The Care Home Employer Award

Dunster Lodge Team – Diana, Margaret, Vicky and Joyce

This team demonstrated an exceptional understanding of the role of the employer in ensuring quality delivered through a team who are supported and cared for. A whole leadership team who believe in supporting the people who support the people, with love, hugs and a clear development plan for everyone!

Hiighly Commended

Saracen Support – Jade and Constantine

This duo demonstrated exemplary skill in detailing what it is to be a great employer in social care. Their team love to work there and the passion and dedication shown to the team was true leadership. Both Constantine and Jade, clearly support their teams to be who they are and match clients with the team so that everyone is fulfilled.

The Home Care Employer Award

Penna Homecare

I was looking for work id want to work for this outstanding empathetic and amazing company

Hiighly Commended


Anna could have talked all day – about her team and the way in which they work – there could have been many more examples around how they ensure the team are engaged and equipped to support people which is so commendable to the business they and their mum have built. The approach in which they take is so refreshing and i particularly loved that, they don’t just consider the ‘mum’ test – they are the ‘mum’ test. By supporting people, they have created a business in which people feel valued, cared for and a partnership. It resonates in all that they do when they have outstanding ratings with CQC and waiting lists – they’re doing this very well.

The Care Home Worker Award

Sandra Bryant, Somerset Care

Sandra’s dedication to the care within the home is seen and recognised by all that are there be they staff or the resident that she supports she has been in the role for over 28 years. Sandra is truly dedicated to caring for those within the Home. She will always go the extra mile. Sandra is caring. Nature also extends outside of the home as she used her voucher that she received for Christmas to purchase goods to be sent to the Ukraine, she’s a true inspiration, and the true definition of a carer.

Hiighly Commended

Kirsty Alford, South Cary House

Kirsty’s skills and Care shine through in the support that she gives to the residents. She is dedicated to ensuring that both they and the families are the happiest that they can be. She will go the extra mile in order to support each and every person within the home Kirsty develops fantastic relationships with all within the Home and she understands the true meaning of providing quality care.

The Home Care Worker Award

Melanie Allier, MJ Homecare Staffing

manage to reduce client challenging behaviour and getting client out what he likes to see and work hard to get him out as much as possible and meet other people and introducing him to do other things

Hiighly Commended

Madeline Jerrard, Berkely Home Health

Even though Madeline finish her degree she stay in the company to do care work as she love her work and she always ensure people she work with are listen to and cared or she enjoy working with people and goes above and beyond

The Support Worker Award

Stacey Lambert, Kingdom Youth Services

Stacey is passionate about enabling the people that she supports to grow and overcome any trauma that they have dealt with previously she will work with them and inform them to help them make their own choices and make decisions that are right. She thrives on seeing them prosper and developing into young adults and moving on.

Hiighly Commended

Glenda Thompson, Iris Care Group

Glenda is one of the support workers who believe she just does her job, but her management and the team around her see the valuable contribution she makes towards the service and the people she supports. She makes them smile. She goes above and beyond and she’ll do all she can to see them prosper.

The Care Home Newcomer Award

Alex Scarlett, The Deaf Academy

This young lady dedicates her time and energy into supporting her residents to have a normal life, she has a disability of her own but she does not allow this to impact her on her work but uses it to enhance how she can help others. With her dog Otto she brings so much joy to the lives of young ladies. She is truly an asset to the Academy and will continue to do amazing work.

Hiighly Commended

Olivia Abah, Saracen Care

genuine and empathetic the very definition of what a care worker should be

The Care Home Registered Manager Award

Kim Retter, Compton View

I will never be able to think about YMCA in the same way again after Kim shared such a moving story about one of her lovely residents loving this song & actions. 99.5 yr old lady who used to do the song/dance to YMCA – the lady left behind a wonderful YMCA legacy too within the home that Kim carries on!

