The Care Employer Award

Chosen Care Group

Bala clearly values his workforce and implements innovative ways to demonstrate this including “value added perks” and “compatibility scheduling”. He has built a successful domiciliary care and extra care business over the last 8 years and acknowledges that this is largely down to his employees so ensures he values and supports them at all times.


Highly Commended

Greensleeves Care

Paul is an empathetic and caring CEO who wants to play a part in enhancing his employees’ lives. There is an ethos of openness and transparency around the recruitment and retention policy and a supportive employee assistance program.


The Care Home Worker Award

Mary Deane, Four Seasons Healthcare

Mary was full of infectious positive energy, we loved how she went above and beyond, doing concerts and races to engage the residents and bring charities money, in particular Cancer Research UK. She has spent a career learning and supports the nursing team as well as the team leading and mentoring others. We would love to have a cup of tea with her and thought she had high standards and was a great ambassador for care, engaging with relatives and learning all about her residents.


Highly Commended

Rahima Mulwinda, Cuffley Manor, TLC Care

Rahima was a pleasure to speak to. She was positive and happy, and every question filled us with energy and excitement, as we are sure she does with her team and residents.


The Home Care Worker Award

Delia Grove, Chosen Care Group

Delia was passionate, honest and dedicated to her role as a carer. She does this role to make a difference and improve quality of life to the people that she supports. Her personality and caring nature shone through.


Highly Commended

Tara Duce, Right at Home

When Tara first started working as a carer a colleague told her, “Life is all about balance.” Tara has taken this and used it in her working life and feels that she not only has achieved this for herself but tries to bring a balance to her service users. She demonstrated passion, empathy and dedication true features of a natural carer.


The Care Home Newcomer Award

Julie Bright, Avante Care and Support

Julie really does have a bright future in social care! In a short space of time she has demonstrated a passion and commitment to person centred care, going above and beyond to put smiles on the faces of the people she supports.


The Home Care Newcomer Award

Yasmin Sarac, Hilton Nursing Partners

Yasmin is a fresh breath of air in the sector who had no idea what it would bring but had the courage to work day by day, taking on challenges especially having started during the peak of COVID. She is evidently a passionate advocate for her patients.


Highly Commended

Jiss Jomon, Chosen Care Group

Jiss is full of enthusiasm for the sector and his clients. He is an inspiration to others and focused on the impact he makes on the lives of his clients. He can connect with his clients on multiple levels and has a holistic approach to delivering person centred care.


The Care Home Registered Manager Award

Beverley Manzar, Ebury Court Care Home

Beverley’s commitment to constant learning and innovation set her apart from the other candidates. she has led her team to adapt daily life for residents in a way which minimised disruption.


Highly Commended

Gemma Weldon, Park Avenue Care

In her first position as  a home manager, she taken the home from ‘Requires Improvement to ‘Good’ with the CQC.  It is clear that she is committed to sharing good practice amongst the wider group for example acting a buddy for new managers. Gemma impressed the judges with her inclusive style of leadership and her commitment to nursing in social care. One to watch.


The Home Care Registered Manager Award

Karen Rides, Bluebird Care Camden and Hampstead

Karen goes above and beyond to empower and support staff to deliver the best in person centred care. She leads by example and her passion for her role, staff and service users was inspiring!


Highly Commended

Tolulope Salami, Mi Homecare

Managing in the most difficult of circumstances it is apparent that Tolulpoe has motivated, inspired and supported her staff and her clients brilliantly. The judges were inspired by her positivity and commitment for her role as Registered Manager.


Highly Commended

Rachel Murray, Shine Partnerships Ltd

Rachel is an inspiring person who the judges could see is totally committed to supporting both her service users and her staff. Her creativity shone through and her compassion for her staff during COVID makes her an exceptional leader. a highly commended candidate.


The Care Home Cook/Chef Award

Graham Roffey, Cuffley Manor, TLC Care

Graham has an extensive experience of working as a chef in a care home settings and he has a great knowledge on each clients’ dietary needs and requirements. Graham demonstrated that he goes above and beyond to meet the needs of a clients.


