The Care Employer Award

Quo Vadis Trust

Ingrid is a dedicated and passionate lady whose enthusiasm for her role shined through her interview. She leads with love and has great dedication for her work. She truly understood that behind every great business are even greater staff.  A gracious leader who understood and valued the hard work and dedication her team had given in the past 18 months.


Highly Commended

Greensleeves Care

A fantastic leadership team that empowers its teams to make local decisions and take real ownership of their homes. We loved how they had supported staff mental health in the last 18 months during a very challenging time by bringing in a new confidential staff wellbeing system, ensuring staff are supported and invested, putting their wellbeing top of their goals.


The Care Home Worker Award

James Sutton – Parkview Care

James showed so much compassion for his young residents. He worked throughout the pandemic without PPE because he felt it was inappropriate. He works tirelessly to ensure they engage and have a better life. James also recognises that he can go home but, for the young adults in his care, it’s their home and safe place thanks to James.


Highly Commended

Leon Raju – TLC Care

Shortly after arriving in the UK from India to study engineering, Leon started working part-time in this care home. He has found a second home and family at TLC Care and intends to remain in the care sector and eventually train as a nurse. A truly inspiring young man.


The Home Care Worker Award

Sandra Yeeles – Outlook Care

Sandra’s bubbly atmosphere was present from the start of her interview. You can see a clear passion and desire in her to be the best carer she can. Saying she learns a lot from her service users and ensure empathy, patience and kindness to everyone.


Highly Commended

Cristal Owusu-Lane – Bluebird Care Croydon

Cristal, you are wonderful. A real-life Superwoman. It is clear that you really find your strength in the face of adversity, and your compassion and dedication shines through. You are eloquent, aware, patient and resilient – and to do all of this with a family to look after as well is admirable. Congratulations, very well deserved.


The Care Home Newcomer Award

Marla Weber – Shine Partnerships Ltd

Marla has shown a real drive in her social care career. Being new to the industry hasn’t stopped Marla in providing an excellent service to her residents. I’m sure we’ll be seeing a lot of Marla in years to come. Congratulations Marla.


Highly Commended

Andrew Harmer – Gracious Care Holdings Limited

Andrew calls himself a traveller carer. He goes on his motorbike and can confirm that his clients find it cool. His dad is living with dementia and that what passionate him to leave his job to join the care sector.


The Home Care Newcomer Award

Amber Christou – TLC Care

Amber was passionate about joining the elderly care as both her parents works in care. She left the hotel industry and said she is really enjoying her role. Her latest ideas was an outdoor cinema.


The Care Home Registered Manager Award

Lorraine Pells – Sanctuary Care

Lorraine shown great leadership and flexibility in her role as a care home manager. From working her way up within Sanctuary over the last 22 years. She prides herself on her supportive nature and the constant requirement to check on the wellbeing of her staff, not just her service users.


Highly Commended

Jennie Limburg – Achieve Together

Jennie is successfully managing two services, supporting those with a variety of needs. She is clearly very passionate about supporting those within her care. Jennie explained that she doesn’t see her role as a job because she enjoys it so much and because she considers her team to be very much like a family. Well done, Jennie.


The Home Care Registered Manager Award

Krisztina Korpas – Bluebird Care Westminster and The City of London

Krisztina is proud of the reviews and stories that she hears with regards to her service and the extra mile they have gone to during the pandemic not only for the service users, but their families as well. She is responsible for the carers and the office staff and ensure the team work together and united.


Highly Commended

Asad Bin Abdullah – Chosen Care Group

Asad has been instrumental in building new services within Chosen Care Group, including services for those with learning disabilities and for those requiring supportive living. He understood the importance of meeting the needs of both the service users and his staff members and was clear on how the services meet CQC requirements. Asad provided several examples of where he had gone above and beyond. Well done, Asad.


The Care Home Cook/Chef Award

Gulcin Sinar – Epsom Beamont – Barchester Healthcare

Gulcin is so obviously an excellent cook who always puts the residents first and they, in turn, were the ones to put him forward for this award. She is very proud of the company and of her staff, she explained in detail how she always puts people first, everyone working and living there is very lucky to have a cook like Gulcin.


Highly Commended

Binoy Varghesse – TLC Care

Binoy ensures the residents receive options of food each day. He tries his best to incorporate the residents’ different countries and cultures in the meal options to make them feel more at home.