Hiighly Commended

Tracy Green, Fairways

Tracey is full of energy and wonderful stories, has worked her way up through care roles during her care journey to Registered Manager – she got into care through her Mom who sadly passed away from an anurism. See responses to Q1 above for fuller details.

The Home Care Registered Manager Award

Abigail Needs, Berkely Home Health

Abigail shone through on her interview as caring, knowledgeable and highly passionate about her role and her team. Abigail had excellent and innovative answers to all of the questions posed to her and she spoke adoringly of her client and staff team. I was particularly impressed at Abigail’s drive and ambition and her great interaction with her clients and local community. Abiail is a great advocate for the care sector

Hiighly Commended

Liesl Guy,Care Compassion and Conversation Ltd

Liesl runs an outstanding company delivering excellent care by herself together with her staff. Great work!

The Care Home Chef Award

Laurentiu Branisteanu, Ridgeway Rise Care Home

Chef Lory is extremely passionate about his job and the residents in the home where he works. He goes above and beyond to ensure that the residents are happy not just with the meals that they eat but with the gestures to make their time enjoyable – such as baking birthday cakes, baking cakes in the morning and afternoons for the residents to enjoy. He adapts the menu to suit the residents and takes on board their feedback.

Hiighly Commended

John Geach & Team-Swallow Court

This team takes their time in knowing all their residents and cooking what works for them. They do a great job for the residents.

The Dignity in Care Award

Seymour Court, Manamead Care

Marie-Claire Foal represented the pinacle of going the extra mile and prioritizing resdient well being, care and emotional values. A truly remarkable person – if an ounce of her passion, energy and committem was in everyone, the world would be truly different place. It is for this reason that the judges wholeheatedly vote for her as winner of this category.

Hiighly Commended

Louis Voss, Aria Care

The examples Louis gave on how she treats the residents in her home with dignity and respect were inspiring and it is clear that as an individual, she lives and breathes what she says on a daily basis

The Dementia Carer Award

Rasheed Pilgrim, Aria Care

Rasheeds warm ,gentle and caring approch to those living with demetiai is something he should be proud of ,he really showed great understanding of the needs of those in his care who are living with dementia, you could see how much he genuialy loved his role

Hiighly Commended

Penny Truswell, Sefton Hall

Penny demonstarted a real passion and dedication to her role ,she is cleary invested in the lives of those in her care and works tirelessly to enure the lives of those living with demetia are as valued and happy as they can be,she had a real understadning of living with dementai and this really showed.

The Care Home Team Award

Brook Cottage, Mary Rush Care Home

It is really quite simple- in 5 years of judging this judge has never been moved so much emotionally, in fact many days after te interview this team are still on my mind, simply outstanding

Hiighly Commended

Dunster Lodge

MAD AS A BoX OF FROGS Every care home should have a team like these, I genuinelly believe this team would move mountains for their residents, are the team just a little bit nuts? you bet they are but that fun and commedy aspect alongside genuine empathy, make the ablolute easy winners

The Home Care Team Award

MJ Homecare Staffing

An incredible journey, started during Covid and have built a wide range of diverse services. They have clearly worked extremely hard to build what appears to be a stunning team. All credit to them

Hiighly Commended

Neighbourhood Care

Neighbourhood care have been consistantly delivering a high standard service in their area. They have built a very committed team of like-minded members who work hard to ensure their clients get community involvement as well as the care they need. They appear an extremely happy team.

Supported Living Team Award

Kingdom Youth Services

A service that demonstrates a unique approach to buidling a resilient and multi skilled team and acknowledges the diverse needs of the peole they support and show a continued approach to innovation for the services that they provide. The companies ethos is to support people from ‘crisis to stable to thrive’ so people can fulfil their potential and this was evident throughout which the judges felt was unique and meaningful.

Hiighly Commended

Team Purver, Steps Ahead Care & Support Ltd

A passionate and empatheitc team that puts their service users at the centre of all deicsion making, with clear SMART goals that demonstrates positive outcomes that promotes both independence and enables people to live a full and meaningful life. This was evident in the examples that were given throughout.

