The Care Home Employer Award

Winner: Serene Care

Jay and Palvi answered the questions well, they shared some amazing examples of what it looks like to care for the team and residents. I was very impressed with the sharing of information and wanting to involve the community in everything they do.

Highly commended: Heritage Manor

The team at Heritage Manor are very switched on and have developed some great technology to increase communication across the teams, residents, and families. They care greatly about providing good care and reward the team for doing so.

The Home Care Employer Award

Winner: Caremark Solihull

Herkesh exudes an unwavering commitment to treating clients with the same level of care and attention one would reserve for their own family members. The dedication is palpable, and Herkesh consistently demonstrates a person-centred approach when it comes to clients.

Highly commended: Elgar Care Ltd

This company are person-centred through and through. In a challenging environment, they still maintain excellence in service delivery through a highly motivated and trained staff team.

The Care Home Worker Award

Winner: Jessica Moore, Ben Care

Jessica is an invaluable member of the Ben Care team, with 8 years of experience, championing her development. Her genuine warmth and adaptability shine through in her care for residents.

Highly commended: Christopher Kenny, Otterburn – part of Exemplar Health Care

During the interview, his profound expertise prominently emerged, proving instrumental in establishing the therapy service. He consistently promotes best practices within his team, serving as an exemplary role model.

The Home Care Worker Award

Winner: Richard Cox, Radfield Home Care

Richard was a breath of fresh air, clearly going above and beyond in everything he does, motivating his clients to try and do new things, accompanying them on the journey and helping them with everything they need.

Highly commended: Megan Clark, Bluebird Care

Megan is clearly very caring and very hands-on in her role, getting to know all her clients really well and utilising all the community teams to support the people she cares for

The Support Worker Award

Winner: Ella Page, The Crescent (Condover College)

Ella clearly brings a refreshing vitality, infusing the room with positivity and unwavering dedication. She champions residents’ dreams, empowers their choices, and nurtures their voices through various communication strategies.  She is an asset for The Cresent.

The Care Newcomer Award

Winner: Roksana Drziewicka, Belong at Home (Newcastle-under-Lyme)

Roksana only joined the care sector in April and the judges were incredibly impressed by her passion, for the role, and her ability to put her clients first. She gave excellent examples of the support she had given. Social care is lucky to have her!!

Highly commended: Karl Waters, Elgar Care

The judges were genuinely impressed by Karl’s remarkable ability to earn the trust of those he supports. Karl consistently goes above and beyond, displaying a profound passion for his role. Congratulations, Karl, and may your exceptional work continue.

The Care Home Registered Manager Award

Winner: Tina Kingsman, Richmond Bede Village – BUPA

Tina is the type of manager every home strives to have, being there for 17-plus years, and giving the staff and residents stability and support. She provides all they need to achieve the best. Tina cares for everyone in the home and works hard to deliver outstanding care.

Highly commended: Tracey Barton, Leycester House

Tracey wants nothing more than seeing those around her thrive. She loves care and enabling others. Tracey values staff and residents for all their differences and will do all she can to help them. She is proud of her team as clearly; they are of her.

The Home Care Registered Manager Award

Winner: Samantha Ward, Bluebird Care Bromsgrove & Redditch

Their exceptional proficiency and dedication make them truly outstanding in their role, consistently delivering outstanding results and exceeding expectations.

Highly commended: Deborah Wright, Housing21

Deborah is an exceptional manager, fostering approachability, camaraderie, and equality among staff and residents. Her knowledge, compassion, and personal touch truly deserve recognition.

The Supported Living Manager Award

Winner: Leanne Squire,Cygnet Healthcare

I was blown away by the way you not only went above and beyond for the service users but your staff too.  The creative ideas all to try to have the service a harmonise place to work which then reflects in the care is truly inspirational.

Highly commended: Katie Clohessy, IBC Healthcare

Your passion, dedication and going the extra mile when required really was impressive.  It was evident that you’re a perfect advocate for the sector and a true hard worker and team player.  Your employer is lucky to have you.

The Dignity in Care Award

Winner: Joanne Lowndes, Burcot Lodge Berkley Care

Joanne’s profound passion was evident, shining brightly in her person-centred approach. Her commitment to end-of-life care and the respect of individuals’ wishes was remarkable.