The Dignity in Care Award

Maggie Candy – Cavendish Homecare

Maggie shares her experience with all she meets and continues to do everything in her power to keep improving the service she provides. Running pilot schemes and taking extra care and considerations into the service users specific needs to ensure a fantastic service.


The Dementia Carer Award

Andrew Hall – Age UK Enfield

Andrew demonstrated a passion for improving the lives of those living with Dementia. Andrew understood the skills needed to do this, including the importance of getting to know the individual and being patient. He demonstrated insight into how his role could impact positively upon loved ones as well as those he is caring for. Well done, Andrew.


Highly Commended

Debbie Fearon – Age UK Enfield

Debbie is clearly very dedicated to her role, having worked in care and those with Dementia for over 20 years. Debbie understood the importance of a person-centred approach, what techniques to use in difficult situations, and why having a caring nature is imperative. Well done Debbie.


The Care Home Team Award

The Cherry Tree team – Salutem

The team shown a fantastic morale and caring is everyone’s responsibility no matter the role. The consistency is brilliant and the compassion they have for not only their service users but also their colleagues, show exactly how they all kept going throughout the pandemic.


The Home Care Team Award

Bluebird Care Camden and Hampstead

This team were simply outstanding. This team are the central support network and the glue that holds everything together. No matter their position in the organisation, they put the people they care for at the heart of what they do. From the director to the admins the mutual respect was evident, everyone’s views are included, and they clearly hold a vital role in the team. They champion each other’s successes and are clearly proud of their achievements. A standout team in a category where the entries were exceptionally high!


Highly Commended

The Parker Day Centre – Age UK Enfield

This team have adapted incredibly during the pandemic stepping away from what was their norm as a group and offering individual support to people in their own homes. This provided much needed familiarity to people at the most difficult of times even though delivering care in individual’s home was unfamiliar to the team. A truly amazing effort.


The Care Home Activities Organiser Award

Robert Speker – Sydmar Lodge Care Home

Robert provides a truly innovative, person-centred activity programme, even taking a 90-year-old swimming for the first time in 20 years. His enthusiasm for the importance of keeping lives meaningful shone through all of his answers.


Highly Commended

Evie Jones – Shine Partnerships Ltd

Evie’s passion and positive supportive approach to the activities means that all residents are able to get involved giving people a meaningful service which focuses on the person in the centre of it.


The Ancillary Worker Award

Dan Carabas – Canford Health Care Parkfield House

Dan is always putting people first. He echoes a friendly and approachable aura and ensures a respectable privacy for residents and is always on hand to help out where it’s needed.


Highly Commended

Tracey Scully – Barchester Care

Tracey is dedicated to her work, whilst also having to battle her own health concerns. Despite all this, Tracey is still there even when she’s not working to give time to her clients. Tracey has proven herself within Barchester, starting as administrator and working her way up to senior, Tracey understands the different elements to her role including talking and interacting with the residents, so they become fond of her.


The Workforce Development Award

Learning and Development Team, TLC Care

This is a very close team, it’s obvious they are all on the same wavelength working together for the benefit of the service users and staff. They source the best ways of developing training from outside agencies, they have developed systems that suit all their staff and the company in general. They are full of ideas and really deserve this award.


Highly Commended

David Pipe – Karina Manor, TLC Care

David has a very difficult job as most of this clients and staff have English as their second language, however he ensures his staff all receive the knowledge they need to provide the best services. He will always give up his time to support them even if it is one-to-one. He is obviously a real asset to this company.


The Care Innovator Award

James Davies – Quo Vardis Trust

James has really thought outside the box and turned the negative situation we have found ourselves in for the past 2 years into a positive. His ideas and negotiating skills have not only helped grow the business that he works for but are making a real difference to people in his community. We were delighted to hear that the scheme has been embraced by Care Leavers and wish James every success for rolling it out across more London Boroughs. Congratulations James.


Highly Commended

Together with Music

Together with Music is multi-faceted, it is bringing joy across generations. Alana was the most dedicated and passionate advocate for this initiative, and it is clear from her enthusiasm and commitment that we have only seen the tip of the iceberg. The future is looking very bright, and very exciting for everyone involved.


The Frontline Leaders Award

Claire Sylvester, Pauline Manning and Angela Gibson, RCH Care Homes Limited

The team work closely together to continually improving services. Proactive and acting fast if need to, considering both the staff and client views. Working along staff to ensure clients receive care they need but also showing staff example.


