GBCA ’23 Regionals – Finalist List template

The Care Home Employer Award

Winner: Anchor

A tremendous employer that puts their employees first making sure that they have a very happy place of work which in turn allows them to provide excellent care for their client.

The Home Care Employer Award

Winner: Bluebird Care Camden & Hampstead

George has cultivated a unique and supportive workplace, demonstrating equal passion for customers and staff. His personalized, hands-on approach fosters trust, empowerment, and a commitment to continuous improvement. Unlike other directors, George actively eases challenges, even going the extra mile during personal and global crises.

Highly Commended: SweetTree Services

Commendable attributes: rigorous recruitment, exemplary training, effective management induction, 360-degree feedback, strategic development planning. Adaptive measures reflect a commitment to employee well-being. The company’s unwavering dedication to upholding the utmost standard of care.

The Care Home Worker Award

Winner: Verna Thompson, Torkington House – Greensleeves Care

Verna, an exceptional care home worker, embodies a gentle yet capable demeanor. She adeptly tailors her approach, promoting independence and respecting privacy. Verna’s proactive and supportive collaboration with peers, coupled with her warm hospitality to families, distinguishes her compassionate and valuable contributions at Torkington.

Highly Commended: Mary Deane, Four Seasons

Mary is clearly a pillar of the care home she works in being there for 14 years. She is respected, uplifting, and has a heart of gold. She remains positive, caring for her husband and leading the home. Colleagues see her as a mother figure. Mary’s unwavering dedication shines.

The Home Care Worker Award

Winner: Adedapo Adebimpe, Chosen Care Group Limited

Adedapo’s unwavering commitment to exceptional home care, dedication to empowering individuals, and personalised approach highlights what makes her an outstanding care worker. Her exceptional service, respect for clients’ autonomy, and continuous professional growth exemplify the award’s core values.

Highly Commended: Kellie Mitchell, Home Instead Bromley, Chislehurst & Orpington

Kellie’s positive attitude and person-centred care shone through, recognising the importance of engaging and encouraging individuals to participate in their own care and recognising their wishes and the importance of family connections.

The Support Worker Award

Winner:  Jodie Trenoweth, Salutem

It is clear that Jodie has an outgoing personality and a commitment to uplifting the team and enhancing the lives of individuals. Jodie’s innovative approach to activities and goal achievement reflects her invaluable contributions. Her attentive listening and unwavering presence make her indispensable.

Highly Commended: Anna Kakol, Outlook Care

Anna, a dedicated is like non other she has transformed the garden into a thriving haven for six independent customers. Despite personal challenges, she tirelessly tends to both the garden and the well-being of her customers, embodying resilience, compassion, and unwavering commitment.

The Care Newcomer Award

Winner: Elle Sena, Chislehurst Healthcare

Founded in 2020 by Elle Sena, Chislehurst Healthcare reflects her 24-year career in UK healthcare. Elle’s vision centres on accessible, quality domiciliary and residential care. Her company thrives embodying an open-door policy and achieving growth with contracts and expansion plans. Elle’s dedication and leadership make her a visionary force in community social care.

Highly Commended: Kalayaan Aquino, Cambridge Nursing Home Wanstead

Kalayaan’s exceptional skill set, refined in demanding settings, significantly enhances care standards within her place of work. Her infectious enthusiasm serves as a catalyst for her colleagues, cultivating a proactive and innovative ethos that consistently strives for excellence in delivering exceptional care.

The Care Home Registered Manager Award

Winner: Beverley Manzar, Ebury Court Care Home

Beverley, an exemplary leader, secured two CQC Outstanding ratings, praised for creating a vibrant workplace with motivated staff. Beverley’s commitment to creating a highly trained workforce includes tailored staff training, qualifications support, and career progression opportunities, ensuring staff feel valued and retained.

Highly Commended: Maekhala Alla, Caring Homes Group

Maekhala wants nothing more than to see those around her thrive. She loves caring and enabling others. Maekhala values staff and residents for all their differences and will do all she can to help them. She is proud of her team as clearly; they are of her.

