The Care Employer Award

Vida Healthcare

An organisation with an Outstanding rating by CQC along with an extremely creative and innovative team who’s focus is without compromise around the needs of their residents who are living with Dementia.


Highly Commended

Bluebird Care Leeds North

Bluebird’s ability to communicate their values is so impressive. That one quality alone ensures that they will have consistent high-quality performance for a while to come.


The Care Home Worker Award

Megan Jackson – Exemplar Healthcare

Since joining Marmaduke earlier this year Megan has gone from new to social care to Senior Health Care Assistant. Tackling the work day with a calm approach with  a clear passion and dedication to her role.


Highly Commended

Adam Radin – Hatzfeld Care

Adam is the kind of person you want to be around in a team. Adam is a positive person who  can never be thrown off-balance, a quality valuable essential carer.


The Home Care Worker Award

Joanne Godfrey – Bluebird Care Leeds North

Joanne is inspiring and compassionate. An absolute pleasure to talk to Joanne and hear about her clients and the extra care she gives to her service users whether it be birthday flowers or surprising them with their favourite biscuits.


Highly Commended

Franca Bello – Care Dynamics Yorkshire Ltd

Franca’s hard work and consistent care is admirable. Consistently caring and goes above and beyond for everyone who she supports. Working with a very broad spectrum of people of varying needs proves her versatility.


The Care Newcomer Award

Razwan Ali – Bluebird Care

Raz is so personable and he genuinely cares. Raz goes out of his way to help this service user and make best life. Raz gave loads of example of things he did to make the service user feel special and young. I would love if he cared for a member of my family.


Highly Commended

Keeley Lesler – Happy Futures Support Specialists

Keeley perfect, very personable. Keeley promoted as leader in a year in half is fantastic and I think will go very high in care.


The Care Home Registered Manager Award

Donna Henderson – St Cecilia’s Care Group

Listening to Donna was inspiring, the way she has led from the front, showing courage and support throughout this challenging period after her own personal health issues is so outstandingly selfless and admirable.


Highly Commended

Helen McGowan – Dearnevale – Exemplar Healthcare

A caring manager. Helen’s enthusiasm and commitment to providing not only a fantastic service for her residents but also supporting colleagues with their development and is passionate in the whole care home unit constantly improving and being the best.


The Home Care Registered Manager Award

Helen Strugess – Newfield View Supported Living

Helen described an inspiring amount of initiatives and transformations she has led within Newfield view over the past year and it is clear to see the improvements this has made for their service users. Well done Helen!


Highly Commended

Sophie Bellwood – Bluebird Care Leeds North

Sophie is an incredible mix of joy, passion and team work. A true champion of care, an example for everyone around her and so motivated to excel herself and bring others up.


The Care Home Cook/Chef Award
Sharon Moore – Fairburn Mews

I would like to live in the care home where Sharon is in charge of the food. Sharon understands healthy eating but recognises that food may be the only thing in their lives that residents can control and will cook whatever is requested.


Highly Commended

Bridget Friel & Ursula McManus – Hatzfeld Care

Bridget and Ursula are enthusiastic about the way that food supports the care provided at Park residential home. They are able to meet the needs and wishes of each individual resident.


The Dignity in Care Award

Lesley Burr – St Cecilias Care Group

Lesley’s compassion and respect towards her service users is the exact definition of dignity and person-centred care. A constant understanding and continued listening to the clients want’s and needs throughout. Well done Lesley!


Highly Commended

Taiba Younas – Carefound Home Care

After only spending a short amount of time with Carefound, Taiba has shone through with diving straight into the role and giving a fantastic level of care, dignified and person-centred throughout. A considerate individual who will always put the needs of her clients above her own.


The Dementia Carer Award

Janet Gregory – Watersite Grange, Horizon Care

Janet likes to get to know clients first and find out as much as possible about them by talking to their family and residents. Janet treats residents as she would like to be treated and always ask staff to look at their behaviour as staff behaviour can be threatening to the residents when adapting to dementia.


