The Care Home Employer Award

Windward Day Services

Becky, an incredibly humble and inspirational leader, prioritizes the well-being of service users and employees. She actively creates opportunities for service users to transition into roles as employees, showcasing her dedication and going above and beyond.

Highly Commended

Ashton Lodge Nursing Home

Michelle emerged as a strong leader during the pandemic, providing crucial support to her staff. She implemented staff awards and events to recognize and harness their skills, fostering an environment where overseas nurses could progress to deliver nursing care at home. Michelle is truly inspirational.

The Home Care Employer Award

Maucare Services

Shweta has played a pivotal role in maintaining Maucare’s consistent growth and positive ratings since its inception. She fosters a culture of education, celebrating achievements, and person-centered care, ensuring customer independence and dignity. Shweta is hands-on, adapting to social care sector needs, and actively encourages feedback for continuous improvement.

Highly Commended

Pineapple Care Services

Pineapple Care demonstrates exceptional support to staff and care workers. The company prioritizes equality, diversity, and well-being, offering a comprehensive program that includes partnerships with Bupa, food bank services, and support for various challenges. Their commitment extends to community initiatives, fostering a positive and caring workplace.

The Care Home Worker Award

Amy Barney, Solent Grange Nursing Home

Amy, well done on your passion and dedication to providing outstanding care. Your commitment to innovative ideas and effective intervention truly makes a positive impact on residents’ lives. Keep up the great work!

Highly Commended

Susan Lawlor, RCH Care Homes
Congratulations, Susan! Your vibrant energy, innovative ideas, and unwavering passion shine through in your commitment to creating a comfortable environment for residents. Your dedication to a common goal is truly commendable.

The Home Care Worker Award

Nicola Roberts, Bluebird Care

Nicola, you left us “blown away” with your outstanding performance. Your kindness, warmth, and professionalism make you a true inspiration. A well-deserved Number 1 winner, you are an absolute credit to the industry. The care setting that has you is incredibly fortunate. Congratulations on being such a worthwhile winner

Highly Commended

Sitanshu Rawat, Westminster Homecare

Sitanshu is an exceptional home care worker. Though the job is often challenging and demanding, Sitanshu faces each day with commitment and compassion. He is much deserving of high commendation.

The Support Worker Award

Kaitlyn Ruiz, Consensus

Kaitlyn is very dedicated support worker going beyond and above. Helping new staff to settle in and teaching them how to succeed. She always puts the people she works with and for first. Congratulations Kaitlyn!

Highly Commended

Darson Powell, Community Integrated Care

Darson is incredibly passionate about his work and the people he collaborates with. He consistently goes above and beyond, displaying a commitment to continuous professional improvement. Well done, Darson!

The Care Newcomer Award

Christopher Jarvis, Horizon Care

Chris demonstrates remarkable passion in supporting young people, aiding them in achieving their goals and personal development. His positive outlook and daily commitment to the role have contributed to his notable progress. Well done, Chris!

Highly Commended

Molly Horne, Merlewood Care Home

Molly’s caring and sweet disposition shines through as she takes the time to know each resident individually. She treats them with dignity, respect, and ensures their preferences are heard and implemented. She is much deserving of high commendation.

The Care Home Registered Manager Award

Steve Stace, RMBI Care Co.

Steve clearly has a real passion for the home he works in and for the company he works for. He has built the business up without losing sight of the residents that underpin the reason for being there. He has taken on board new ways of working for his residents living with dementia and created a safe environment. He sounds business minded with a person centred approach.

Highly Commended

Richard Edwards & Tania Kent, The Close Care Home

Richard and Tania clearly work very well together and complement each other attributes. They are both very passionate about their roles and the service they manage. Forward thinking and proactive, they have some exciting ideas for the future. Well done for your high commendation.

The Home Care Registered Manager Award

Charity Hayler-King, All Care

I loved hearing about the journey that Charity has had over the last 10 months. She spoke so passionately about developing positive cultures and including people in the design of their own care that I couldn’t help but be impressed. Keep up the good work!