Highly Commended

Juliana Arouna, Country Court

Juliana is a positive thinker and always looking for ways to implement things which will make a positive outcome for people she cares for. Juliana is a great trouble shooter and a great communicator.


The Dignity in Care Award

Debbie Daniels, Signature

Passionate and proud of being able to help residents remain independent and to enable them to gain from being in care. She promotes free expression and recognises that they all have something special to give, drawing this out to enhance their experience


Highly Commended

Claire Dodds, Nicholas James Care Homes

A passionate caring individual recognising the need to involve residents in all aspects of their care allowing them to make unwise decisions without redress.


The Dementia Carer Award

Caroline Angood, Nicholas James Care Homes

Caroline shows compassion, dedication and a positive attitude.  She clearly wants the best for all her resident’s She recognises the importance of maintaining independence and using life experiences of the residents to enable them to feel inclusive.


The Care Home Team Award

The Whole Team, Priscilla Wakefield House Nursing Home

We were impressed by this home’s extensive collaboration with external professionals and their wider engagement in the community – they are trend setters. The wellbeing of staff is a priority and ensuring that staff get to know each other and have fun together is important, believing happy staff means happy residents.


Highly Commended

Loveday Chelsea Court Place, Loveday & Co

The judges were very impressed with the innovation within this small home, in particular the collaboration with Royal Hospital Chelsea. Having achieved an impressive Outstanding rating, this is a home that wants to share learning and to keep evolving to improve services for their residents and the wider care community.


The Home Care Team Award

Shine Team, Shine Partnerships Ltd

This team showed a fantastic sense of togetherness that was evident from top to bottom in the organisation. They gave examples of how the team is continually striving to improve and make their service better.


Highly Commended

The Care Team, Complete Care Holdings Limited

This team were able to show the difference their tight knit bond and willingness to support each other makes to the lives of the individual they support. They go above and beyond in delivering great support including helping the individual they support to write and publish his autobiography


The Care Home Activities Organiser Award

Shani Riley, Cooperscroft Care Home, TLC Care

Shani’s passion, enthusiasm, and engaging personality shone through and we were certain that everyone in her home is participating in, enjoying the activities on offer and the value this brings to their lives.


Highly Commended

Gabi Biteanu, Camberley Manor, TLC Care

The Judges really enjoyed meeting Gabi who was clearly passionate about her role and the importance of it to the people she supports. We were particularly touched by how she goes beyond supporting residents and engaged with families particularly providing a scrapbook of memories to the family of someone who has passed away which would be meaningful and valuable to that family. She really championed personal choice and had so many wonderful examples of how she has incorporated residents into individual activities within the home, whether that is in the recruitment process or working alongside the garden. This was an exceptionally difficult decision and there was a hairs width between her and the winner.


The Ancillary Worker Award

Lyn Harvey, Barchester Healthcare

Lyn has a very happy, positive energy, we felt the love and care she feels for her residents and her role.  We feel she goes above and beyond the call of duty daily to achieve happiness and provide a safe environment for her residents.


The Workforce Development Award

Wendy Pipes, Salutem Shared Services ltd

Wendy’s passion for her role and the development of her workforce shone through during her interview. She started as a carer at 16 years old, she has developed a structural training programme across her services, which has benefited both new and existing staff. She is also an advocate for mental health wellbeing and has wowed the judges for what she does.


The Care Innovator Award

Mahiben (Ben) Maruthappu, Cera Care

It was great to hear Ben discuss so passionately, an innovation that helps to overcome one of the difficulties resulting from Covid, whilst addressing the ongoing workforce gap in the care sector.


Highly Commended

Tarryn Gorre, Kafoodle

Tarryn’s innovation involves a meal planning software that helps manage ingredients, recipes and costs for hospitals and care homes. This way, they can cater to all the dietary needs of patients and residents. It was great to hear Tarryn’s enthusiasm for improving the meals that patients and residents, a fundamentally important aspect of care.


The Care Home Frontline Leaders Award

Mary Auyeh, Kingfisher Nursing Home, Westgate Healthcare

Mary clearly knew all her residents well and was person centred in all aspects of her delivery. Mary is keen to involve all the staff and residents in everything and certainly leads by example.


