The Care Employer Award

Consensus Support Services

Established in 2005, Consensus supports up to 667 individuals with learning disabilities, autism and complex needs, including Prader-Willi Syndrome and behaviours that challenge, in 95 residential, supported living and centre-based services across the UK. Consensus is a values-led organisation focused on continuous improvement and embracing innovation.


Highly Commended: Moona Karim, Home Instead Bedford

Having started her branch of Home Instead seven years ago with a mobile phone and a bar stool after seeing both her parents with dementia, Moona now has 70 staff and 100 clients and she is without doubt a consummate and deeply caring employer who would ask nothing of her staff she wouldn’t do herself. People talk about going the extra mile…Moona pushes a marathon on a daily basis.


The Care Home Worker Award

Ellie Baldwin, National Care Group

Ellie clearly enjoys spending time with the residents and likes to see a job through to the finish. A worthy winner with a bright future ahead of her in Social Care.

Highly Commended: Lisa Carbin, Anchor Hanover

Lisa is an amazing lady who is committed to her residents and the team she works in. A caring professional and understands people’s feelings. Lisa is proud of the work she does and the service she gives to her service users every day.


The Care Newcomer Award

Stephen Arrowsmith, Sanctuary Supported Living

Stephen is very passionate about his role and listening and helping others be independent. Stephen underwent a career change from cook to carer and loves what he does, he feels that the career change was the best thing he ever did.

Highly Commended: Toni Allson, Cedars Care Home

A worthy candidate who has been thrown in at the deep end and shone through with confidence and professionalism.


The Care Home Registered Manager Award

Victor Zingoni, Cedars Care Home

Victor was very passionate to show me how he works and supports his team and residents. he works within the CQC guidelines. this staff and residents have all pulled together to make a great team

Highly Commended: Heather Choat, Halstead Hall Care Home

Heather’s commitment to turn the home around has paid off.  She is positive, professional and totally focused on the delivery of a family home for her residents and staff


The Home Care Registered Manager Award

Jessica Graziano, Bloom & Care

Jessica has and always has gone above and beyond for her clients. She is truly an inspiration and deserve recognition for her work. Jessica worked endlessly around the clock making sure her business did not fail , providing the very best of care for her clients , also keeping her team updated with their training and legislation , The company went from strength to strength.

Highly Commended: Laura Ansell, Caremark

Laura is an amazing manager. Laura goes above and beyond for her team as well as the clients they care for making sure that they are her primary focus even when she’s not working, she’s on hand whenever her team need support.


The Care Home Cook/Chef Award

Vikki Smith, Four Seasons Health Care

Vikki is a pleasure to talk to, a really bubbly personality who loves her job and wants to make a difference, taking into consideration people’s likes and dislikes, puree meals to look like the actual food and give the residents choices for the day to choose the menu before it is prepared

Highly Commended: Daniel Hood, Woodlands Care Centre, RCH Care Homes

Dan has worked his way up from being a young Assistant Chef to Head Chef. A very loyal member of the Woodlands team; has proven to be extremely flexible. Dan listens to feed-back from the residents in ways to improve and create new menu items, etc. Dan and his hard-working team have consistently achieved a very high standard of hygiene.


The Dignity in Care Award

Sarah Cawdron, Cavell Healthcare

Sarah is an amazing candidate who is totally committed to her clients and service users. She believes dignity is a small word with a big impact, putting life back into their lives. Sarah is responsible for working with new staff so they understand what works well for their clients and their capabilities. Sarah is always keen to find was of offering choices to her service users who are impaired to give them a better quality of life.

Highly Commended: Melanie Atkin, Woodlands Care Centre, RCH Care Homes

Melanie is a caring, happy and bubbly person who stands by the services users coming first and keeping them safe and happy at all times is what she strives for. Giving the residents the opportunity to make choices whenever possible and enjoys looking after the residents. Seeing the residents smile makes her happy and heart warming. 


The Dementia Carer Award

Keeley Phillips, Christies Care

Keely has an exceptional grasp of the challenges faced by those affected by dementia and how it differs and affects people at different stages. You can hear her passion for dementia care when you ask for examples of how her clients have been in her care. Keely is terrifically patient and encouraging with her clients and does her utmost to give them confidence and uphold their dignity. She has fundamentally improved the quality of life and health outcomes of her clients and is a valuable asset to our team.

