The Care Employer Award

Community Integrated Care

This team have a genuine commitment to encourage active participation of employees in strategic planning, and a passion for evangelising the value of sector workers.


The Care Home Worker Award

Abigail Shaw, Milford Care

Abigail clearly lives and breathes her role. For someone who has only 18 months experience, her experience to date was well rounded and her examples of the care provided excellent. She is only at the start of her journey but with the passion and commitment she’s shown already. She will go far!


The Home Care Worker Award

Natalie Parker, Derbyshire Care Services

Natalie is very passionate and caring and someone who puts other people first and goes out of her way to do the little things for the people she supports. Natalie was able to demonstrate how she makes a real difference to other people’s lives.


Highly Commended

Rachelle Baker, Community Enablement Team

Rachelle spoke passionately and proudly of the support she has been providing for service users. She demonstrated a raw desire to continue developing her knowledge and then utilising her continuous development to support more and more service users.


The Care Home Newcomer Award

Callum Newman, Anchor Hanover

Callum breathes fresh air and life into all he puts his hand to. The challenges he has faced in work have taught him problem solving, given him rewarding and confidence building skills. He is planning to continue his newfound skills through training and practice.


Highly Commended

Julia Paggett, Ashdene Care Home

Julia goes above and beyond to ensure the happiness and wellbeing of residents in Ashdene Care Home. She gets to know the residents personally enabling her to interact whilst keeping them safe. She is a team player and a communicator


The Home Care Newcomer Award

Richard Skipper, Libertas

Inspired to care after looking after his grandmother, Richard quickly made a real impact in his organisation.  He demonstrates a commitment and passion for person centred care and is a true asset to the sector.


Highly Commended

Adriana Cocut, Kare Plus Newark

Adriana demonstrated the high expectations and aspirations for the support provided in the community. Strong evidence was provided of how Kare Plus Newark are positively impacting on service user’s quality of life with a strong influence of staff training and development.


The Care Home Registered Manager Award

Julie Rudd, Vista

After an incredible 45 years in the care sector starting from the age of 21 and working with the same senior team for 24 years it is all about family to Julie, the residents, the team and the relatives. Everything that Julie does is focused on making life as good as it can be for the residents.  An exception and inspirational leader of people – a true one off!


Highly Commended

Tracey Laud, Bank House Care Home/Brun Lea Care Home

23 years in care working in a variety of roles has led Tracy to be the Registered manager of not one but two care homes. Tracy leads by example and rolls up her sleeves as part of the team as well as making sure that policies and procedures are followed and understand by the team around her. Tracy stood out as being a positive and forward thinking manager who recognised her teams every day.


The Home Care Registered Manager Award

Damian Taylor, EarlyBird Lifestyle Support Ltd

Damian was really enthusiastic in all areas of training and support for his staff.  He wanted to learn everything in every area so that he can then filter that through to people. His love for teaching is massive and how he engages all staff to increase knowledge and skills. He strives to provide care before profit.

Highly Commended

Sarah Poulton, Wright Care at Home

Sarah is very passionate about her role, warm and approachable.  She went above and beyond by setting up a foundation for young carers alongside the family for a young carer of theirs who sadly passed away. She strives to keep the passion for care alive through the new young staff members.


The Care Home Cook/Chef Award

Gillian Poole, Ideal Carehomes

Gillian showed great passion and knowledge on how to meet the nutritional needs of residents.  She recognises the crucial role that meal times play in promoting wellbeing.


Highly Commended

Richard Glover, Milford Care

Richard is truly inspiring and has a clear dedication and motivation to improve quality of life and educate across the sector.


The Dignity in Care Award

Elizabeth Godkin, Morton Grange Care Home

Elizabeth deserves recognition for the work she does. She is hardworking, kind, polite, respectful and speaks up when necessary. She is an outstanding member of staff and if there were more like her our care settings would run a lot smoother.


The Dementia Carer Award

Graham Higginson, Baily House Care Home

Having started by changing career from a car mechanic only 4 years ago, Graham is now a senior carer doing medication, is a fantastic achievement. He certainly treated his residents as his family and is an asset to the sector.


The Care Home Team Award

Eckington Court Team, Orchard Care Homes

Eckington Court have had a tough year which they have pulled through leading with their hearts. The whole staff team has put themselves second and their residents first. Eckington Court were one of the first homes to be hit by the COVID pandemic and used innovated ways to keep their residents safe. The team has such a caring nature which has been a great comfort for families during end of life care. Families have highly commended the team for always ensuring their loved ones’ best interest are paramount


Highly Commended

Ashdene Angels Care Team, Ashdene Care Home

The Ashdene Angels passion and support is infectious from the moment you speak to them. Just talking to the team brightens your day and warms your heart –  they instantly make you feel like part of their family. They have greatly improved the lives of their residents by breaking the mould of care homes. They are involved in a lot of research projects and their enthusiasm for making their residents lives the best they can be is highly commendable.


The Home Care Team Award

Support Team, Kisimul Group Ltd

The team demonstrated such passion about their work.  They spoke about a client who during COVID was diagnosed with cancer.   The support care and understanding staff had shown during this difficult time for the individual was inspirational.  They also demonstrated how the team had been able to make adjustment and adapt to this serious situation .


The Care Home Activities Organiser Award

Siobhan Henson, Pathways, Exemplar Health Care Services

Siobhan displayed immense passion and enthusiasm and uses her own time to develop activities. She was able to evidence that experience obtained in former roles was used in the current role. She is passionate about service users accessing the community and achieving their optimal potential.