The Dementia Carer Award

Winner: Denise Fay, Bluebird Redditch, and Bromsgrove

Denise’s true passion shone through, and she demonstrated true person-centred care. Denise is a strong mentor and she identified that she doesn’t want people to become too dependent on her but that they need to be their whole selves in their own truth.

Highly commended: Julie Stone, Housing 21

Julie excels in dementia care, driven by her personal connection to the issue. She prioritizes individualized care, using “About Me” books, and leverages residents’ skills and abilities in their support plans.

The Ancillary Worker Award

Winner: Ian Cheshire – Telford Hall – Sandstone Care

Ian is exceptionally dedicated to his job and his unwavering commitment ensures that residents always take precedence.

Highly commended: Clare Fletcher, Herefordshire care homes

Claire, a highly organized and approachable professional, provides exceptional support to the managing director and Herefordshire care homes. Leading by example, she empowers others to deliver top-quality care consistently.

The Care Home Activity Organiser Award

Winner: Claire Huckleby, Exemplar – Otterburn

Claire is an amazing example of what a fantastic Activities Coordinator looks like! Having recently been promoted to Head of Activities, she has embraced this role and really wants to make a positive difference in the lives of the people she supports!

Highly commended: Ellie Lucas, Majesticare

Ellie really impressed me; she is so keen to learn new things and always wants to improve on everything she does. She has the people she supports at the heart of everything and now leads a team of coordinators to really make such a positive impact.

The Homecare Co-ordinator Award

Winner: Zoe Holding, Belmont Homecare

Zoe, an outstanding care coordinator, excels in maintaining an exceptional care team. She ensures their training, supervision, and professional development are top-notch. Zoe’s keen attention to detail and proactive approach guarantee preparedness and high-quality care.

Highly commended: Joanne Thompson – Bluebird Care – Bromsgrove/Redditch

Joanne has been at Bluebird since 2014 and has excelled in care coordination and fostering relationships that ensure carer efficiency. 

The Care Home Chef / Cook Award

Winner: Janet Bucknall-Stewart, Radnor House Residential Care Home

As the chef, she crafts menus that cater to residents’ diverse tastes, cultures, and suggestions. Her love for her work shines through.

Highly commended: Jake Morris, Cavendish Park Care Home by Majesticare

Jake is a dedicated and diligent chef, the care home chef tirelessly works hard to create delectable, nourishing meals that bring joy to residents daily.

The Care Home Team Award

Winner: Team Highwell, Herefordshire care homes

Numerous heart-warming stories emerged from their efforts to enrich residents’ lives with many captivating day outings. As a cohesive team, they tirelessly strive for their residents’ best interests.

Highly commended: Robert Harvey House, Broadening choices for older people

This remarkable care team consistently goes above and beyond, exhibiting unwavering dedication, compassion, and expertise in delivering exceptional support and improving the lives of those they serve.

The Home Care Team Award

Winner: The care team, Care, Compassion and Conversation

They are a real team. They love to celebrate together, as I am sure they will tonight. They have a lot to celebrate, each member works in the interest of the clients to offer great holistic support with those little added touches.

Highly commended: Queensridge Court, Housing 21

They look to enrich the lives of all they support by bringing the zoo to the residents to taking them on adventures in the local community. They embrace the residents and what makes them individual. When adversity strikes, they ensure the support is available to all.

The Supported Living Team Award

Winner: Cannock Support Team , Seco Support

The finalists portrayed a good team approach, allowing for trust and relationships to be built upon, together with providing education and guidance for his well-being and financial stability.

The Care Innovator Award

Winner: Trudi Barnett, Herefordshire care homes

Trudi is clearly passionate about making a difference and improving the lives of not only the people she supports but also the staff team, by creating an innovative tool that supports well-being!

Highly commended: Rebecca Pickering, Midway Care Group

Rebecca has clearly identified that not everyone fits in a box and is keen to create bespoke packages of care and support that meet individual needs, wishes and preferences.

The Frontline Leader Award

Highly commended: Anthony Brannen, Ben Care

A charming young man who showed clear commitment to driving change in the care industry – he was articulate in describing how he supports his team and leads by example through his excellent communication skills to drive the team forward .

