The Care Home Employer Award

David Poxton, Ashmere Derbyshire

The innovation and AI in this service are unparalleled, creating a truly exceptional experience. The dedication to user-friendly practices, like second lighting for time awareness, tailored spaces for varying eyesight, and ‘outstanding in care’ lighting for well-being, is remarkable. The innovative vision aligns with the company’s core values.

Highly Commended

Palvi and Jay Dodhia, Serene Care

This family-run enterprise is truly exceptional, poised to be a trailblazer in the healthcare industry. Their unwavering commitment to the right values, attitude, and culture not only fosters an environment for employee upskilling but also aligns seamlessly with the dynamic landscape of healthcare. I hold immense admiration for these two remarkable individuals.

The Home Care Employer Award

Samantha Davis Wright, Wright Care at Home

Samantha is the driving force behind the entrance into care, her unwavering values and fervor for providing the right support in people’s homes radiate. Despite being a small company, her immense heart sets her apart. Keep forging ahead, Samantha; the social care realm thrives with individuals like you.

Highly Commended

Premier Community

A resilient family enterprise, steadily progressing and adeptly adjusting to the evolving demands of the workforce. Their steadfast commitment to nurturing a positive culture and upholding strong values sets them apart on their upward trajectory.

The Care Home Worker Award

Marinette Mafor Nana, Anchor

Marinette consistently promotes best practices within her team, serving as an exemplary role model. Her genuine warmth and adaptability shine through in her care for residents.

The Home Care Worker Award

Marie Brown, Premier Community

Possessing a wealth of knowledge and skills, she demonstrates an unmistakable passion for her work, evident in her unwavering dedication. Her profound expertise is complemented by an evident love for her job, contributing to a remarkable synergy of proficiency and genuine enthusiasm that sets her apart in her field.

Highly commended

Deborah Rogers, Noble Live in Community

Radiant and graceful, she leaves a lasting impression with her answers, embodying a natural, caring, and selfless demeanour. Her innate kindness and genuine concern shine through, painting a portrait of a truly beautiful soul.

The Support Worker Award

Heather Robinson, Advanced Adolescence Care Solutions

Heather, in particular, showcased an innovative approach—utilizing a metaphorical washing line where challenges faced by service users replaced clothes. Engaging in playacting scenarios, she meticulously rehearsed the correct approaches before applying them in real-life situations. 

Highly commended

Tammy McKeown Involve Care & Support.

Tammy’s dedication shone as she independently learned British Sign Language, investing her time and resources to enhance communication with a challenging resident, fostering connections and calming the entire home. Notably, she applied her first aid training to save a resident’s life. Leveraging her extensive experience and training, Tammy has ascended to the role of manager overseeing two services.

The Care Home Newcomer Award

Hannah Godley, Safe Haven

Hannah’s infectious enthusiasm and unwavering passion in supporting younger individuals left us truly impressed. She seamlessly integrates her personal life experiences and challenges, channelling them to make a meaningful impact and effect positive change.

Highly Commended

Olivia Rouse, The Old Hall

A truly inspiring young lady, evolving into an exceptional caregiver, consistently delivering excellence in every aspect of care provided to all.

The Care Home Registered Manager Award

Michelle Pirie, Regal Care

Michelle, a stalwart and seasoned Manager, epitomizes unwavering commitment and extensive experience at the heart of her service. Her leadership radiates excellence, setting a stellar standard for the team to follow. With a profound understanding of the intricacies of her role, Michelle consistently goes above and beyond.

Highly commended

Nicola Bale, Westlands Care Home

Nicola’s profound passion for both residents and staff radiated unmistakably. Her dedication is a beacon of excellence in social care, unequivocally establishing her as a valuable asset to both the field and her organization.

The Care Home Registered Manager (Children & Young People) Award

Angela epitomizes compassion in her approach towards the people she serves. She ensures a holistic perspective, constantly seeking innovative ways to fulfill the last wishes of clients and their families. Angela’s out-of-the-box thinking goes above and beyond, extending support not only to her team but also making regular visits to clients.

Highly commended

Zahida Amir, Nurture Care

Zahida exemplifies an extraordinary journey—from carer to manager—in a remarkably brief span. Her innate compassion is evident in her every action, consistently striving to lead her team in delivering exceptional service. Zahida’s dedication to managing her team effectively stands as a testament to her unwavering commitment to providing exemplary care.

The Home Care Registered Manager Award

Lisa Bidwell, Bluebird Care

Lisa demonstrates an immense passion for crafting meaningful details and actively engages in equine therapy to contribute towards holistic improvement.

Highly commended

Tracy Marsden, Premier Community

Tracy is an exceptional manager, fostering approachability, camaraderie, and equality among staff and residents. Her knowledge, compassion, and personal touch truly deserve recognition.

Supported Living Manager Award

Zoey Cussons, MacIntyre

Zoey exhibits profound knowledge, genuine care for her staff, and an unwavering commitment to excellence. Her leadership secured the continuation of a challenging service, emphasizing the individual’s well-being. Zoey’s dedication inspires a positive, homely environment, fostering transformative experiences and earning immense respect.