The Home Care Registered Manager Award

Winner: Ellen Joiner, McCarthy Stone

Ellen cultivates team success through dynamic meetings and tailored mentorship. Her adept community-building creates vibrant homeowner spaces, marked by an inviting open-door policy. Ellen’s exceptional commitment shines as she generously aids colleagues awaiting CQC registration, showcasing her unwavering dedication and support.

Highly Commended: Terina Jones, Bluebird Care Highgate & Haringey

Terina, an inspirational leader, navigated challenges with grace, seamlessly managing her team without a coordinator for a third of the past year. Her unwavering commitment, exceptional leadership, and remarkable achievements, including a 40% business growth and an outstanding CQC rating, make her highly deserving of being Highly Commended.

The Supported Living Manager Award

Winner: Edwine Tembong

Edwine exemplifies an outstanding commitment to person-centred care, diligently striving to enhance and monitor the quality of service. His innovative initiatives not only motivate but deeply engage service users. His dedication and thoughtful approach truly distinguish him as an exceptional caregiver.

The Dignity in Care Award

Winner: The Spinney Care Home Team

Their team’s commitment to personalised care plans, swift interventions in case of undignified treatment, and support for unique needs, such as a resident’s journey to self-discovery, highlighted their outstanding dedication to dignity in care. The Spinney team prioritises dignity as an integral part of their care approach, providing excellent support to their service users.

Highly Commended: Sandra Amina, SweetTree Home Care Services

Sandra demonstrated a strong commitment to upholding dignity in her work setting. She emphasized equality, choice, and involvement of service users, aligning goals with therapy teams, and building support plans based on client preferences. Sandra’s proactive approach to addressing undignified treatment and her positive impact on enriching clients’ experiences were noteworthy.

The Dementia Carer Award

Winner: Vjollca Narkaj, Berkley Care – Ryefield Court

Vjollca showed genuine compassion in supporting people, but most particularly with regards to dignity in end-of-life care. Her career in care started by accident, after offering to support a friend’s mother (who had dementia). Providing that support felt so great – she loved the difference she could make and continues to make

Highly Commended: Team, Honey Lane Care Home

The feeling of team cohesiveness and passion for caring was really apparent within Honey Lane. This care home was not a workplace, they felt privileged to work in someone’s home and ensured a whole host of meaningful activities to meet the varying needs of their residents. Their inter-generational group was inspiring!

The Ancillary Worker Award

Winner: Lindsey Macintosh, Lynde House

It is clear that Lindsey consistently demonstrates a remarkable level of helpfulness and cooperation in her work. Her positive and caring demeanour brightens the lives of the residents, bringing warmth and joy to the environment.

Highly Commended: Camelia Netedu, Four Season Healthcare

Her unwavering commitment, extending even on days off, establishes an impeccably clean environment. Camelia surpasses duties, actively involving residents in activities, reflecting an enduring passion evident throughout her commendable 15-year tenure.

The Care Home Activity Organiser Award

Winner: Dorothy Cash, LoveDay

Dorothy has demonstrated that any work she does, the service users are at the heart of her work. Dorothy adopted a person-centred model to her work and tries to ensure all service users are engaging when they want too.

Highly Commended: Georgina Sharp, Hamilton Nursing Home

Georgina embraces this role and really wants to make a positive difference in the lives of the people she supports! She has the people she supports at the heart of everything and wants to make a positive impact.

The Homecare Co-ordinator Award

Winner: Tali Highet, SweetTree Home Care Services

Tali SweetTree’s Head of Coordination has elevated coordination to unprecedented heights. Under her leadership, SweetTree achieved in-depth training, increased continuity of care, a unique skill-based map, the best results in pre-allocated shifts in 20 years, and minimal cancellations. Tali’s passion for effective matchmaking and support.

