia will be truly lucky.

The Home Care Worker Award
Sarah Gamble – Carefound Home Care
A very dedicated and passionate carer who has worked incredibly hard over this difficult time. A well-deserved winner.

Highly Commended
Amy Jones – The Great Care Company
I was taken back by some of the stories Amy old me and how she had to balance caring for her own family with working in the care home. What she has done over the past 2 years is remarkable, a very well deserved second place.

The Care Newcomer Award
Georgia Kidd – The Great Care Company
Georgia instilled a level of confidence for someone destined to be a true asset anywhere in social care – congratulations Georgia.

Highly Commended
Claire McIntyre – Vals Place Limited
A really great interview with Claire but one thing stood out for me. Her outlook on her career and her dedication to what she wants to achieve “I want to be involved to make a difference” and it shows. Well done Claire!

The Care Home Registered Manager Award
Lorraine Welham – Abbey Healthcare
It was Lorraine’s final sentence that stuck with me: “I’ve been in the industry 30 years and although it’s hard, I get up and do it again every day… and I remember why I do it”. This sentence sums up my perception of her well… she is clearly entirely supportive of her team, and she firmly recognise the direct impact her team will have on the overall quality of care delivery for Residents – which is paramount to her. Her passion and determination to do the very best is clear when you speak with her.

Highly Commended
Shirley Woods – Country Court
Shirley’s background is broad and varied – having started her career in the NHS. However, in talking with her, it’s apparent that she is passionate about delivering high quality care. She is focussed on maintaining the health and wellbeing of those in her care; telling me that “I am passionate about keeping people out of hospital”.

The Home Care Registered Manager Award
Joy Lees – Esland Care
Joy’s dedication to her work and every child is admirable. With a strong team, good relationships internally and externally, the service they provide is outstanding. Ofsted rated Outstanding! Well done Joy!

Highly Commended
Karl Stoor – Bluebird Care
Karl shown some clear, good knowledge and recognition of the challenges facing their business – he clearly adopts and promotes a strong team ethic in terms of managing the business and is leading them to an improved and impeccable service.

The Care Home Cook/Chef Award
Noel De Castro Claveria – Country Court
8 years ago, Noel start as Chef now is kitchen manager. He always makes sure that presentation of food is good by using piping and moulds. He talks to residents and ask residents what food they like and in menu he includes names with dish so resident can look forward to their meal. He also includes the residents when working on new menu.

Highly Commended
Gillian Roberts – Milford Care Home
Gillian started 8 years ago as kitchen assistant. She undertakes course and through hard work became head chef. She includes clients in the process when working on menu and ensures that food is well present by using moulds

The Dignity in Care Award
Lemmy Nolan – Milford Care Homes
Lemmy is a very knowledgeable and passionate carer who will do everything she can to ensure her clients receive the best care and experience possible at end of life.

Highly Commended
Kirsty Swift – Milford Care Homes
Kirsty is very passionate about her work and is always striving to find improvements that will give her clients a better quality of life.

The Dementia Carer Award
John Stocker – Home Instead Senior Care East Nottingham and Melton Mowbray
John always goes beyond and put his clients first He help other staff to understand how important communication, patient is with people who suffer with dementia. He is undertaking lots of courses and designing inhouse training as he uses his knowledge and personal experience when he looks after his mother. He always helps other stuff if they struggle or have any question.

Highly Commended
Gail Hagerty – Baily House Care Home
She went to care so she can understand how to help her mum from carer progress to senior carer. She put residents first and work when need help Her personal experience help her to understand the residents better

The Care Team Award
Ashdene Care Home
Jilly and her team are still so very passionate about improving care through research projects in her home. The home is full of humour and love, and this shone through, it was a clear winner.

Highly Commended
The Local Care Group
The enthusiasm and sparkle shone through with this team, the whole team regularly go the extra mile to support each other and their service users, the staff feel educated and valued in their role, they are striving to change the way domiciliary care is preserved.

The Care Home Activities Organiser Award
Ambitions Team – Baily House Care Home
From the offset, you can tell this is a very passionate and caring team who go the extra mile to provide person-centred care.

The Ancillary Worker Award
Michelle Cardall – Morton Nursing Home
Although Michelle work as administrator she supports resident in lots of different way Bring her puppy which help the resident eat, drink, and get up. She has great understanding of resident and provides emotional support for staff and resident

Highly Commended
Karl Coleman – Milford Care
Carl always tries to involve all residents in activities such as helping with decoration, gardening etc and really gives the service users another purpose and pride in their day to day life.