The Care Home Chef Award

Carl Turner-Fountain, Consensus Support

This is a remarkable narrative of a chef seamlessly integrating into a role of close collaboration with residents/supported individuals. Despite Carl’s prior lack of experience in this field, his dedication to individuals with Prader-Willi syndrome is evident in the extensive research he has undertaken. Truly an impressive story and application.

Highly Commended

Kerry Gent, One Housing Baycroft

Yet another outstanding application—a seasoned chef with a robust career in hotels transitioning to care homes, not only making a substantial impact but also embracing the challenge of adapting to a new work dynamic.

The Dignity in Care Award

Gemma Rastall, The Old Hall

Exemplifying exceptional dignity-led care, this remarkable winner goes above and beyond, showcasing a willingness to take a service user out in a canoe despite a personal fear of water. Their extraordinary commitment truly makes them deserving and wonderful recipients.

Highly Commended

Joanna Disney, Nottingham City Care Partnership

An absolute delight to interview, she unmistakably embodies the essence of a dignity champion and showcases unparalleled excellence in her role.

The Dementia Carer Award

Juliet O connor Devonshire Court

Juliet’s passion for ensuring the residents receive optimal care and lead empowered lives is truly commendable. Her commitment to equality shines through, evident in the innovative changes implemented for residents’ benefit, such as the addition of a bar, a post office, and a listening wall, among other impressive enhancements around the home.

Highly commended

Kevin Marshall, Your Health Group

Kevin’s commitment to the residents’ well-being is evident in his unwavering dedication to maintaining high standards of care. He ensures that all staff adopt a person-centered approach, emphasizing the importance of seeing the person before the diagnosis. Treating everyone as an extended family is a guiding principle that permeates all aspects of his work.

The Care Home Team Award

The Meadows, Safe Haven 

Their proudest achievements lie in the positive outcomes for looked-after children within a genuine family home setting, often serving as the first secure and nurturing environment these children have encountered.

Highly commended

Baily House Care Team

A staff team acknowledged with an Outstanding rating by the CQC believes that the cornerstone of a successful team lies in mutual support and collaboration. They showed amazing collaboration, and all goals were cantered around the residents.

The Home Care Team Award

Lesley, Lifeline Sitter & Befriending Service

A remarkable startup, dedicated to reaching and serving rural areas, combating loneliness and isolation in adults unable to access city services. Lesley, the owner, embodies compassion, making a substantial impact by providing care and companionship to those often overlooked. This small business achieves extraordinary results for those in need.

Highly Commended

Operations Team, Home Instead West Bridgford

The caregiver program stood out, impressing me. The Head of Operations, even in the owner’s absence due to a car accident, demonstrated remarkable leadership. They’ve maintained quality care and a consistent caregiver program. Kudos to Bridgford for your commitment and rock-solid performance!

Supported living Team Award

Gilmorton, Community Integrated Care

An extraordinary interview experience with a team exuding humility, care, and mutual support. Each member portrayed a genuine dedication to collaboration and compassion.

Highly Commended

Adele Rickett, IBC Healthcare 

A team emanating warmth and compassion, their remarkable journey includes creating tailored homes, specialized training, and teams for each individual they support. Their outstanding care, bespoke training, and dedicated teams showcase excellence at every level.

The Care Home Activity Co-ordinator Award

Sarah Martin, Exemplar

Sarah exemplifies an outstanding activities coordinator, tailoring activities to suit each resident, regardless of age. The innovative inclusion of a volunteer-run tuck shop and salon adds purpose and motivation, showcasing a commitment to promoting skills, engagement, and overall well-being among the residents.

Highly commended

Sarah Donoghue, Ashmere Derbyshire

Affectionately known as ‘Crazy Sarah,’ she exudes boundless energy and a down-to-earth, caring demeanour. Her resident-focused initiatives, including bistro evenings, mini-bus trips, and musical instrument sessions, where residents sing and dance for hours, are truly remarkable. Congratulations to Sarah for her outstanding work; may she continue to shine brightly!

The Ancillary Worker Award

Andrea Rowbotham, Anchor

An unequivocally inspirational individual, deserving every accolade and recognition bestowed upon them. Her unwavering commitment and exceptional qualities serve as a beacon of inspiration for all who are fortunate enough to witness her contributions.

Highly commended

Francesca Powdrill, Canal Vue Care Home

Francesca embodies exceptional care, consistently seeking ways to involve residents in her responsibilities where confidentiality allows. Though certain aspects of her role are confidential, her dedication to inclusivity reflects her genuine commitment to the well-being and engagement of those under her care.

The 3 R’s Award 

Shelley Taylor, Carefound home care

Shelley demonstrated a keen understanding of the significance of staff retention, substantiating her insights with a multitude of examples showcasing various initiatives implemented within the service to foster a supportive and enduring team environment.

Highly Commended

Jo Shaw, Heanor Park Care Home

Jo exhibited an unmistakable passion for her role, recognizing the pivotal contributions of all staff to care delivery. She adeptly showcased outstanding examples of how the home prioritizes staff inclusion, well-being, and a commitment to excellence.