Highly Commended: Gemma Wagstaff, Bluebird Care Redbridge, and Epping Forest

Gemma, an organized and skilled professional, excels in customer visits, team management, and utilizing the Care Management Platform PASS effectively. She ensures accessibility for impaired vision and considers staff needs in scheduling. As a manual handling trainer, Gemma prioritizes safety, instilling confidence in her team. Passionate and supportive, she goes beyond duties to accommodate customer needs.

The Care Home Chef / Cook Award

Winner: Mariam Haizoune, Priscilla Wakefield House

Her passion for baking shines as she customizes textures to meet residents’ needs. Beyond her culinary skills, Mariam’s kindness is evident through regular visits and personalized attention, making residents feel truly special.

The Care Home Team Award

Winner: Hamilton Nursing Home Care Team, Hamilton Nursing Home

This team not only fulfils their designated tasks but consistently goes the extra mile, with team members extending their efforts to spend meaningful time with residents and support the overall care team. What a great team!

Highly Commended: Care Providers’ Voice Northeast London

The Care Providers Voice is a dedicated team that collaborates seamlessly with other services, enhancing the provider’s ability to deliver superior quality care. Their diligent efforts are truly commendable.

The Home Care Team Award

Winner: SweetTree Support Team for JM client, SweetTree

Their remarkable staff retention, excellent communication, and outstanding team rapport exemplify their commitment to excellence. This recognition is well-deserved, a testament to their dedication, and a testament to their clients who are fortunate to have them.

Highly Commended: Bluebird Care Mid and West Essex, Southend, and Redbridge

They have triumphed over adversity through teamwork and effective communication. Their shared commitment to a “purpose beyond profit” is truly inspiring. Their journey is a testament to the incredible power of collaboration and a reminder of the profound impact that can be achieved through a shared mission.

The Supported Living Team Award

Winner: Bromley Activity Team, Creative Support

The activity team, committed to delivering high-quality care, ensures resident well-being through diverse activities like baking clubs and outings. Their effective communication and individual expertise contribute to tailored care, evident in the success of events like the coronation party.

The Care Innovator Award

Winner: Barry Sweetbaum, Sweet Tree Home Care Services

Barry, Founder of Sweet Tree, delivers specialised care in Greater London. In 2013, he launched SweetTree Farming For All, a non-profit initiative that explores the clinical benefits of care farming. This farm welcomes clients from various services, including those with learning disabilities, brain injuries and dementia. T

Highly Commended: Dr Ben Maruthappu MBE, Cera Care Ltd

Ben, Founder & and CEO of Cera Care, has transformed the care sector with a pioneering AI-driven app that predicts 80% of hospitalisations a week in advance. This innovation substantially eases NHS burdens and prevents deaths that can be avoided by earlier detection.

The Frontline Leader Award

Winner:  Emma Smith, Choice Support

Her dedication goes beyond the care provided to residents; it encompasses the staff team. Emma invests in her team’s success by prioritizing continuous training, ensuring they stay up to date with industry advancements. She actively fosters an environment that nurtures personal development, understanding that a thriving staff contributes to the overall well-being of the service.

Highly Commended: Mohammad Fauzel, Sovereign care

Mohammad exemplifies exceptional leadership, offering unwavering dedication both during and beyond regular working hours. As a skilled nurse, he consistently demonstrates his commitment by actively engaging with the team, always ready to lend a helping hand on the floor.

The Care Assessor / Planner Award


Ridel Francisco, Lynde House Care Home

The work Ridel continues to do with the team within his care home is exceptional. Ridel showed me some photos of how he used his own initiative throughout the COVID epidemic, by how he brought the outside in for this very difficult time being isolated within the home.

Highly Commended: Bianca Wardle, SweetTree Home Care Services

It was a true honour to engage in conversation with Bianca. Her warmth and compassion radiate, creating an unmistakable glow during our interaction. Bianca is a genuinely authentic individual, embodying sincerity, and kindness in every aspect of her being.