Highly Commended

Stuart Marchant, Leah Care

Stuart ended up in this field because of a family circumstance and it was really obvious that to him, it’s more than a job. He holds quality above everything else and seems to be leading on what really good care should look like.

The Supported Living Manager Award

Liz Salsbury, Better Lives Supported Living

Liz is a truly amazing manager, passionate about the people she supports each and every day. Excellence in supported living runs through her. She is a real champion for social care and a pleasure to talk to.  

Highly Commended

Monica Vladoui, McCarthy Stone

Monica is an exceptionally motivated and passionate manager, prioritizing every aspect of her role, from homeowners to staff and contractors. A testament to her leadership is the remarkable 75% staff retention since the service opened five years ago, with no agency usage.

The Care Home Chef Award

Valerie Kelly, Brighterkind Four Seasons

Valerie’s knowledge and passion clearly shined through in her interview. She showed compassion throughout whilst talking of her residents. Valerie clearly demonstrated how she applies her vast knowledge to supporting her residents’ nutritional needs.

Highly Commended

Aneil Manmohan, Nesbit House Care Home

Aneil hit to the core of the emotional impact and importance of food in the care industry for more than its nutritional value. He showed compassion, care and commitment to his work and his residents.

The Dignity in Care Award

Carol Anderson, Dolphin Homes

Carol’s experience and expertise was clear throughout and only further complemented by her compassion and care towards the individuals she works with. The judge was particularly impressed with the initiative she has taken on several projects that clearly promote dignity, independence and wellbeing of people. Dignity and respect are clearly values that are embedded and championed throughout her work.

Highly Commended

Acorn Court Care Home Team

Between the 3 managers it was clear they have a wealth of experience and tenacity that they use to improve the quality of life for their residents in whatever ways possible. They are not afraid to think outside the box and make the impossible possible, stepping up to advocate for their residents.

The Dementia Carer Award

Karen Byres, Claremont Court Care Home

Karen demonstrates an outstanding commitment to the care of people living with dementia and their families. She believes there should be no judgement. She manages risk positively and supports staff with training. She is truly exceptional and much deserving of this award.

Highly Commended

Louise Carrington, RCH Care Homes

Louise’s thirst for knowledge that would positively impact on her team and the people she cares for was incredible. She is clearly very dedicated to the field of dementia care, and ensuring the best outcomes for those she supports.

The Care Home Team Award

Bridge House Care Home

The team were passionate about the care home, which shone through in how positive everyone was when they talked about the home. For such a large home, it felt very person-centred to each individuals’ needs. This team should be very proud of themselves and their exceptional work,

Highly Commended

Woodhall Team, St John of God

This team are completely dedicated to improving the lives of people with a learning disability, and help them to achieve things that they may have originally thought unachievable. This team felt warm and inclusive, as the service incorporates co-production to its core, ensuring that the centre is steered and informed by the people that use it.

The Home Care Team Award

The Thames Valley Team, All Care

Communication is key for this team, as is trust, in keeping morale high. This is evident in all that they do, but especially in community outreach activities. The Thames Valley Team are worthy winners of this award.

Highly Commended

Care Resource Bureau Team

This family run ream specialises in end of life care. They recognise that the whole family comes as a package & take the time to care for them too. They work tirelessly to ensure they carry out the individual’s wishes of being at home at EoL stage, provided with an incredible team of dedicated carers. They are much deserving of high commendation.

The Supported Living Team Award

Frontier Support

The Frontier Support team demonstrated true excellence in their field. One example that stood out was how they helped a service user overcome agoraphobia. The team worked alongside the person for 9 months, and after much creative and careful planning, was successful in helping the person rejoin the community. These exceptional efforts deserve to be recognised. 

Highly Commended

Southern Healthcare Specialists

It was the story behind this organisation that really stood out: parents who wanted to ensure their daughter’s future was secure. This family approach informs all their work and ensures the best outcomes for all they support.