The Workforce Development Award

Daniel Wade, IBC Healthcare

Daniel’s heartfelt and passionate presentation distinguished him as the clear winner in my evaluation. Congratulations on a job well done!

Highly commended

Kismul Group

The Kimsul Group delivered an amazing presentation, speaking from the heart. Congratulations on a job well done!

The Care Innovator Award

Ledon St John,TLC ground

Clearly passionate about making a difference and improving the lives of not only the people that he supports but also the staff team. Ledon’s innovative approach and hospitality mindset have garnered recognition, making him a true asset to the care sector.

Highly commended

Aspire Day Services

As judges, we were thoroughly impressed with their approach to collecting evidence on the needs of young adults in their community. Their proactive response, working collaboratively with diverse stakeholders, undoubtedly ensures that the young people they serve feel acknowledged and heard.

The Care Frontline Leaders Award 

Luke Mccarthy, Ashdene Sleaford

Luke exuded a remarkable energy and a wealth of contributions, he proved to be an invaluable asset to the team.

Highly commended 

Louise Green, OSJCT Whitefriars

An exceptional individual, making an outstanding contribution to social care and her team. She truly shone in every response provided.

The Home Care Co-ordinator Award

Neil Martin, Earlybird Lifestyle Support

Neil’s approach to the care of his customers is individualised in the truest sense. Neil clearly strives to support people to maintain their independence and well-being, so they can live their best lives. A credit to his company.

Highly commended

Aimee Tivey, Camli Care

Aimee’s commitment extends to understanding the needs, strengths, and challenges of both customers and team members, ensuring a high standard of care for service users. Willing to go the extra mile for continuity and support, Aimee injects much-needed energy and passion into the care sector.

The Care Assessor Award 

Lucy Shaw, Baily House

Lucy’s dedication to crafting personalized care plans for residents is truly commendable. Her meticulous attention to small yet significant details has a life-changing impact on residents. Additionally, Lucy’s approach ensures that care plans are not only compassionate but also highly responsive to residents’ needs, and promptly updated with any changes.

The Putting People First Award

Andrew Brickles, Staffordshire County Council

Andrew’s passion for his role is evident, recognizing the ongoing changes needed in the care sector. He has actively initiated these changes, prioritizing the needs and support of both clients and staff, ensuring they are at the forefront of the evolving landscape in care.

Highly commended

Paula Hart, VAL’s Community 

Paula, in her new role, is excelling and displays a profound understanding of what is required to support vulnerable individuals, prioritizing their needs. She also demonstrates a keen commitment to supporting her workforce, showcasing a well-rounded and effective approach.

The Palliative Carer Award

Rachel French, Honeycomb Care

Rachel obviously is a very caring and competent individual who seeks to make the end-of-life journey as peaceful as possible for patients and their families. Congratulations Rachel and keep up the good work!

Highly commended

Roche Toyr/Ralphland Care

Their commitment ensures consistent high-quality care and compassionate support for all involved during this challenging time. They really go above and beyond to ensure the best for the residents. 

The Housing with Care Award

Team, Next Steps

Next Steps prioritizes innovative approaches to enhance the well-being and independence of supported individuals. By collaborating with housing agencies, we facilitate access to the private housing market, ensuring a safe and comfortable environment.

Highly commended

Poppyfields, Safe Have

This residence offers a secure and nurturing environment for the cared-for children. It embodies a true sense of home, where every individual within consistently strives to provide their very best each day.

The Social Care Nurse Award 

Donna Stratham, Exemplar Health Care

Donna is an unwavering advocate for improving the lives of service users. Going above and beyond, she dedicates her own time to offer exceptional care and support. A reliable and inspiring leader, Donna champions excellent quality of care, effortlessly adapting to change and fostering a positive working environment for the entire team.

Highly Commended

Kelly Wilson, Ashmere Derbyshire

Kelly oozed with passion and it was very hard to choose between first and second place as she too has lived experience and cascaded that into the team they support. Kelly pioneered a way of making ‘death’ more open and easier to talk about during covid as they lost many people and so stood together and lined up for showing their respect for the passing of their patients. Kelly gave me goosebumps and deserves recognition.

The Unpaid Carer Award 

Jules Emmott, Canwick Care

Her excellent communication and motivation skills made her an unofficial mentor and leader, fostering professional relationships. Jules’s community engagement, including events like ‘Time for a Cuppa,’ showcases her dedication to the care industry. Her compassion and support make her a breath of fresh air in our home.

The Co-production Award. 

Jamie Byrne and the An Darach Care Lincs Supported Living Team

The team’s commitment to engagement and adaptability ensures they meet the evolving needs of their users.

The Outstanding Contribution to Social Care Award

Mathew Bray, IBC Healthcare

An exceptionally compassionate and dedicated caregiver, whose unwavering commitment to providing exceptional support creates a truly uplifting story.

Highly commended

Born to Perform

BTP is an outstanding day care facility for adults with special needs, going beyond traditional care. They organize vibrant social events, fostering a modern and fun environment. Notably, they seek free opportunities for diverse activities, ensuring inclusivity. The group’s infectious enthusiasm is evident in their vibrant and engaging experiences.