Highly Commended

Beverley Hubbard – Claremont House

Beverly treats her residents exactly the same as all the others despite caring for dementia. Beverley ensures she finds a way to make sure residents  are involved in the home’s activities and give them a purpose in day to day tasks.


The Care Home Team Award

Wensley Street, Community Integrated Care

A great team with a visible passion and dedication to their 24 hour service. You can sense a real team effort with the work carried out by Wensley Street for their service users with lots of exciting and innovating projects and events, the service users really are getting the best.


Highly Commended

Greenacres Grange – Horizon Care

A very positive approach to their work and a constantly improving mentality. A fun, upbeat team that put their clients first and a passion for their support. I was impressed to hear about their activities programme, the different opportunities and events they provide means never a dull moment in the home.


The Home Care Team Award

JT’s Team – Care Dynamics Yorkshire

JT’s Team at Care Dynamics are a round the clock social care team that provide specialist care for JT. Their work and dedication means no end to their service users and their families. The pride the team carry with them from their work shows their passion and effort in the role they have in JT’s life.


Highly Commended

The Great Care Company – York

What a great team to interview. It was a pleasure to hear from these individuals and how they really come together as an organisation, determinations and innovative thinking on how to brighten their resident’s day and enhance their quality of life.


The Care Home Activities Organiser Award

Dearnevale Life Skills Team, Exemplar Health Care

A great interview – the team have really maximised what they can offer within the care whether it be in the kitchen, on zoom calls to keep in touch with family or in house pub quizzes with all the care homes involved. What a way to create an Exemplar community! Well done Dearnevale!


Highly Commended

Craig Whitfield – Hatzfeld Care

For Craig to have gone through what he has, and then come out the other side with a positive and creative attitude is incredible. Craig reflects on his darkest moments and makes sure that no one else is left with the same feelings he had. A simply caring individual who really deserves this recognition.


The Ancillary Worker Award

Graham Hird – Hatzfeld Care Ltd

Graham is a worth winner of this award, his warm personality and caring nature shone through Nothing it seems is too much trouble to this maintenance man, even working on his day off and cutting short his holiday to repair a room ready for a service user to move in.


Highly Commended

Lisa’s  compassion shone through and her wish to keep everyone safe, she has now returned to care, Lisa has a wonderful nature and has been awarded carer of the month three times


The Workforce Development Award

Carol Sherwood – Carefound Home Care

Carol has created a blended learning approach which has seen the company grow by 40% since Carol’s involvement. Carol provides dedicated 121 training and looks into the different learning styles to ensure each individual has the best path of training and progression.


Highly Commended

Avril Watson – Horizon Care

With a wide variety of the way in which Avril administrates her training to the staff, no two sessions are the same. Providing case studies to support training, LFD and PCR training as well as additions   such as nappy training. There are nearly 50 courses that staff can uptake to develop and widen their experience and skills in the Social Care sector.


The Care Innovator Award

Rhiannon Thompson – Happy Futures Support Specialist

Rhiannon demonstrated a passion for improving the lives of some of the most vulnerable adults in society. She identified through her work as a community nurse that vulnerable individuals were often not getting the support that they needed and that support systems would break down.

Well done Rhiannon!


Highly Commended

Christopher Dunn – The Care Company

Christopher has been instrumental in developing ‘The Employee Hours Allocation’ and the ‘Extra Mile Fund’, both of which are innovative schemes that are unique in the domiciliary sector. It is clear that both employees and service users have benefited from the schemes.


The Frontline Leaders Award

Lois Simpson – Anchor

As team leader, Lois has an excellent knowledge of care paired with a calm approach to a fast-paced environment ensuring a smooth day to day life for her residents and staff. Lois as a manager who goes above and beyond to get the job done no matter what and when it may be.


Highly Commended

Toni Whitfield – Hatzfeld Care

Toni shows an outstanding commitment to improving the care delivery within the team and provide constant support to her team to do so. Toni’s creative flair and her kind approach to work means she has a great relationship with her team to lead them through challenges and be proactive.


The Home Care Co-ordinator Award

Victoria Longbottom – Anchor

Since Victoria started at Anchor Hanover as deputy manager the home’s CQC rating has massively improved and made such a big achievement, her hard work improving and planning within the team to the excellent rating.


