The Care Home Employer Award

M & D Care

M & D’s team is driven by clear goals and values, fostering a sense of achievement for both residents and employees. Their commitment is evident, exemplified by helping a client experience their first holiday in Blackpool. The impact extends beyond service users, touching the lives of staff, families, and stakeholders. Their butterfly approach to employees reflects nurturing and guidance, contributing to the growth and development of everyone they encounter.

The Home Care Employer Award

Lynne Churchill, Bluebird Care

Lynne’s care extends beyond work, covering counselling or private doctor sessions for those facing challenges. Juggling a family of three, she remains an inspiration. A very happy place of work which in turn allows them to provide excellent care for their client.

Highly Commended

Right at home Cardiff and The Vale

Joe and his team deeply appreciate their employees, acknowledging the small details and offering crucial support, like extending office hours to aid lone-working care staff. With numerous long-serving team members, they efficiently serve nearly 300 clients. The pandemic-inspired well-being program, including a dedicated support line, underscores the provider’s unwavering commitment to their employees.

The Care Home Worker Award

Ben Taplin, Orbis Education and Care

Ben is not just a leader but a friendly and passionate one. His down-to-earth demeanour makes him approachable, while his unwavering dependability fosters a sense of trust among the team. Ben’s passion is evident in his role as a leader but also in the way he genuinely cares for the team’s well-being and success.

Highly Commended

Christopher Ekuma, M & D Care

Christopher is a remarkably passionate care worker who has honed his skills through hands-on experience. Christopher’s journey in the field is a testament to his dedication, as he continually learns and adapts to provide the best possible care. His passion shines through

The Home Care Worker Award

Catherine Rock, Right at Home Bridgend and the Vale.

Catherine, having transitioned from a retail career, has attained her Level 2 in Health and Social Care, marking a significant accomplishment. Overflowing with positivity, she expresses a profound satisfaction in her career switch, regretting only that she hadn’t made the change much sooner, highlighting the fulfilment this new path brings her.

Highly Commended

Duke Nelson, CLCA

Duke, a remarkable gentleman, dedicated a year to assisting another who was immobile and hesitant to venture out. Through thoughtful goal-setting and engaging activities, Duke successfully reignited his companion’s zest for life, encouraging walking and a renewed interest in daily activities. Duke’s enthusiasm for his job radiates, making her truly exceptional.

The Care Newcomer Award

Nicole Boland, Consensus Support

Nicole dedicates herself to ensuring the Service Users she supports lead enriched and fulfilled lives. She actively provides opportunities for personal growth, from attending live concerts to facilitating experiences that enable them to embrace as normal a life as possible.

Highly Commended

Steffan Thomas, Right at Home Cardiff & Newport

Steffan, a recent addition to the care industry collaborates closely with the service users he supports to uplift their lives. Going beyond assigned responsibilities, he undertakes additional tasks to enrich their daily experiences. Despite his significant achievements, Steffan remains remarkably modest, attributing his efforts to a simple belief that “anyone would do the same.”

The Care Home Registered Manager Award

Kirsty Atkins, M & D Care

Kirsty, an inspiring and aspiring care home manager, wholeheartedly prioritizes the well-being of her workforce and service users. Engaging in conversation with her reveals the genuine passion she holds for her job, underscoring the profound love she has for her role and the positive impact she strives to make.

Highly Commended

Nicki Griffiths, Your Chapter

Kirsty’s unwavering passion and dedication to the Social Care Sector have been evident in her continuous efforts to enhance the quality of life for her service users. Your numerous achievements reflect a source of pride, showcasing the positive impact you’ve made in this vital sector.

The Home Care Registered Manager Award

Tammy Rees, Iris Care Group

Tammy, our exceptional manager, prioritizes safety and staff training while selflessly putting the needs of individuals and the team first. Her compassionate support extends beyond work, offering comfort during personal challenges. Tammy’s dedication to person-centred care has notably increased a resident’s life expectancy, showcasing her extraordinary leadership and unmatched compassion.

Highly Commended

Nicola Langdon, Right at Home Bridgend

Nicola is an adept manager, exemplified by her profound knowledge. Earning consistent 5-star work buzz feedback for five consecutive years, she skillfully leads her team, creating an environment where they not only enjoy their work but also thrive.

The Dignity in Care Award

Chloe Gidvani, M & D Care

Chloe’s unwavering commitment to upholding the dignity and choices of residents is truly remarkable. Devoted to delivering the highest standard of service, she collaborates seamlessly with the staff team to offer life-affirming choices and elevate day-to-day experiences for residents consistently.