The Ancillary Worker Award

Jaxon Curtis, Newcare Homes

As Head of Hospitality, Jaxon stood out in this category as someone who makes a real difference to the lives of every resident at Manor Care Centre. He and his team maintain hotel standards without losing the homely touches to ensure every resident enjoys a positive dining experience.


Highly Commended

Lisa Little, Woodleigh Care

Lisa went above and beyond her role as administrator during Covid, by training in care to provide frontline support to residents.  Her passion and commitment to care for the residents and support colleague was outstanding!


The Workforce Development Award

Samantha Cave, Ashmere Derbyshire

Samantha demonstrated a sound knowledge regarding training. She was able to explain about some innovative pieces of work during COVID she has been able to support staff with relaxation and being kind to themselves.


Highly Commended

James Punch, Accomplish Group

James was so enthusiastic about the work force development team which he is part of. He has shown great examples of how with the right mentoring and role model individuals develop into caring individuals.


The Care Innovator Award

Craig Atkin, Support 4 Independence

Craig was very humble. Absolutely everyone is involved with the app, from users to family to staff to social workers.  Although it is an internal idea, it is something that can be rolled out to the whole community not just for LD or autism but for everyday life.


The Care Home Frontline Leaders Award

Sam McCormack, Church Farm Care at Skylarks

Sam’s leads from the front to deliver the best not only for her colleagues, but for those she looks after. She challenges the norm taking positive risks that empower, enrich and fulfil the lives of her residents. Sam is a true role model for her team and most definitely a worthy winner of the frontline leader award.


Highly Commended

Holly Cardwell, Church Farm at Field House

Holly’s commitment to the home and her residents really stood out. She is clearly proud of her development into her leadership role and is clearly an asset to her home, her team and her residents.


The Home Care Frontline Leaders Award

Neil Martin, EarlyBird Lifestyle Support Ltd

Neil represents a great innovative company that identified a gap in existing care provision. He is thoroughly inspiring through self-experience. Well done!


The Home Care Co-ordinator Award

Abbie Webb, Bluebird Care

Abbie seemed lovely and she was very knowledgeable about her staff and her customers. She has ambitions and ideas about the company that demonstrate how much she cares about her role and how caring she herself is. The answers she gave were professional and very thought out and it was clear that she cared very deeply for both staff and customers.


The Care Assessor/Care Planner Award

Charlotte Gregory, GreenSquareAccord

Charlotte has a clear focus  on the people the organisation supports.  She has an outstanding approach to person centred care planning to promote positive outcomes for service users.


The Putting People First

Jenna Hemmings, Baily House Care Home

Jenna’s commitment to stay positive during Covid and her warm nature and infectious personality won over the judges. Jenna showed a huge passion for her work and making a difference to those that she cares for is what drives her and is proud to care for other people’s loved ones. Jenna showed that she goes the extra mile and is always thinking of new ways to get people involved to live the best life that they can.


Highly Commended

Zara Painter, Community Enablement team

Zara was chosen by the judges for the putting people first award for not only showing a real commitment to those she cares for and for her natural ability to always put people first but also for the huge sacrifice that she made during the peak of Covid when she made the difficult decision to be away from her children for four months to keep everyone as safe as possible whilst working on the front line in Social Care. A worthy winner and lovely lady who deserves this amazing recognition.


The Palliative Care/End of Life Award

Doles Lane and Grange Lynn, Thera East Midlands

This team clearly live and breathe for their residents and have formed a family unit which makes the end of life experience more important. From supporting their residents to grieve for one another, to going the extra mile in advanced care planning, preparations and reuniting a husband and wife in their final resting place, this team were a true stand out and worthy winners of the palliative care award.

Highly Commended

Lauren Redman, Brooke Holme Care Home

Lauren is an inspiration to her home and her team taking on new challenges and learning from experience. She has supported the team to reflect on practice when it comes to delivering palliative care and look at how things can be improved for the future. She supports residents to remain pain free, comfortable and is the person that makes sure every death is a good death


The Social Care Nurse Award

Angela Cowley, Drovers Care Home (Knights Care)

Angela deserves recognition for all the hard work and determination she has put in over the many years she has worked as a Registered Nurse. She spoke a lot about Person Centred Care and having the courage to speak up when you need to for the person that can’t. This lady deserves the respect and recognition for all she has done and the commitment she has proved she has.


Highly Commended

Anju George, Milford Care

Anju deserves recognition for all she does for her clients. Always putting their needs before her own and she said caring for others is what matters the most. She knows how she would want her loved ones to be looked after and cared for and she carries that forward to the people she looks after daily.


The Outstanding Contribution to Social Care Award

Liz Norton, Church Farm Care

Liz ensures that all staff are equipped with the right skills, so that they can provide the very best care, every minute of every day. She demonstrates the true meaning of care throughout all her working practices. It is heartening to see that we have such exceptional and outstanding people like Liz working within the sector. Her passion and emotion for continual improvement and learning and development shines through and she deserves this recognition.

The Social Care Covid Hero Award

Leanne Bailey, Salutem Care and Education

Leanne went above and beyond during Covid, adopting an innovative approach to ensure safety and wellbeing.  She selflessly puts the needs of service users above her own, putting smiles on faces in very challenging times.


The Social Care Covid Hero Team Award

Jilly Hunt and Team, Ashdene Care Home

The team at Ashdene pulled together to keep residents safe and happy.  Their camaraderie and care and concern for residents as well as colleagues was truly humbling.