The Care Home Activity Co-ordinator Award

Colin Weaver, Ridgeway Rise Care Home

Colin has developed a unique activity package which he puts his heart and soul into, entering into a performance role to entertain the indiviuals that he supports and make activities unique and personalised.

Hiighly Commended

Amelia Pace, Castleford house-Milkwood Care

Amelia is the kind of person you would want to be with. She takes time to understand people and is responsive to their wants and wishes. Making things happen is a great achievement and she should be extremely proud

The Ancillary Worker Award

Catherine Sweeney, Iris Care Group

Catherine is a breath of fresh air to all those she supports within the Services. She’s always happy and smiling, and will communicate with them on a level that fits their needs. She works with them to ensure that they receive the correct support with the tenancies or with benefits that they are entitled to, and she won’t stop until she knows that they have received what they truly deserve.

Highly Commended

Christopher David Guest, Blenheim house care home

Christopher is so much more than a customer relations manager he’s involved in every part of the care home, ensuring that it’s a happy and welcoming environment for all that live there. He insures that as a company they are valuable so able to support the residence within the Home in the best possible way.

The 3 R’s Award

Joannah Bishop, Better Care at Home

Joannah works really hard at recruiting the right people, offering birthday presents to everyone and incentives throughout the year. Shows she put a lot into making sure residents have the right care

Hiighly Commended

Samantha Russell, Cotswold House Care Home

Samantha was structured and organised, yet showed clear compassion, she is the very essence of what this catagory is all about

The Workforce Development Award

Central Operations Team, Saracen Care

A very good candidate, believes being flexible and adaptable to the needs of the staff are needed to support their workforce development. Believes learning is by doing and are committed to improving practice. Encouraging people to step up in their career pathway support. Offers a variety of learning styles and promotes “no question is a silly question”.

Hiighly Commended

Phillipa Lunn, Compton View

A very good candidate who supports and develop her team. Developed a structure that promotes the value of training and skills. Changing mindset and respect approach, equal opportunity and career pathway support. Highly recommended for this award.

The Care Innovator Award

Karin Brownlie, Frenchay House

Previous staff member’s son was killed in Bristol through knife crime. She has set up a charity with supplying bleed kits. Purchased 6 kits for each home. Registered with Local Ambulance centre. Kits are on a site and they will inform anyone where the kit is registered for access to life saving equipment. Can be accessed should be needed for other incidents. Will be placed in all 6 care homes with the aim to saving lives.

Hiighly Commended

Amanda Carey, Kingdom Youth Services

Looking to branch out to children and childrens homes, but this would not be the usual childrens home but a home that would support young children. Registration is inprocess with CQC and Ofted. Start of their future to flourish.

The Frontline Leaders Award

Betty Para, Bluebird Care Bournemouth & Poole

Betty showed how passionate and committed she was to doing the right thing for her customers and her approach to supporting staff development so they are equipped with the skills and knowledge they need to be the best possible version of themselves when delivering best practice. Betty is highly dependable and has gained a wealth of knowledge and understanding of people’s needs in such a short period of time through high levels of emotional intelligence and unique leadership skills. Her love for the job really showed. Congratulations Betty and Bluebird Care.

Hiighly Commended

Gemma Hampton, Helping Hands

Gemma has gained a wealth of knowledge and came across passionate about her role. The organisation delivers amazing person centred initiatives such as a ‘wishing well’ where service users have their wishes granted. Gemma came across as ambitious, committed and driven to making her organisation a positive environment for both staff and customers.

The Home Care Co-ordinator Award

Angela Higgins, Berkely Home Care

Angela is really proud of the person centred care tailored to conditions like autism and parkinsons. She has really been involved in the nitty gritty to turn this care provider around over the past 13 months and make a difference

Hiighly Commended

Emma Luxon, Helping Hands

Emma sees the bigger picture, and the link between carer led care and implementing feedback to improve the service for for the clients.