The Dementia Carer Award

Emily Mealing, Cadog Homecare

Her extensive knowledge and understanding of dementia are evident in her exceptional work. Emily’s patience and empathy shine through as she provides person-centred care, ensuring individuals feel heard and maintain a sense of voice and control.

Highly Commended

William Kevin Harris, Hc-One

William is an exceptional caregiver who is adored by residents and their families. Kevin’s boundless energy keeps everyone content, as he consistently goes above and beyond to bring joy every day. His cheerful demeanor extends to dressing up to create smiles, making him a truly delightful and dedicated caregiver.

The Care Home Team Award

Ali Al-Mufti and Team, Aria Care Home

A visionary director, unafraid to challenge conventions and forge transformative change, dedicated to cultivating success and happiness for the residents under his care. His commitment to pioneering approaches sets a unique course in the pursuit of enhanced well-being and satisfaction.

Highly Commended

Gelynnen, M & D Care

Dedicated to ensuring the utmost well-being and professional growth of her staff, creating an environment where they can thrive. Sarah’s fervour for excellence is not only confined to her team but radiates towards the service users under her care. She consistently goes above and beyond, seeking innovative ways to enhance the quality of their lives.

The Home Care Team Award

Delta Wellbeing Community Response Team

As a seasoned judge, I must express that this interview stands out as one of the most impressive I’ve assessed. The clarity of vision for the future, coupled with a genuine passion for both the industry and the individuals within the company, including those under their care, made the judging process an absolute pleasure. It’s evident that the candidate’s dedication and insight make them not just a standout contender but a truly deserving winner.

Highly Commended

HS Care Team

Exceptionally deserving runners-up, this team embodies a seamless blend of camaraderie, professionalism, and a shared commitment to excellence, creating an environment that is both enjoyable and highly efficient.

The Care Home Activity Co-ordinator Award

Cheryl Morris, Sandstone Care Group

Cheryl, with a finance background, became her dad’s carer during his dementia journey. After his passing in 2022, she channelled her caregiving experience into becoming an activities coordinator at The Oaks. Her artistic flair is evident and she clearly brings joy to all those involved.

The Ancillary Worker Award

Lucy Murphy, Hallmark Care Homes

Lucy’s genuine passion for supporting residents in the home is truly remarkable, considering care isn’t her primary role. Her approach is both refreshing and inspirational, involving residents to truly enrich their lives in the care home. Lucy’s unwavering dedication, where nothing is too much, distinctly sets her apart.

Highly Commended

Roger Burman, Richmond House residential EMI care home.

Roger’s contributions to the home, coupled with his charitable endeavours, are undeniably inspiring. His dedication and impact are noteworthy, reflecting a genuine caring spirit. Roger should take immense pride in his meaningful work, as his efforts clearly demonstrate a profound commitment to making a positive difference in the lives of others.

The 3 R’s Award

Aaron Jefferies, Cadog Homecare

Aaron’s fervent dedication to social care is evident, as he actively strives to ensure that his team is not only prioritized but also well-supported. His passion lies in promoting a work environment where the well-being and support of the team are paramount.

Highly Commended

 The People’s Team, M & D Care

The judges were notably impressed by Gemma’s adept responses to each question, highlighting her unwavering commitment to supporting colleagues and creating an environment where individuals feel truly valued.

The Workforce Development Award

Llesiant Delta Wellbeing Community Response Team

The organization’s dedication to developing its workforce is truly commendable, investing considerable time and effort. They actively support and encourage staff in pursuing career prospects, fostering a culture of growth. It’s a remarkable achievement that everyone involved should take great pride in.

Highly Commended

M & D Care

M&D Care’s significant investment in workforce development and the expansion of their Inspiration Centre underscores their commitment to providing comprehensive learning opportunities. Their dedication is evident in creating a facility that caters to diverse learning needs, showcasing a strong commitment to professional growth and innovation.

The Care Innovator Award

Delta Wellbeing Community Response Team

Llesiant Delta Wellbeing Service is an invaluable and much-needed resource in Wales, tailored precisely to meet the diverse needs of service users. The substantial investment in staff development is a noteworthy achievement, reflecting a commitment to excellence and ensuring the delivery of exceptional services.