Highly Commended

Claire Hayburg – Bluebird Care

Claire is very patient and has good communication and listening skills. Claire not only handles the coordination and planning in the role but she #is also actively involved in the caring too.


The Care Assessor/Care Planner Award

Joanne Thomas – Calderdale Council

Joanne prides herself on her attention to details and her liaison with the service users as well as their immediate families to ensure a holistic plan is in place for the individual. Joanne has a high understanding of the best way to communicate with the different clients and constant support leading up to diagnosis.


Highly Commended

Carla Hainsworth – Carefound Home Care

Carla’s attention to detail and her ability to be a passionate, thorough and a positive member of the team makes her a great carer and a champion of the care sector.


The Putting People First

Sarah Linfoot, Continued Care

Sarah really pulls together all the strengths and powers that ensures the service users are the priority day in and day out. Sarah’s care and compassion goes so above and beyond, it would be an honour to be within her care. Dedication, kindness and determination to what she sets out to achieve for the service user are just some of the reasons Sarah is a worthy winner.


Highly Commended

Doncaster Personalised Support – Creative Support

Loved their passion, they gave so many examples of why they are worthy of recognition. They stayed with the service users the whole way through, this company is fantastic for putting people first.


The Palliative Care/End of Life Award

Claire Tate – Crown Care

Claire works as HCA for 10 years. An extremely experienced carer who always listens to the resident and works to give them the time and care they need. Claire is a very empathetic person always willing to do extra for residents and her service users.


Highly Commended

Julie Hair – Crown Care

Julie work as HCA, thoroughly enjoys always sitting with her service users and talking to them to ensure she understands their thoughts, feelings and requirements. Julie goes above and beyond to put the service user first.


The Housing with Care Award

Angela Fletcher – Happy Futures

Angela thinks outside the box and works with local groups to give the service users the fun in swimming, singing and other activities as well as caring for them. Angela self- funds a lot of the initiatives she brings to the table.  Angela is an extremely passionate carer.


Highly Commended

The Laureates – Anchor Hanover

A close nit team work who hard to make a safe, covid secure space whilst also ensuring additional support and mental health awareness is being introduced throughout the pandemic as times were tough. Ensuring that service users are connected as much as possible with their families and communities etc.


The Social Care Nurse Award

Claire Bell – Dearnvale, Exemplar Healthcare

Claire had a clear passion for the care industry and helping individuals with complex needs. Claire was able to explain what skills are important for her role as a nurse and unit manager, and highlighted that training is important delivering person-centred and high-quality care for the service users.

Well done Claire!


Highly Commended

Josef Comyn-Doyle – Care in Mind

Josef very passionate about helping young adults with mental health needs and understood the skills that are needed to help improve the lives of those that he cares for. Josef clearly a team player and has a clear vision for how he would like to see social care nursing move forwards.

Well done Josef!


The Outstanding Contribution to Social Care Award

Angela Fletcher, Happy Futures Support Specialists

Angela is exactly that, outstanding. Her organisation steps up to any challenges and purposely sets out to make a difference for those with complex needs and behaviours. Angela is a great leader and advocate of outstanding social care. A pleasure to interview, well done Angela!


The Social Care Covid Hero Award

Tom Allen – Steps Residential

When the local day centre which his residents used, closed due to covid, Tom encouraged the staff to join his team to provide activities to make life as normal as possible for the service users.


Highly Commended

Julie Haire – Claremont House

Julie epitomises what care staff did during the pandemic. Julie describes herself as “just plodding on” despite fear and loss of people that she cares for. This is not just plodding on – this is true heroism.


The Social Care Covid Hero Team Award

Lynne Taylor and Team – Happy Futures Support Specialists

This team rose spectacularly to the challenge of service users who did not understand why they could not see their parents. When the lack of contact was affecting the well-being of an individual they went on a seven hour round trip to enable them to see their parents from a distance. Lynne worked with the police to make sure that they understood that the journey was essential so that they were not pulled over.