The Care Innovator Award
Camelia Martin – Langdale Care Homes
Camelia recognises how important wellbeing is and wants to make it her career. She takes time and effort into researching any potential providers for the organisation to ensure the best fit, the best workforce and where possible, helping with cost savings. She is excited about the future and the ideas she has for the organisation to continue to grow, improve and develop within Social Care.

The Frontline Leaders Award
Mary Brown – Making Space
This candidate has amazing energy and zest for the role, a great interview and she left the judge very impressed with her care to service users – congratulations Mary!

Highly Commended
Ruka Onyia – Vals Place
A real passion and dedication to the young people Ruka is supporting. A great interview and a pleasure to learn about her service.

The Home Care Co-ordinator Award
Deborah Spilsbury – Home Instead Melton Mowbray
Deborah is exceptionally passionate about matching her customers with the right Caregivers, she seeks resolutions quickly to ensure customer satisfaction. She provided strong examples of going above and beyond by doing clients hair during lockdown and contacting petrol stations during the fuel shortage and communicating to Caregivers where to access petrol.

Highly Commended
Lee Roachford – Forgetmenot Home Care
Lee is passionate about communication within his team and has implemented innovations to make Forget Me Not Homecare a good place to work. He takes pride in keeping a close-knit team who understand their customers’ needs and preferences, ensuring they receive a high quality service.

The Putting People First
Bailey Street Team – Community Integrated Care
The team at Bailey Street support people with complex mental and physical conditions to take back control of their lives in a safe and supported way. They enable people to lead successful lives and the team are exceptionally passionate about putting people first and provided many strong examples of how they achieve this.

Highly Commended
Sheila Barwick – Milford House Care Home
Sheila demonstrated excellent knowledge and examples of how she embeds and maintains a culture of putting people first at Milford House. She is a strong advocate for her residents when they need support to be heard and has enabled people in her care to make their own decisions about the treatment they receive.

The Palliative Care/End of Life Award
Moira Cantrill and Rachel Carledge – Milford Care
A caring and compassionate duo who shown great empathy. They understand that communication is key and are always clear and honest with their approach. Rachel is a very experienced Practitioner who has worked tirelessly over the pandemic to ensure the safety of her staff, colleagues and clients.

Highly Commended
Donna Edwards – Abbey Healthcare
Donna came across so genuine and modest. When we were talking about her experiences over the last 18 months and the help she had been able to give to her clients, she just said I don’t think I have gone above and beyond, I’m just doing my job.

The Social Care Nurse Award
Balraj Kaur – Abbey Healthcare
It’s clear that Bally is incredibly passionate about providing the best nursing care to her residents. She put her own life on hold during the pandemic to nurse people in her care. She’s passionate about meeting people’s spiritual and religious needs and provided strong examples of how she achieves this. Bally is a wonderful role model for the social care sector.

Highly Commended
Phil Labrum – St Andrews Healthcare
Phil is passionate about adapting approaches to meet the needs of the people he cares for. One of Phil’s key strengths is reflective practice, he looks for approaches that enable the people in his care to feel empowered to lead successful lives. He gave strong examples of how he has improved people’s lives by putting their needs first.

The Unpaid Carers Award
Sue Naish – Making Space
Following Sue’s husband’s dementia diagnosis, Sue came to the service to participate in their DEEP group. Both Sue and her husband are passionate about making change to dementia care and offering support to other people.
Sue approached the team looking to share her passion of craft with the local community. She volunteered to run an art project that enables people living with dementia to design artwork to brighten up the public areas of the local hospital.
Sue has turned a negative experience in her and her husband’s life into a positive and is passionate about using her skills to brighten someone else’s darkest day.

The Outstanding Contribution to Social Care Award
Helen Walton – Church Farm Care
Helen comes across as a warm, compassionate lady with a sense of fun who wants the very best for her family members (not called residents) and staff alike. Her career has progressed, and she has innovated and grown every company and every organisation she has been involved with. I wouldn’t hesitate to let a member of my family go to Church Farm Care.

Highly Commended
Mark Turton
Mark is creative, imaginative, innovative and progressive. Provides a wealth of programmes to the workforce to empower them and a coaching experience for registered managers so that they know they’re not alone.

The Social Care Covid Hero Award
Elizabeth Haigh – Heathcotes Group
Elizabeth is an Inspirational leader who was able to see her organisation through a very difficult time and is now coming out of the other side due to the work she put in.

Highly Commended
Gemma Johnson – Community Integrated Care
Experienced practitioner with a great understanding of the care sector, providing her clients with the best possible care is her number 1 priority. Well done Gemma!