The Care Employer Award

Resolve care 

Anne and David should be immensely proud of their achievements to date, I have been fortunate to judge several categories at this year’s awards , this was by far the hardest category, with many genuinely brilliant employers shortlisted, however if there was an award for “overall best of every category”- they would have my vote, their enthusiasm for their service users is equally matched by the dedication they show their staff…… in fact I would have no hesitation in working for them myself!


Highly Commended

ROC Group

It was obvious that a genuine caring nature both for those they look after and the staff was at the very heart of the company, they should be very proud of what they


The Care Home Worker Award

Graham Buckless – Community Integrated Care

Graham came across as very caring with a good sense of humour whilst also showing empathy to his clients.


Highly Commended

Allison Swainston – ROC Group

Allison came across as someone who treated her clients the same as she would treat her family members. she is dedicated to her clients and her role and showed that she has a person-centred approach to looking after her clients.


The Home Care Worker Award –

Liz Hunter – Bluebird Care Tyneside

After speaking to Liz, it was easy to see that she puts her heart into her role. She talks to her clients and finds out about them, then uses that information to provide Person-Centred Care.


Highly Commended

Danielle Taylor – ROC Family Support Group

A proud worker in Social Care, Danielle works hard and closely with individuals to understand their barriers and their anxieties to help them overcome them. From learning Christmas Carols in sign language to sitting and calming her service users down, Danielle really goes above and beyond.


The Care Newcomer Award

Sophie Oliver – Greenleaf House Co Limited

Sophie is an incredibly passionate and caring individual. She thinks outside the box and is so happy to be within a company that truly are there to give the best care service they can.


Highly Commended

Fiona Smith – ROC Group

Fiona might be a “newcomer” but she is an absolute asset to the care industry and embodies the phrase person centred care, I have no doubt she will go from strength to strength.



The Care Home Registered Manager Award

Kinga Kowaliczek – Greenways Court Care Home, HC-One

Kinga’s efforts within the care home are truly evident. From the point of coming in she has turned the rating of the home from Inadequate to good within 3 months. Well done Kinga!


Highly Commended

Laura Roberts – ROC Group

Laura is knowledgeable, shows strong leadership skills, runs a well-led home, and has clearly demonstrated her passion for wanting the best for her residents and staff.


The Home Care Registered Manager Award

Julie Cowens – National Care Group

Julie is enthusiastic and determined to support those who use the service and those working in it.


Highly Commended

Michelle Simcox – ROC Group

Michelle is an excellent manager – it shows through her going the extra mile for all the service users she responsible for. Throughout covid, whilst there have been so many challenges, Michelle has ensured that no child was left at any point without their care.


The Care Home Cook/Chef Award

Ross Baxter – Tyne Grange, Exemplar Health Care

Ross is using his Michelin star experience to great effect creating a high quality individualised approach to providing good nutritious meals for all. The order as and when system means individuals can eat what they want, when they want without detriment to their health and wellbeing. This means residents have the choice we have at home, with a varied, healthy and good quality menu.


Highly Commended

Mandy Paterson – QME Care

As if being a chef isn’t hard enough, Mandy also goes above and beyond for all her clients. A dedicated chef, and an even better person. The needs of everyone else always comes first and nothing is ever too much.


The Dementia Carer Award

Sandra Irving – Anchor

Sandra demonstrates an excellent understanding of Dementia and how it affects the person living with Dementia. Sandra treats all of the residents living at Cranlea with respect and as an individual.


The Care Team Award

Life Team, Be Caring

An exemplary team who go above and beyond to support and adapt to situations, most importantly bringing a sense of community to the people they support, preventing isolation, being a support network to each other and being driven & focused. Bringing communities together and supporting charitable aims by involvement of the people they support. There is a true sense of team spirt and dedication to support in the most recent challenging situations within health and social care.


Highly Commended

Community Integrated Care

a team that supports people in continuing to develop and grow – delivering support that is personalised to enable people to live in their own home in a vibrant community, supporting & educating people to regain control over how they wish to live. Working & supporting one another to develop their practice, challenging societal barriers, promoting wellbeing, choice and supporting people to become more independent.


The Care Home Activities Organiser Award

Peter Lovegrove and Lynn Huntley, SLW Ltd

The enthusiasm and professionalism that Lynn and Peter bring to Activities is exceptional. The 9 Element programme that they have developed enables every aspect of each resident to be included in the meaningful activities on offer


Highly Commended

Tara Sherwood – Wellburn Care Homes

Tara provides an element of connectiveness between the residents, staff and families. She incorporates world events into their daily life as well as keeping things new with trips out, group activities and one on one sessions.