Winner: Simon Mcauley, Elgar Care

A wonderful enthusiastic frontline leader who showed great empathy and support for his team and someone who has pushed hard to succeed in the care industry and make a difference – his passion was clear, and he was inspirational.

The Care Assessor / Planner Award

Winner: Katy Thompson – Bluebird Care Bromsgrove & Redditch

Her thorough assessments, detailed care plans, and collaboration with healthcare professionals ensure top-tier care. Katy’s dedication to regular reviews and open communication keeps customers’ needs at the forefront of care services.

Highly commended: Rebecca Pickering – Midway Care Group

Rebecca prioritizes person-centred care, ensuring seamless transitions into our homes. With a deep respect for individual dignity and preferences.

The Three Rs Award

Winner: Lewis Collins – Radfield Home Care Shrewsbury & Oswestry

The pandemic offered Lewis the chance to move into social care and be at the front of what has been a successful 12 months. The business has moved their recruitment forward and the culture that has evolved which has led to personal developments and really good staff retention.

Highly commended: Recruitment Team, Condover College

The team has played a pivotal role in shaping Condover’s achievements in recruitment and retention, contributing significantly to Condover’s success.

The Workforce Development Award

Winner: Sarah Kenning, Embark Learning

Sarah’s passion and putting people at the centre of all her work makes her a shining star in the sector. She dedicated her life to supporting people and developing them in the sector. Her passion makes a difference in how people grow and allows them to open their true potential.

Highly commended: Infection Prevention and Control Care Home Team, Birmingham Community Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust

The IPC team’s invaluable contribution during the COVID-19 pandemic in Birmingham Care Homes has reshaped IPC practices. The team’s work has left a lasting legacy, addressing critical gaps in IPC understanding across the social sector.

The Putting People First Award

Winner: Darren Holland, CareTech Community Services

Darren was able to clearly demonstrate how he supports all his staff and residents in achieving personal goals. Darren is so passionate about his work. An inspiring individual.

Highly commended: James Punch, IBC Healthcare

Wow, what can I say about James the minute James started talking about the work he does he oused with compassion. An amazing advocate for all the residents he supports.

The Palliative / End of Life Award

Winner: Deborah Wright & Donna Taylor, Housing 21

Their commitment ensures consistent high-quality care and compassionate support for all involved during this challenging time. They really go above and beyond to ensure the best for the residents.

Highly commended: Team, Trentham House Care Home

They have focused on making sure when residents leave them their memories stay forever with a memorial garden and worship room.  They send out cards to families on the anniversary of the death to show the family members they are not forgotten and are always in their thoughts.

The Social Care Nurse Award

Winner: Jan Wilson, Heritage Manor

Jan showed clear passion for her role and spoke with genuine love for nursing and has dedicated her whole career to nursing. Jan has a genuine affection for the residents that she supports. Jan has so much knowledge to share and demonstrated such warmth and empathy.

Highly commended: Stephanie Pass – Scotia Health Care

Stephanie has a clear drive to succeed in the care industry and was able to demonstrate how her team have really pulled together to achieve a very impressive high standard at her home.

The Housing with Care Award

Winner: Rebecca Pickering, Midway Care Group

Rebecca is an effective yet approachable leader whose dedication to both staff and clients exemplifies the term ‘person-centred.’. It was clear to me that her team is driven, passionate and empathetic and makes a real difference not only to the business but to the service users that they support.

The Co-production Award

Winner: Winner: Birmingham Mental Health and Wellbeing Hub

The team’s commitment to engagement and adaptability ensures they meet the evolving needs of their users.

The Unpaid Carer Award

Winner: Simone Bell, Unpaid Carer

Simone, a family caregiver, faced the unexpected challenge of caring for her husband. The dedication and support she provides for other carers is truly admirable.

The Outstanding Contribution Award

Winner: Les Latchman, Radnor House Residential Care Home

Les’s mentoring, advocacy, and continuous support for his team and the community make him a true pioneer and leader in the social care sector.

Highly commended: Annette Doughty, Herefordshire Care Homes

Ann, with 56 years of unwavering dedication and boundless enthusiasm in nursing, continues to inspire others, making a profound impact.