The Care Assessor Award

Cristian Panaitiu, Ridgeway Rise Care Home

Cristian shared how he has supported Ridgeway Rise to meet the standards expected of a care home, he has used his knowledge and skills to develop new assessments and care plans which keep the person at the centre of their care, he recognised the importnace of the individual, family members and the wider team in developing a good undertsanding of the person’s past experiences and how to achieve their goals for the future. He is fully aware of the need to have good leadership and role modelling, he has developed robust systems which support the assessment and development of care plans for the staf to follw to meet individual needs.

Hiighly Commended

Charlene Cole, Helping Hands

Charlene is very apssionate about the role she plays in supporting the customers who use the service she works for, she shared how important it is for individuals to not only have a voice but for that voice to be heard. She plays an integral role in the assessments and reviews of care plans, she is mindful of including others in the assessments she completes and strives to make a difference in people’s lives, which I probably think she does.

The Putting People First Award

First City Care Group

FCCG team is exceptional in dedicating their work to support and empower lives of individuals they look after by

enhancing their abilities and independence as far as possible. Their unwavering compassion, keen interest in

implementing modern technologies and continuous drive to improvement is commendable. Congratulations to this very

worthy winner!

Hiighly Commended

Amy Croker, Manamead Care

Amy is a ray of sunshine to her colleagues and service users. Naturally very positive person with a

refreshing attitude towards life who enjoys making a difference and brightening people’s life. She is thriving

at work and nothing that gets thrown her direction is ever an issue. She does everything with the greatest

pride and inspires everyone in the organisation.

The Palliative Carer Award

Seymour Court Lane, Mannamead Care

If you said to someone on the street “you’re going to watch someone die”, most people wouldn’t want to do it. But this team do and they do so much more than that. They have compassion, communication and integrity. They go above and beyond. For this team, it’s vital that everyone plays their part when someone is passing away, from carers to the cooks. The things they do are really powerful, like scouring the shops at 1100 at night for cherryade because someone’s mum used to give it to them when they were unwell, or organising for someone to be baptised because they’re scared they won’t get into heaven – they will do absolutely anything.

Hiighly Commended

Christine Riches and the Complimentary Therapists at Forest Holme Hospice, Forest Holme Hospice

his is was extremely hard to decide, but this team were chosen because they are a new service providing something that isn’t offered in many places. They were clearly passionate about making people’s lives better during extremely difficult and traumatic times. The lengths they would go to, to give people that respite from their diagnoses and symptoms was heartwarming and it’s something that should be done elsewhere, more often. They were clearly passionate and compassioante and intuitive and they were also really good at looking after themselves and their team.

The Social Care Nurse Award

Smita Patelia, Barchester Healthcare

A person with a vision , innovation ever ready to explore and deliver excellent person centred care

Hiighly Commended

Chloe Hammond, Radis Community Care

a really good applicant, , this application was in some ways inspirational,

Unpaid Carer

Annabel Elrick, Ridgeway Rise

Annabel is enthusiastic, friendly and very good in motivating people. She is an invaluable asset to the team, supporting and being a role model for our young volunteers. Annabel is that connection with community, a friendly neighbour who pops in for a cuppa and natter every Thursday.

The Co-production Award.

The Adventurer’s, Brandon Trust

The Adventurer’s are a force of nature! They have been a group for around 1 1/2yrs now,

They are always thinking of others, and the impact the decisions they make have on them.

I can’t wait to see what this group do in the future….this is just the beginning!

The Outstanding Contribution to Social Care Award

Paul Dixon, Aria Care

Paul absolutely deserves to win this award, he is a dynamo in the world of people living with dementia. a more passionate contender i have yet to meet

Hiighly Commended

Age UK Daycare Falmouth

Social hub supporting the aged in the community enabling discharge and support in the community going to peoples home to support hospital visits and encourage social Interaction to the hub with transport provision