The Care Home Activity Co-ordinator Award

Tracey Crittenden, Haslington Lodge Care Home

Tracey is an exceptional champion in care. Her relentless dedication brings joy to residents through creative activities, outings, and festive events. Tracey’s commitment to residents with dementia and her charming Jolly Trolley initiative showcase her exceptional leadership and compassion.

Highly Commended

Louise Epps, Vicarage Residential Care Home

In just a year, Louise transitioned from a housekeeper to an invaluable member of the care team. Noticing a need for activities, she selflessly organized various engaging events for residents, showcasing her commitment to their well-being. Her versatility is evident as she willingly covers day and night shifts when required.

The Ancillary Worker Award

Ashleigh Smith, Spadework

It is clear that Ashleigh is very passionate about her role and Spadework’s values. She was enthusiastic to talk to and very engaging about the projects she has been involved it. Spadework sounds like a fantastic environment, and it was heartwarming to hear just how much impact the trainees have on the day to day life with the charity.

Highly Commended

Celia Milton, Anchor

Celia is an exceptionally compassionate and kind individual who clearly thrives in this sector. She is thoroughly deserving of high commendation.

The 3 R’s Award

Amrit Dhaliwal, Walfinch  
Amrit was a pleasure to interview. He clearly lives his business and highly values his staff, going the extra mile to show them support. The future looks bright for Walfinch and it will be exciting to see where the business is heading, especially with respect to their training and progression.

Highly Commended

Joint Community Rehabilitation Service, East Sussex County Council

The JCR team’s passion really shone through in their interview. I look forward to seeing what the future has to hold for JCR and how the model can potentially be replicated across the country as they just seem to have it right.

The Workforce Development Award

Chetna Satra, Optimal Living

Chetna stands out as a much deserving winner of the Workforce Development award. Her commitment to staff upskilling and tailored training plans, aligned with resident needs, exemplifies outstanding leadership, fostering a culture of continuous learning and quality care.

Highly Commended

Brentwood Arches Care Home

Brentwood Arches are clearly committed to workforce development, and the benefits of upskilling are evident in the exceptional way the team work, learn and grow together. They should be very proud of their high commendation in this category.

The Care Innovator Award

Cheryll Champion, LDC Care Co Ltd

Cheryll is passionate and breaking taboos everyday, putting service users at the heart of everything she does. Her innovations bring opportunities to people to have experiences some thought they never could, enriching their lives and encouraging others to reflect on how they view people with disabilities. She epitomises person centred care.

Highly Commended

The Team, Berkley Care

This company have an impressive approach and innovation is at the heart of all they do. They have utilised multiple high-tech innovations and are constantly spearheading an extraordinary range of exciting new initiatives such podcasts, cutting edge apps and employee engagement platforms.

The Frontline Leaders Award

Amy Stenhouse, Eastern County Care

Amy exemplifies all the qualities one could look got in a frontline leader, demonstrating commitment, compassion and the ability to lead from the front. She is exceptional in her role and a worthy winner of this award.

Highly Commended

Greg Renk, Walfinch Mid & South Buckinghamshire

Greg is clearly an exceptional leader, who takes an open-door approach to his work. He does the most to ensure those around him feel supported in their role and is thusly much deserving of high commendation in this category.

The Home Care Co-ordinator Award

Teresa Purnell, Zander Mackenzie Care UK

Teresa has worked diligently to reach her current position. She invests time and effort, demonstrating conscientiousness towards her staff. Particularly, she addresses the impact of the cost of living on her team, consistently exploring ways to improve conditions such as reducing travel time and increasing mileage rates for staff reimbursement. Teresa appears ambitious, consistently taking necessary steps to achieve her goals.

Highly Commended

Mushina Hendricks, Expertise Homecare Central & West Kent

Mushina clearly goes above and beyond in her role. She is an effective problem-solver and clearly find helping others incredibly rewarding. Well done Mushina.

