The Care Employer Award

Making Space

With an importance of being valued and supported by the organisation, Making Space are leading the way to really understand what keeps their staff getting up in the morning and ensuring they can make decisions, feel valued and trusted within the team.


Highly Commended


With a fantastic handling on the pandemic and strong values at the core of their organisation, Birtenshaw are worthy candidates of this year’s Employer award and really are championing their mission statement for becoming outstanding.


The Care Home Worker Award

Zofia Goddard – Millennium Care

Zofia shows so much passion in her role, Zofia understands the true meaning of caring and how supporting colleagues can really make a difference.


Highly Commended

Sarah Walters – Abbeycliffe

Sarah has been at Abbeycliffe for over 8 years and is an extremely valued member of the team. With a passion for making sure the residents are happy, Sarah understands the importance of communication, hygiene and understanding when giving care to ensure her service is always of a high level to the client.


The Home Care Worker Award

Azra Bhatti – ZENO Ltd

Azra is very passionate and dedicated care worker. Azra works hard and always puts her clients first. I especially love her drive and how she fights to provide exactly what the clients need.


Highly Commended

John Fitzpatrick – ZENO Ltd

John could light up a room with his wonderful personality. He’s a great guy who has care at his core and it shines through when you get to know him.


The Care Home Newcomer Award

Panos Stavropolous – The Knoll Care Partnership

Panos’ passion and love for the job could not go unnoticed. He seems to have stumbled upon the care sector, but I believe the care sector is now a better place with him working in it.


Highly Commended

Julie Birkett – Making Space

Julie’s passion for her job comes across with everything she says. Her warm and empathetic nature fed through constantly with her expectations. Her employer is lucky to have her.


The Home Care Newcomer Award

Ellie Tew – Astar Homecare Services

Ellie not only personifies the very best of a newcomer into social care but is worthy of being cloned for every provider. Congratulations Ellie, I am sure that we will be seeing and hearing more about you in the future!


The Care Home Registered Manager Award

Gulzar Nazir – Abbey Healthcare

Gulzar balances the needs of all the stakeholders with individual residents at the centre.


Highly Commended

Claire Callaghan – The Knoll Care Partnership

Claire’s aim is to make sure that the service delivers outstanding care without her.


The Home Care Registered Manager Award

Claire Coke – Right at Home North Cheshire and Leigh

Claire started in care 5 years ago and built herself up to her current managerial position. She demonstrates good knowledge and works closely with clients and the staff, a very warm and approachable manager.


Highly Commended

Rachel Taylor – Birtenshaw

Rachel works as an example to all and not just for her managerial duties, Rachel is willing to do whatever needs to be done no matter the task at hand.


The Care Home Cook/Chef Award

Lee Sands and Taylor McCosh – Anchor Hanover

It is very clear from speaking to Lee and Taylor why they work so exceptionally as a team. They are so in touch with both the needs and wants of their residents and pay brilliant attention to detail. They are, indeed, a dream team.


Highly Commended

Cath Clarke – Millennium Care

Cath shows such passion for what she does. She is so creative in her ideas and is determined to bring innovation to her setting. Her cookbook and allotment project are inspirational, and I wish her the best of luck for the future.


The Dignity in Care Award

Stephen Higgins – Anchor Hanover

Stephen uses his life experience to provide his customers with choices, advocating for individuals to maintain their independence and arranging the first holiday planned by the Anchor group. Stephen puts dignity at the heart of his work and promotes providing everyone with a meaningful choice to get the best out of life.


Highly Commended

Joanne O’Connor – Anchor Hanover

Joanne truly believes that everyone has a choice and that the most dignified experiences come from building trust with the people she supports. Joanne identified the importance of always understanding a customer’s personal beliefs while supporting her team to provide the best care possible. It is clear her residents trust her and thrive with her support.


The Dementia Carer Award

Jodie Waine – Senior Moments Care

Jodie shows a commitment and understanding that is naturally empathetic meeting the needs of her clients and enables her to provide a very high quality service.


Highly Commended

Amanda Burke – Carefound

Amanda has demonstrated invention and innovation that enables her to give compassionate quality care and meets the diverse needs of her residents.


The Care Home Team Award

Barley Brook Meadow – Birtenshaw

Caring and compassionate, clearly play to staff members strengths to ensure the young peoples’ journey is the best it can be. They were very creative and proactive with their approach; it would be a credit to work with them.


Highly Commended

Primecare GB

What a team, a real togetherness and pride in the service they deliver – even the managing director of Primecare joined. You’ve taken this award very seriously and you’re a very proud passionate service and it really showed.


The Home Care Team Award

Alternative Futures St Catherines 

Proactive and passionate in their approach to care, strong leadership vibe. Strong emphasis on trust and respect, well done team.


Highly Commended

Westwood Homecare

Very passionate and caring. Genuine passion to provide the very best care for both service users and her staff members alike. Very strong community, I feel they go above and beyond all day every day.

The Care Home Activities Organiser Award

Claire Rothwell – Rochcare

Claire’s focus is outstanding. Her energy and drive to continually find new activities and projects for her service users to get stuck into is a joy to learn about. Well done Claire


Highly Commended

Gary and Ryan – Abbey Healthcare

It can be hard to be in a team of two as one often outshines the other – these two are different, they literally ooze fun with professionalism, and are the absolute definition of person centred.


The Ancillary Worker Award

Violet Hicks, Ribble View Care Home – Exemplar Healthcare

Violet goes the extra mile for the residents needs she highlights the importance of inclusion and decision making she provides choice and has the ability to make resident feel like an individual providing a positive impact in people’s lives.