Highly Commended

Lindsay Macalister, Brunswick Supported Living

Lindsey stepped up to all the challenges thrown at her especially during covid. She goes above and beyond and mentors and develops her staff to help them work with some of the more challenging individuals, in her words  ’everyone is human just some of us need some extra support’.


The Home Care Frontline Leaders Award

Rosemary Gabriel, MiHomeCare

Rosemary has a passion for her team that shines through in her examples, she has worked hard to develop her teams and herself for the good of the service users.


The Home Care Co-ordinator Award

Kirsty Gough, My Carer

Kirsty started in care when she was 16 years old and has showed a fantastic working practice of putting people first. She showed a strong passion and empathy for the people she supports. A truly deserved winner who displayed passion, patience and knowledge. Kirsty clearly has a person centred approach and is making a real difference not just to service users but also  to her colleagues and families. She is a great ambassador and credit to her company.


The Care Assessor/Care Planner Award

Sinead Brooks, Constantia Care

Sinead’s account was extremely person centered and she was able to provide examples of her levels of attention to detail in all aspects of her assessing roll. You can feel Sinead’s passion and her life experience, which inspired her to pursue a career in care proves she really wants to make a difference.


Highly Commended

Hannah Byczkowski, Chosen Care Group

You can feel that Hannah has great care for her staff, clients and company.  She is a real asset to her company and the sector.


The Putting People First

Bianca Bonat, Stephanie Andrews and Maria Vdokaki, Avant Hillingdon

This team are Incredibly passionate about person centered care.  They go above and beyond to engage positivity with carers and clients.


Highly Commended

Shabbir Mellick BOOTS/ CGPC

Shabbir is such an inspiration to the care industry; talking in schools and dealing with mental health issues and conducting workshops with children – it was so refreshing to hear her story. Shabbir believes in empowerment and making a difference.  She is one of the humblest people who want to make a difference to people’s lives.


The Palliative Care/End of Life Award

Kim Fletcher,  RMBI

Kim’s passion for delivering the best palliative care to all involved shone through. From the residents, their families to staff at the home Kim goes above and beyond to offer guidance, reassurance, a calming presence and shoulder to cry on in times of need.


Highly Commended

Sheren Ougad, Chosen Care Group

Sheren has made incredible progress since starting her role in social care. Her level 3 qualification has developed her knowledge and skills to deliver the very best to her residents at the end of their lives.


The Social Care Nurse Award

Onyinamachi Amadi, Barchester Healthcare

Her inspiration journey into nursing really stood out for the judges. She has shown true passion, strength and commitment to overcome challenges. It is clear that she has been a huge support to not only to her residents but to her colleagues.


Highly Commended

Amy Higham, Barchester Healthcare – Bushey House

Amy’s passion and pride for nursing is evident as is the commitment and care for those she looks after. She has made huge achievements in a very short space of time and is well on the way to achieving her career ambition.


The Outstanding Contribution to Social Care Award

Susan Apps, Ask Care

The judges were blown away by her passion and found her to be very inspiring with the way she has supported staff and service users with challenging needs and behaviour to achieve amazing outcomes. Believing in people, do not give up go on their journey however long it takes.


Highly Commended

Caroline Bartle, 3 Spirit UK Training & Consultancy

The judges were impressed with the tool Caroline has developed to measure outcomes of training and impact it has on the people they support. She was very passionate, and the social enterprise values were very strong to ensure social care as a whole benefits from their knowledge and experience


The Social Care Covid Hero Award

Lucy Chalis, Blue Arrow Care

The judges were amazed by Lucy’s enthusiasm; clear dedication and passion for her staff; clients and their families. Her dedication to her work shone through during the interview. Technology was used to ensure that clients kept in full contact with their loved ones. PPE was ordered 3 months in advance.


The Social Care Covid Hero Team Award

Carebase Team, Carebase Ltd

The judges were extremely impressed with the level of dedication and support the organisation gave their services, by the sacrifice the home manager made moving into the service to ensure that people were kept safe. There was also high level of communication throughout with staff, families and residents.


Highly Commended

Gold Care Homes

The team at Gold Care pulled together to keep residents safe and happy.  Their selflessness, commitment and care and concern for residents as well as colleagues was truly humbling.