Highly Commended

Aimee Chapman – Gracious Care

Aimee is always putting the clients first and work closely with the other staff. She is very approachable and try to make some changes such as application forms, mentor protocol and shadowing protocol.


The Home Care Co-ordinator Award

Lauren Rose – Constantia Home Care

Lauren clearly values each and every person she works with and supports. She is not fulfilled unless she has successfully matched the right staff member to the clients. Lauren shines in what I know is a very challenging job role.


Highly Commended

Anjali Tuladhar – Chosen Care Group

A Care Coordinator that values the team she works in and recognises that she could not do her role without her fabulous team of carers. It’s easy to recognise Anjali’s passion for her role and all the clients she supports.


The Care Assessor/Care Planner Award

Christina McNamara – Gracious Care Holdings Limited

Christina is very passionate and has a clear understanding of client’s needs. Always revieing care plans and involving not just clients and family but staff as well. Spending time with clients to ensure that care plans is up to date.


Highly Commended

Sinead Brooks, Constantia Care

Sinead is passionate and understand the client’s needs. She makes sure the care plans are reviewed and updated on regular basis.


The Putting People First

Jane Howard – Bluebird Care Croydon

This lady blew me away with her passion and enthusiasm for the role, starting the role a year ago, she embraces person centred care and promoting independence and person centre care, she frequently goes above and beyond to enhance the lives of those she supports to provide the care she would expect and also delivers to her own mother


Highly Commended

Bernadette and Miguel – Bluebird Care Minister

Both candidates enthused passion for their role, going above and beyond on a regular basis often using personal experiences to enhance the lives of those they support from the initial assessment to end of live support, they make sure that the client is at the forefront of everything and form great relationships with all around them. A tracker makes sure that birthdays are never missed, and all the team gather to make the smile brighter on the day


The Palliative Care/End of Life Award

Hayley McMeeking – Bluebird Care Camden and Hampstead

Hayley started at the company as a carer and has now progressed to supervisor. She works long hours to ensure that the patients receive good end of life care throughout.


Highly Commended

Paula Plaskow – Jewish Care

Paula has worked for 20 years in palliative care. Working in a Jewish community working on lots of different projects on how to support the palliative end of the life in Jewish community. She secured money for a pastoral volunteer to work along site carers making sure that people in her community receive good end of life care.


The Housing with Care Award

Horace Boston & Casey Jolly, Jewish Care

It was a real pleasure to listen to the enthusiasm and good ideas that Horace has. He explained how the service users were so well supported and how important they are, and their wishes are. He is extremely proud of the way everything is based around these special people. I have no doubt he is a huge asset to this company.


The Social Care Nurse Award

Raj Mohabeer – Chosen Care Group

Raj has had a very impressive career and was very obviously born to excel in the Health and Social Care Sector. His hunger for knowledge and inquisitive nature have ensured that Raj is at the top of his game. The compassion, empathy, and love that he has shone through the screen and into our homes. Raj has never stopped learning or advocating for the people that he cares for, and even post retirement he continues to do exactly this. A very deserved winner, congratulations Raj.


Highly Commended

Helena Martins – TLC Care

It is clear that Helena has left her legacy with both her Colleagues and the people that she cared for. We heard that she was a powerhouse of a Woman, that changed the landscape of care for those affected by Dementia. Helena was dedicated for every minute that she was able to be, even staying with her residents during Covid and sacrificing being with her own family. She was an enormous strength and support to those that needed her the most, and as such is very highly commended for the Social Care Nurse Award.


The Outstanding Contribution to Social Care Award

Sarah Gardener – Serving our Superheroes

Sarah is extremely passionate and has an innovative drive in her. From setting up a charity, working with schools on career guidance and projects to give opportunities and awareness for those outside of care to become more involved and help the recruitment strain on the industry.



The Social Care Covid Hero Award

Gracy Matilda – Chosen Care Group

Gracy shown great innovative thinking and response. Her nursing skillset has shone through to prevent so many lives. Her thinking outside of the box and her compassion is what makes her a true Covid hero.


The Social Care Covid Hero Team Award

Age UK Enfield

Ben and Netta have demonstrated an amazing leadership and created a real united team throughout this pandemic. They have come out of the other side with the safety of all their residents and their truly innovative and adaptable approach is the reason this team are a worthy winner.