Highly Commended

Jake Lloyd – Anchor Hanover

Jake shows incredible compassion and knowledge, he has the ability to adapt to the roles necessary to achieve the desired outcome. his meticulous structure allows him to currently participate in assisting the healthcare groups other two homes.


The Workforce Development Award

The Practice Development Team, c/o Julie Burton – Belong

Julie’s empathy, compassion and professionalism shone through, it is obvious she has impeccable standards and leads by example, her vision is shared by those she leads for whom she creates a can do culture. Those in her care are absolutely the forefront of everything she does

Highly Commended

Tom Pridding – ZENO Limited

Toms “everyone outdoor” ethos is refreshing and brings a completely different aspect to the care industry, he is the very definition of a leader, he tackles challenges and finds solutions, and is an absolute credit to his company


The Care Innovator Award

Norman Niven – Medication Support Company

Norman Niven and his team at the Medication Support Company have demonstrated exceptional entrepreneurial skills in identifying and developing the first remote medication administration monitoring system. This revolutionary, pioneering approach to medication administration has had a fundamental impact in transforming patient care within the community.


Highly Commended

Pamela Hicken – Ribble View, Exemplar Health Care

Pamela has revolutionised patient care within her service, with the successful introduction of virtual reality therapies. This innovative approach to the use of digital technology has played a fundamental role in reducing pain and anxiety and producing exceptional positive outcomes for those within her care.


The Care Home Frontline Leaders Award

Madhu Reddy – L&M Healthcare – Finney House

Madhu demonstrates such a high level of understanding of care which really shone in his interview. His dedication to leadership and delivering quality care was an absolute pleasure to listen to.


Highly Commended

Susan O’Sullivan – Making Space

Susan is a dedicated member of social care. Striving for constant improvement.


The Home Care Frontline Leaders Award

Rachel Roberts – Consensus Support

Rachel has shown real leadership through taking the initiative and promoting the care of her team so they can provide consistent care. Rachel encourages her team to promote their ideas and helps them push them through so they can provide better quality outcomes for their residents.


Highly Commended

Samantha Needham – Prestige Nursing

Samantha leads by example often working alongside her team, showing the way forward, she ensures that every member of her team is supported and recognised and helps them achieve great outcomes through her support.


The Home Care Co-ordinator Award

Jessica McCarthy – Westwood Home Care

Passionate and enthusiastic about her role, Jessica brings professionalism, organisation and structure to what she does.


The Care Assessor/Care Planner Award

Lucy Openshaw – Anchor Hanover

Lucy’s energy and vivacity shone throughout the interview. Lucy is clearly extremely passionate and dedicated about the care sector. A pleasure to speak to and hear the difference that she is making.


Highly Commended

Amy Brewster – Anchor Hanover

Amy deserves this recognition. Amy was a pleasure to speak to who’s warmth and passion shone through.


The Putting People First

Transitions Care Flyde Ltd

The team at Transitions pride themselves on being different to the rest, getting to know the individuals to put together the individual care plans with the service user being a part of that journey.


Highly Commended

Christie Private Care – HCA Healthcare

The work this team deliver is incredible. The prospect of cancer is a daunting one and the after care is quite often overlooked. This team are bucking that trend and offering real life, meaningful ways of regaining normality after treatment. They epitomise what care should be about.


The Palliative Care/End of Life Award

Gillian Holden – Astar Homecare Whitchurch

Gillian’s passion and compassion is evident in every sentence that you speak. Huge congratulations on a very well deserved win.


Highly Commended

Lisa McClymont – Right at Home

Lisa is such an inspirational individual. It is clear that she really puts her heart and soul into caring and advocating for the clients for whom she is responsible. Lisa’s compassion not only for them, but for their families, friends, and the colleagues who are also affected by their loss. Congratulations Lisa.


The Social Care Nurse Award

Nicola Forster – Sugarman Health and Wellbeing

Incredibly passionate about non-restrictive care, Nicola would move heaven and earth for those that she supports to achieve the little things that mean the world to others. Nicola is a caring, modest, humbled, passionate nurse who with her team move mountains for those they support.


Highly Commended

Jamie Ashton – Orchard Care Home

Jamie supports by doing what he says he is going to do. He recognises the value of supporting his team and this is something he is passionate about.


The Outstanding Contribution to Social Care Award

Vicky Wilden – Northridge Care Group

Vicky has had an inspiring and outstanding career supporting young people, consistently putting children first, going above and beyond, by for example providing young people with traditions they can share with their children as adults. She is committed to improving the experience of young people in care and we cannot begin to imagine the number of care leavers lives she has improved.


Highly Commended

Gaynor Chisnall – Making Space

Gaynor has clearly committed her life to working within the sector, she has consistently demanded better for vulnerable people throughout her career and is a true role model for us all.


The Social Care Covid Hero Award

Emma Rogers – Abbey Healthcare

In what was an emotive and understandably heart-warming category, Emma is an obvious and deserving winner, her commitment- such as working her holidays to create a memory garden, her passion to find solutions to problems and her genuine warmth, still had the judge thinking about her and her achievements days later. Emma is a credit to the industry.


The Social Care Covid Hero Team Award

Westwood Homecare Young Stars

Their joy enthusiasm and warmth are literally infectious, they could be described in one word and that would be outstanding. All under the age of 19 this team are literally enhancing and changing lives, daily, they should be very proud of what they do.