Highly Commended

Rhian Hoare, Cadog Homecare

This service is truly inspiring, exemplifying a commitment to making the organization more person-centered in all aspects. The genuine focus on service users is evident, reflecting a heartfelt dedication to ensuring their needs and preferences are at the forefront of every operation.

The Frontline Leaders Award

Patrick McMahon, Wentwood Court-Iris Care Group

Patrick is a compassionate leader who fervently believes in giving everyone a chance to succeed in life. His exemplary approach to supporting new starters, existing staff, and service users stands out. Leading with integrity, Patrick empowers those around him to mirror the same compassion and integrity, essential for providing high-quality care and support.

Highly Commended

Adam Thomas, Orbis education and care- Ty Bronllys

His unwavering dedication is a tremendous asset, providing significant support in my managerial role. In his impressive journey, he consistently prioritizes the quality of life for young people. His exceptional work ethic goes above and beyond standard job requirements, making Adam an outstanding individual in his roles.

The Home Care Co-ordinator Award

Hayley Foy, Affinity Home are Group

Hayley proactively collaborates with her teams to provide unwavering support. By actively learning from inspections and quality assurance processes, she seeks continuous service improvement. Hayley not only accesses learning and development opportunities but also adeptly applies these insights to enhance the overall service for individuals in a tangible and effective manner.

Highly Commended

Jodie Cummings, 1st Grade Care

Jodie stands out as a reflective leader, adept at translating experiences and learning into actionable strategies to enhance the service. Unhesitant to seek assistance when required, she utilizes the support available to her. As a values-driven leader, Jodie effectively imparts these principles to her team, fostering a shared commitment to excellence.

The Care Assessor Award

Amy Quelch, Cadog Homecare

Amy excels in crafting meticulous care plans, dedicating time to connect with service users during intake and attending reviews for ongoing assessment. Amy adeptly ensures the plans remain person-focused, collaborating closely with service users to guarantee personalized and effective care.

The Putting People First Award

Delta Wellbeing Community Response Team

This service goes beyond traditional approaches, actively seeking innovative solutions to meet clients’ unique needs. Providing genuinely personalized care when it’s needed. The emphasis on accessibility and putting people first distinguishes this service’s exceptional commitment to client-centric care.

Highly Commended

Katie Rogers, Abacare

Katie’s infectious enthusiasm and compassionate approach to her role and those she supports were truly heart-warming. She consistently went above and beyond, ensuring the best possible care and support. Katie’s exceptional dedication has played a crucial role in helping others achieve remarkable milestones.

The Palliative Carer Award

Lyndsey Thomas, VAL’s Place

This interview showcased a seasoned professional with extensive experience in supporting individuals through palliative care. Her unwavering passion for ensuring the best end-of-life experience for each individual under her care was truly evident and shone brightly throughout the conversation.

The Social Care Nurse Award

Lee Davies, Hallmark Care Homes

Lee’s transformation into a Social Care Nurse is genuinely inspiring. Witnessing his remarkable journey and the challenges he overcame since leaving the armed forces is nothing short of inspirational.

Highly Commended

Louise Giles, Fieldbay

Louise exudes passion and compassion in her role. With a wealth of knowledge, she serves as an exemplary role model for all staff. Her commitment and care make her an invaluable asset to the team.

The Unpaid Carer Award

Michael Garrigan, Branas Isaf

Micaell previously unfamiliar with caregiving, became her devoted full-time caregiver to his wide. His dedication, love, and efforts to preserve her independence are truly remarkable and deserve recognition for his devotion to his wife.

The Co-production Award.

Home First, Carmarthenshire Council

Carmarthenshire Council Homecare and HDUHB’s groundbreaking Home First approach integrates health and social care in a cohesive MDT. This patient-centric model reduces hospital stays, preserves independence, and minimizes long-term care needs, showcasing their commitment to innovation, partnership, and excellence.

The Outstanding Contribution to Social Care Award

Haydn Osbourne, React Support Services

Haydn showcased his transformative approach by actively listening to both supported individuals and staff, implementing significant and subtle changes with profound impacts. His unwavering curiosity and humility in daily tasks, coupled with his broader efforts across Wales, challenge and elevate the sector, marking him as a dedicated catalyst for improvement.

Highly Commended

Helen Newcombe, 1st Grade Care

Helen acknowledges the profound influence of a good mentor on her own journey and has tirelessly worked to replicate that support for the teams she oversees. Recognizing that exceptional care staff are pivotal to superior services, Helen challenges the status quo and innovates services with a steadfast focus on the individuals receiving care.