The Care Employer Award

Active Prospects

Active Prospects believe that every person plays an equal role in helping to deliver an outstanding service. They are sector leaders in co-production and recognising that everyone has a voice. They integrate their core values into everything they do and are passionate about enabling people to lead aspiring lives.


Highly Commended

Huntington & Langham

Compassion remains at the heart of everything Huntington & Langham do and has done for more than 40 years. They invest time in their people and this is demonstrated by their long serving employees. This investment is filtered down to the people who live in their homes not only from the quality of care provided, but also enabling a continuum of care.


The Care Home Worker Award

Marie Skinner – National Care Group

Marie is reliable worker with a big heart. She is passionate, caring and resourceful in her work. She loves handling big projects that give the service users something different and fun to be a part of. Whilst she knows that good communication and a strong team is key to success – she is a strong individual with a bright future.


Highly Commended

Shamim Nawaz – Woodland Court

Shamim eats, sleeps and breathes her service and goes out of her way to ensure her residents are happy.


The Home Care Worker Award

Gwen Towell, Bluebird Care Fareham

Such a lovely lady been in Home Care for over 27 years. Gwen talked very passionately about her SU including a couple who she cared for, for 4 years who sadly passed away. Going over and beyond what is expected of her to give an outstanding service.


Highly Commended

Maureen Ramage – Right at Home Basingstoke

What an inspirational lady, to see how passionate she is about caring not only for clients but lesser experienced staff member. Was a joy to speak to.


The Care Home Newcomer Award

Katerina Nakollari – Barty House Nursing Home – Canford Healthcare

Katerina started out in the kitchen and built relationships with residents before becoming a carer. A caring person who treats clients like her parents. Working throughout the pandemic to support her team whilst lots of people have been off sick. Katerina is a remarkable person; she genuinely cares about people. We need more carers like her and I hope she achieves her goal of becoming a nurse one day.


Highly Commended

Joseph Scaife – Achieve Together

The Pandemic prompted him to go back to work. Currently doing NVQ and wants to be manager one day, enjoys helping the residents achieve goals such as getting them to make a cup of tea when they couldn’t before. He feels he has improved the service especially the medication. Likes to work with the residents and enjoys supporting them.


The Home Care Newcomer Award

Amber Jenner – MRJ Care T/A Expertise Homecare

Amber is a fantastic worker despite only joining social care earlier this year. She loves her clients and has a clear ambition of progressing, training and going into management. She enjoys getting to know the service users on a personal level and forming relationships whilst carrying out her role.


Highly Commended

Paula Wright – Radfield Homecare

Paula came across very personable, genuine and caring. She has made a huge career move and change when joining care and she is excited for the future and her progression in the social care industry.


The Care Home Registered Manager Award

Sylwia Indycha – Birtley House Nursing Home

Exudes enthusiasm and positivity.  Sylwia is incredibly passionate about what she does and that really comes across when speaking with her.  Core values and undercover resident initiatives were very excellent.


Highly Commended

Maggie Cain – Huntington House

Maggie has installed a real family ethos into her team, supporting them and encouraging them to flourish. The Dementia Care Matters initiative is ground breaking and a massive achievement.


The Home Care Registered Manager Award

Amy Hilton – Radfield Home Care

This candidate’s dedication to continued improvement really shone through. She led a number of excellent and creative client initiatives throughout the pandemic. However, it was her efforts to focus on team wellbeing (such as the gardening club/competitions) and her ability to galvanise and empower her team through the Covid crisis which really set her apart.


Highly Commended

Sam Padaychee – Active Prospects

This candidate met all of the challenges presented by the pandemic (and that continue today) head on.  She has overseen a radical transformation of the service and developed a warm environment with a strong team culture. Initiatives such as outside/inside were novel and ensured that residents got to experience some normality during the pandemic.


The Care Home Cook/Chef Award

Richard Manzano – Berkley Care Group – Portobello Place

Richard excels in his role – being a chef for so many years means he has plenty of experience testing and trying new creative meals and eating styles for his service users. He has fantastic interpersonal skills giving him a great method of communicating with his colleagues and understanding their choices and requirements.


Highly Commended

Katie Dent – The West Gate Care Centre

Katie’s knowledge on nutrition and how she helps benefit her service users with her forward thinking and planning is inspiring. A talent and knowledge that can do so much for the individuals she cares for and really deserves the recognition.


Steve Housham – Birtley House Nursing Home

Steve displayed amazing knowledge and experience within the hospitality sector through and this shows through the feedback and results he has achieved. his ability to turn a menu and dining experience around will trying to be a self-sustained as possible left me blown away and is truly deserves recognition


The Dignity in Care Award

Ana Thompson – Ashton Lodge

Ana loves her jobs and believes everyone has something to give. She always looks on the brighter side of life and feels the elderly generation have so much knowledge to share and we just need to take the time to listen.