The Ancillary Worker Award

Martyn White – Balhousie Care Group

There are only good things to say about Martyn, his kindness and willingness of putting other people first plays a huge part in this care homes success story. A care home administrator and some. Well done Martyn!


The Care Innovator Award

Rachel Beckitt – Wellburn Care Home

Rachel was innovative in launching the We Care badge to recognise and support the great work that carers do, as well as running a busy company of care homes she managed to promote this great initiative to the social media and the press


Highly Commended

Ann Graham and David King – Resolve Care

The enthusiasm and pride for those who they support shines through, the team are achieving great things in many areas, from creating a social enterprises to provide employment for service users



The Frontline Leader Award

Libby Anderson and Team – Glenburn Centre

Libby and the team initially volunteered to provide a life changing service and have really gone above and beyond during this pandemic – even as much as Friday Night zoom Discos – well done Glenburn!


Highly Commended

Fiona Smith – ROC Group

Fiona stepped up to the plate when her two senior managers got covid and applied her OT and PT to the service users in a wonderfully holistic way. Her approach was more holistic than I have encountered before.


The Putting People First

Victoria Road, Sanctuary Care

Supporting people to change their lives through empowerment & safe environments to provide opportunities of progressing to independence with holistic support. Promoting involvement of the people directly benefiting from the service, to provide a sense of identity, educational opportunities, regaining control and focus to how they wish to live their lives. This service provides people with the platform to shape their future within a safe environment, and role model support to do so, which can mean transforming a young people’s life & supporting their aspirations.


Highly Commended

Resolve Care

This service is passionate to empower the lives of people to regain their own integrity- through shared vision, responsibility and empathy. Strengthening self-esteem & direct involvement of the people to shape their interests, supporting- to ensure that people have confidence in their home life, feeling secure & settled with a sense of belonging. The team members go above and beyond to promote best practice, in regard to modelling support, creating safe spaces for people to communicate and have control over their own wellbeing. The service creates opportunities for everyone, the people they support as well as a positive network for growth for their colleagues alike, encompassing people to feel valued & inspired to provide the most supportive environment.


The Housing with Care Award

Mandy Shaw – ROC Solid

Mandy nurtures not just those in her care but in her team, developing the skills and abilities of her service users and colleagues to ensure they all develop as far as they can. She advocates for those in her care, developing their skills and enabling them to return home, through innovative practice and strong communication, the book they use to help their service users gain access to the local community and become more and more confident is an exceptional example of how she and her team achieve great results.


Highly Commended

Rebekka McClelland – Sanctuary Supported Living

Rebekka’s time and energy is completely invested in the work she carries out. She shown a strong understanding of not only the requirements of the role she undertakes but also how to ensure that those in her care are given the support and nurturing they need.


The Social Care Nurse Award

Adrian Anim – South Tyneside and Sunderland NHS Foundation Trust

Adrian came into nursing later in life but has absolutely made the most of his time in this role, improving the lives of so many, through a very personalised approach that surpasses anything this judge has seen in a long time. He makes a real difference not just to those in his care but other team members who learn and improve while working with his drive for greater empowerment and clear communication and understanding, it is very clear he loves what he does and his positivity is infectious.


Highly Commended

Corina Gavrila – Arbour Court Nursing Home

Corina is a proper old school nurse, who understands how to empathise and relate to her patients, she has given up so much of her personal life to ensure the best for those she cares for without consideration for herself. She cares form the bottom of her heart.


Fiona Barrie-Higgins – Community Integrated Care

I think the word inspiration is apt for Fiona. she really is an outstanding individual and throws herself at all she does. Congratulations Fiona.


The Social Care Covid Hero Care Home Award

Dot Butler – ROC Group

Dot has started an initiative that looks after the periphery of society including people with complex needs and women leaving prison. She has stories about a former prisoner who has been trained and now works full time in the same prison she was incarcerated in helping people quit drugs.


The Social Care Covid Hero Home Care Award

Louisa McNeil – New Prospects

Louisa delivers training for the support workers; this is around 360 members of staff. She turned her whole training offering into digital online and was training up to around 50 people every day on all things covid and new regulations etc to support their service users. Congratulations!