The Care Assessor Award

Wanda Tebby, RCH Care Homes

Wanda’s unified approach to management is exceptional, and she clearly works hard everyday to ensure that the care plans really are person-centred and personalised to each resident. Wanda has a clear understanding that it is only through continuous effort as a whole team that care plans will be truly meeting needs and wishes. Your humble approach is lovely to see – be proud of what you are achieving.

Highly Commended

Aaron Comley, Dolphin Homes

Aaron’s commitment and dedication to residents is outstanding. It is evident that he gets immense pleasure from seeing residents thrive and achieving high quality outcomes.  The care plans that you pull together carry your passion and support the wider team to continue to deliver high, outstanding care and support. 

The Putting People First Award

Paul Jiggens Broomhills, Runwood Homes

Paul is an inspiration to all of us. His unwavering commitment to people at the end of their life, ensuring that his residents don’t pass away alone is truly humbling. He exemplifies the notion of putting people first and is, as such, a deserving winner of this accolade.

Highly Commended

The Team, Queen Elizabeth Park Care Home

Vicky and Heather’s partnership ensured the outcomes for their older people was above and beyond expectations. Keeping people at the heart of what they do, they are more than worthy of high commendation in this category.

The Palliative Carer Award

Seckford Care Team

The Seckford Care Team demonstrate excellent work in end of life care, paving the path with limited resources but innovative thinking. This dedication and resourcefulness ensures the best outcomes for those they support and makes them worthy winners of this award.

Highly Commended

Liz Seymour, Melrose Care

Liz really goes above and beyond in her organisation, ensuring those who draw on services, staff and family members are supported in any way they need. She is an exceptional palliative care worker and should be proud of all that she does.

The Housing with Care Award

Victoria Avenue Team, Positive Solutions Kent CIC

It’s clear from speaking to Maddy and Carla that they enjoy coming to work to provide such meaningful, uncompromised, person-centred 1:1 support to their person. With full backing from their management team, sociable encouragement, and differences in their working strengths, this combined helps to provide the best possible outcomes.

Highly Commended

Albany Housing Trust

The passion and empathy that Daisy, Charles, and Sarah expressed regarding their clients, and the care that they provide, shows not only do they understand what their clients need, but that they know how to improve and develop. They go beyond limitations to ensure people get the best outcomes. Truly inspirational!

The Social Care Nurse Award

Serah Maina, Aria Care

A selfless, passionate nurse. Serah’s main aim is all about the residents and high standards of care for all of them. She is clearly a champion of person-centred care which is integral to social care. One her important views on social care is the holistic relationships she develops with her residents.

Highly Commended

Merry Lunga, Swanton Care

A highly passionate nurse who leads by example. As a nurse she also values the caring requirements of her role. Within her service she works with end of life and her inclusion of the residents’ families is incredible.

The Unpaid Carer Award

Kyle Butcher, Belmont Healthcare 

At only 16 years old, Kyle dedicates his free time to helping the residents of Haslington Lodge. His volunteer work is commendable, as Kyle shows a real commitment to improving the residents’ quality of life and engaging them in enjoyable and stimulating activities. Well done Kyle!

The Co-production Award

The Co-pros, Macintyre

Co-production that involved family/carers and the wider area. This innovative ‘Big Plan’ approach by the Co-Pros, Macintyre has forged a co-production environment where people who use support and those who provide it work as a team to ensure that all voices are valued equally in a closed loop learning process 

The Outstanding Contribution to Social Care Award

Tony Boyce, Boyce Care Ltd

Since establishing the business in 2007, Tony has consistently gone beyond expectations to support individuals and staff. His hands-on, caring approach is a rarity in the industry, and he works tirelessly, even being available during breaks or late at night. Tony’s genuine dedication deserves recognition in social care.

Highly Commended

Doreen Scott, New Horizons

Doreen, with 40+ years in care, initially with KCC, and later at New Horizons Broad Oak LTD for 20 years, embodies dedication. Still active at 85, she goes above and beyond, supporting individuals with genuine care, organizing events, and raising funds for various needs—an inspirational and outstanding contributor to social care.