Highly Commended

Huntington & Langham

Huntington & Langham person-centred approach is at its core, with a clear passion and drive to provide meaningful care. They strive to nurture dignity and privacy throughout their services, placing residents at the heart of everything they do.


The Dementia Carer Award

Caterina De Felice – Glendale Care Home – Anchor Hanover

Caterina is a clear asset to the Glendale team. Her understanding of the requirements in dementia care are second to none and with the kindest heart. She has the upmost sympathy and understanding for the service users and works case by case to determine the best care for the individuals.


Highly commended

Hayley Thayysen – Right at Home

Hayley is an outstanding carer who is truly passionate about the people she supports ensuring that their care is person centred and that she takes the time to get to know them before and after dementia. She works closely with their families and treats her clients as if they were her second family. She has a huge amount of experience is a very complicated area of care. so well done Hayley and thank you for all you do.


The Care Home Team Award

Dyers Mews Team – Precious Homes

The team is outstanding – more like a family. When staff members had to isolate, their own team would be on hand to do their food shopping etc. An extremely caring, transparent and non-judgemental team – open to change when new and innovative improvements are presented and always with the service users’ best outcome in mind.


Highly Commended

Nesbit House – Hamberley Care Homes

A close nit team with a clear ambition of the future and their goals as an organisation in social care delivering outstanding social care. Inspiring.


The Home Care Team Award

Right at Home GF

This team is an innovative and truly ‘values lead’ organisation that continually strives to improve all aspects of its service. By recruiting the right people and providing a supportive environment, the team can provide the best possible service to individual clients.  The judges were particularly impressed with the team’s introduction of a ‘mini moves to magic moments’ project which has proven to be immensely successful.


Highly Commended

Bluebird Care Gosport

The judges were particularly impressed with the proactive, positive approach taken by this team who always strive to go above and beyond what’s required of them.  The team are always eager to support each other; providing service with a smile even at the most difficult of times.


The Care Home Activities Organiser Award

Amber McAdam – Summerlands Care Home

Amber is a bundle of energy – enthusiastic, understanding and passionate. Being a carer and then onto the activities coordinator demonstrates Amber’s passion in her role, in Social Care and excelling in her career to do the best for her service users.


Highly Commended

Tara Cola, Sharon Barham, Georgia Williams – Maidstone Care Centre

Extremely bubbly group of girls – what a fun place to be with these in charge of the activities. Sign me up!


The Ancillary Worker Award

Jaden Osbourne – Hilton Nursing Partners

Jaden’s career from apprentice to his current role is inspiring, he evidently enjoys all that he does in his role. He understands what is required with regards to being more than the tasks at hand whether it be flexible working to creating tik Toks with the residents – a bright future ahead for Jaden.


The Workforce Development Award

Vicky Marshall – Active Prospects

Vicky’s enthusiasm and passion for the development of the workforce was evident. Vicky clearly focuses on providing bespoke training that is carefully tailored to the needs of service users, by ensuring that she knows them herself personally. Vicky clearly overcame the challenges for training and development brought by the pandemic and put in place measures to ensure that this was not compromised.


Highly Commended

Jason Pinnock – PJ Care

Jason clearly has a passion for training combined with technology, which has brought great benefits to the development of the workforce at PJ Care. Jason was clearly very forward thinking and his development of virtual reality training is an incredibly exciting revelation, not only for his service, but for the sector as a whole. Jason was an excellent advocate for the values of PJ Care.


The Care Innovator Award

Abigail Draper – RCH Care Homes

Abigail had a clear passion to place her residents at the heart of things. Her innovative ideas have kept the residents active, using technology, staying connected and embracing the positive side of things. It helps not only the residents but her innovative ideas have benefitted the staff also.


The Frontline Leaders Award

Nisha Leo – Nellsar Care Homes

A fantastic frontline candidate with an excellent understand and in depth thought process behind the service Nisha provides. A fantastic leader to follow in social care.


The Home Care Co-ordinator Award

Michelle Monzi – Sans Soucie Home Care Ltd

Michelle clearly has a huge passion for care. Her drive and ambition have allowed her to be promoted quickly due to her hard work and dedication during the pandemic


Highly Commended

Georgina Swatton

MRJ Care T/A Expertise Homecare


The Care Assessor/Care Planner Award

Lee Cunningham – Maidstone Care Centre

Lee clearly understands the importance of person-centred care planning and goes above and beyond to ensure that each resident’s care is carefully considered and reflective of their likes, preferences and desires.