The Three Rs Award

Winner: Regina Abanum, Jaya and Trudy, SerenCroft

The team has exhibited exceptional dedication, consistently going above and beyond in their efforts. Their hard work deserves acknowledgement, as they consistently surpass expectations to support one another.

Highly Commended: Gavin Keeble, Barchester Healthcare

Gavin not only sources skilled staff but guides their entire journey, from recruitment to training. His personalized approach has reduced turnover, enhanced safety, and ensured full support for new hires. Gavin’s leadership is a driving force behind our agency-free and fully staffed success.

The Workforce Development Award

Winner: Pawel Gawronski, Magic Life LTD

His democratic leadership and positive risk-taking foster individual growth, with a focus on accountability over hierarchy. Pawel’s approach benefits both staff and the organization, creating a positive, collaborative culture.

Highly Commended: Sheela Antony, Chosen Care Group

Her unwavering commitment to enhancing our care staff’s skills and expertise sets her apart. She identifies specific training needs, establishes comprehensive programs, secures external funding, and inspires an enthusiastic learning environment. Sheela’s dedication makes her a deserving candidate.

The Putting People First Award

Winner: Bibiche Nkuna, Choosen Care

Her commitment to the personalization agenda is outstanding, empowering individuals to shape their care plans. Bibiche’s innovative, person-centered approach fosters open communication, creative problem-solving, and community engagement.

The Palliative Care / End of Life Award

Winner: Vaibhavi Patel, Walfinch Harrow

With training and close collaboration with the local hospice, Vaibhavi demonstrates dedication, expertise, and compassion. Her unwavering commitment to preserving dignity and offering emotional support to patients and families makes her a truly deserving candidate to win this award.

Highly Commended: Hayley Mcmeekin, Bluebird care Camden & Hampstead

Hayley’s passion for end-of-life care, ignited as a care worker, has evolved into a leadership role. Her compassion, expertise, and professional relationships with palliative nurses and CCG teams define her as an inspirational end-of-life lead. Hayley goes beyond, ensuring dignified experiences, offering support day or night, and fostering continuous team development.

The Social Care Nurse Award

Winner: Premalatha Puvanenthiran, Barchester Healthcare

An exceptionally dedicated and compassionate individual, consistently maintaining a professional demeanor and prioritizing residents’ well-being. Deserving of recognition for her unwavering commitment and hard work in ensuring the best possible care for residents.

Highly Commended: Kim Fletcher, RMBI Care

Kim’s meticulous planning, bespoke care, and compassionate support make her an exemplary leader in providing exceptional care and comfort to residents and their families.

The Housing with Care Award

Winner: Winn Mews, Magic Lifes

It was such an honour to talk with Cheryl and listen to her share her passion, hope and the belief she has in each of the individuals she supports and the staff she is manager of. What can I say your voice just oozed with compassion and empathy when talking about the importance of helping others.

Highly Commended: Opeyemi Oyinsan, Achieve Together

Ope clearly demonstrated her love, passion and commitment to the work she does. Clearly could hear that the work they do is forever evolving and how important it is for each and every Service User and staff member to feel valued and have a voice. Amazing work Opi well done.

The Co-production Award.

Winner: SweetTree Learning Disabilities Team (client JOH)

Their commitment to co-production, involving decisions and building trust with their service users it is evident that their effective communication fosters understanding and prioritizes their preferences. The team’s collaborative partnerships, dedication, and industry-leading example.

The Outstanding Contribution Award

Winner: Tayvanie Nagendran, Care Providers’ Voice North East London

Tayvanie is very passionate about her dreams and goals she and her team try to collaborate with other services to help the provider to provide good service and better care for their residents. Tayvanie is very driven and likes to help people who receiving care to get a high standard of care.

Highly Commended: Barry Sweetbaum, SweetTree Home Care Services

Barry exemplifies an unwavering passion for his work, dedicated to fostering the growth of his staff and cultivating a cohesive team that excels in serving users. He meticulously selects individuals for key positions, ensuring they receive tailored training to deliver unparalleled service.