Highly Commended

Glyennis Gibb – Independent Lives


The Putting People First

Greenacres – Community Integrated Care

The team worked through difficult conditions to recruit and train new colleagues in order to deliver bespoke positive behaviour support service. The Greenacres team worked closely with local authorities, health teams and NHS England, this cooperative way of working has led to providing the right and the best support to individuals, as well as setting goals to increase access to the community and reduce restrictions and restraints that people would have on their lives in an institutional setting.


Highly Commended

Elaine Thompson – Community Lifeline


The Palliative Care/End of Life Award

Colleen Brothers – Bluebirds Specialist Care Centre – PJ Care

The Team at Bluebirds foster a very clear culture of compassion for those they care for, as well as their families, friends and each other. The Team devote significant time and resources to training and assistance from other organisations, such as soul midwives, to improve the care they provide to their patients, which allows them to provide gold standard care at the most vulnerable and emotional time of people’s lives.


Highly Commended

Pedro Lino – Wycombe Team

Pedro’s enthusiasm for the care he provides to his patients was unquestionable. He clearly understood the importance and significance of his role and the ways in which he can provide great comfort and support to not only his patients, but their families in their time of need. Pedro clearly demonstrated an understanding of the importance of respecting and accommodating people’s wishes and feelings when it came to caring for them at the end of their lives.


The Housing with Care Award

Jo Lewis – The Brendoncare Foundation

Jo thinks of herself as a source of support. Jo has a natural sunny disposition and nothing is too much trouble for her and she regularly takes time out of her own day to assist the other staff and Courtiers at The Old Parsonage.


Highly Commended

Care and Specialist Accommodation Team – Swan Housing Association


 The Social Care Nurse Award

Victoria Godrum – HPFT

Victoria has no idea how good she is, and that was the most evident thing for me. The compassion she shows is second to none and is never afraid to go above and beyond for those she cares for. A very deserving award, for a very special nurse.


Highly Commended

Honey Baby – Cinnamon Care Collection

A fantastic nurse with a passion to train and progress. She is a nurse practitioner who enjoys making her work more homely for her service users and less clinical. Honey promotes good care and takes what she learns on courses and qualifications and adapts it to the nursing home.


The Unpaid Carers Award

Roger Neve – RCH Care Homes

Roger Neve will be 82 years young on Christmas Day and has been living at Park View since March 2021. Roger likes to have a purpose in his daily life and with the input of his family, discussed daily tasks that Roger could undertake. As a very keen nature lover, particularly birds, a bird feeder was bought for Roger, before progressing onto assisting the gardener in his duties. Roger then asked for a daily task list so with his job description – (with the input from Roger) our very first Head Resident was appointed. Roger meets all new residents and their families to support their settling in period and provides reassurance. He has a super sense of humour and whilst in his company you will always see people smile.


The Outstanding Contribution to Social Care Award

Shani Levy – Swan Housing Association

Shani is without doubt one of the most deserving individuals I have ever met. She doesn’t recognise just how good she is, and I would agree with her team, she is a “bit of a legend”.


Highly Commended

Stephanie Whalley – Wren Park – Achieve Together

An honest and flexible social worker with an extremely in depth knowledge in the industry. Stephanie has a clear goal of leaving this industry in a far better situation than when she first entered it and believes that is what she does day in day out – thought she’s not ready to leave just yet! Stephanie continues to empower her staff and ensure they are supported and mentored on their personal development.


The Social Care Covid Hero Award

Bruna Rosa – PBS4

Bruna has come from strength to strength to get to the place she is at today. She relates to her clients and understands their emotions and feelings as she carries out her service. She knows the importance of the rules and safety of the residents is paramount. She adapted quickly to the covid ways of working with online meetings, masks, and staying connected and ensuring the challenges were overcome.


Highly Commended

Alan Moores – Brentwood Care Centre – RCH Care Homes

Alan’s efforts during the pandemic went far beyond what was expected of him in his job role prior to the pandemic. Alan also took steps to carry out training with staff and undertake training himself, so that he could relieve some of the pressures off management for carrying out testing, for example.  Alan and his team’s work provided great reassurance to the wider staff team and Alan clearly had a calming and reassuring nature, that no doubt brought significant comfort to his team and colleagues throughout a very difficult and challenging time.


The Social Care Covid Hero Team Award

Tara Cole, Sharon Barham, Georgia Williams – Maidstone Care Centre

Tara, Sharon and Georgia demonstrated all of the qualities you would want to see. It was clear that their passion for their jobs came from the impact they had on the lives of the residents and it was heartening to hear of the efforts they went to at Christmas to ensure that it was still festive and happy. They also transferred that passion and caring spirit to their colleagues, bringing them treats, helping out with care tasks wherever they could and keeping morale high.


Highly Commended

Out There Service – Dimensions UK