Highly Commended: Brandon Park ‘Home Makers’, Brandon Park Nursing Home

Brandon Park Home Makers began in July 2020, with their enabling environment, it aims to reduce falls and pressure ulcers, and use of anti-psychotics. The Memory Centre has a homely and non-clinical feel. The innovative homemaker training programme helps them live the Montessori principles. Understanding memory systems helps homemakers think differently and creatively and shows them how to integrate everyday household items into meaningful activities that incorporate movement, and gross as well as fine motor skills, to promote independence. An exciting future ahead!


The Care Home Team Award

Badger Wing, Outlook Care

Having a hard 18 months they have continued to strive and support residents in new ways. staff have gone the extra mile.

Highly Commended: Care Team, Cedars Care Home

Cedars has shown a great togetherness. They are passionate in the work they do to keep their residents happy


The Care Home Activities Organiser Award

Karen Adams & Matthew Peace, Ford Place Nursing Home

The undisputed eyes and ears of the home, activity co-ordinators, Karen and Matthew exude
an undeniable and total heartfelt naturalness for their role: it’s plain to see they make a truly impressive duo with their profound level of giving and understanding.

Highly Commended: Debbie Day, Cedars Care Home

A lorry driver in a previous incarnation, Debbie is a natural activities lead with her unswerving belief in empowering  residents with her whole home approach.


The Ancillary Worker Award

Danny Hingston, Florence House

Danny is a true inspiration – his unfaltering passion towards those who live in the home is clear as day. His understanding and commitment to his role is to be admired. However, what he achieves above and beyond his role is outstanding – a truly worthy winner! Congratulations.

Highly Commended: Vera Dmochowska, Woodlands Care Centre, RCH Care Homes

Vera’s strength and ambition to succeed is second to none, having delivered more than her own role, is now wanting to further her career as a nurse at the home. It was a pleasure to interview this nominee.


The Workforce Development Award

Jason Pinnock, PJ Care

Jason is very passionate in his role and his proud of his work such as the Learning Package to support his staff which focuses on support and development in specific areas for the staff along with e-learning and different styles of training. His impact in the role shows his care and compassion to the sector.

Highly Commended: Ruth French & Alex Ball, Stow Healthcare

Ruth and Alex go above and beyond the basic standards and want the very best for their team. They support them through group talks, 121 talks and take care in other areas such as mental health training too. The training package works perfectly to reach the staffs needs and outcomes of every training they undertake.


The Care Innovator Award

Sue Wray, Essex Care Limited

Sue has built a team around supporting residents who would normally spend their day in a day centre to getting employers to rethink the way the employ and take on staff with a learning disability. Sue is passionate to giving everyone a working career.

Highly Commended: Gordon Anderson, Cavell Healthcare

Gordon has given back to the community with the motor home. He has shown that thinking out the box really does work.


The Frontline Leaders Award

Kylie Rawlins, NOAH Enterprise

A true leader in my mind doesn’t recognise the impact that they have on others. Kylie is one of those leaders. An honest and transparent person who strives to achieve the best for her team and those she supports.

Highly Commended: Marie Roberts, Lord Nelson House

Marie has clearly made a big change to the service over the last 12 months. Her extensive background in care has allowed her to be a well-rounded and passionate leader. ​


The Home Care Co-ordinator Award

Krystal Westgarth, Home Instead Bedford

Krystal is very passionate and caring. She has a genuine passion to provide the very best care for both service users and her staff members alike.


The Care Assessor/Care Planner Award

Elena David, Woodlands Care Home, RCH

She is passionate and proud to work within the sector.  She gave many examples of emotional and touching stories discussed about the people she supports

Highly Commended: Tracey Ferguson, Home Instead

Tracey gave well articulated answers to all questions which came from the heart and really understands what it takes to get it right involve people and get to know how they would like it.


The Putting People First

Roxy Clements, TLC Care Homes

Roxy is so passionate about what she does. She offers a selfless approach putting her residents and staff always before herself. She works to make a difference in someone’s life in one way or another every single day. Excellent work Roxy!

Highly Commended: Samantha Alderton, RCH Care Homes – Orchard House

Even though it was hard for Samantha to praise herself during the interview, her extremely humble and selfless personality really came across. You can really tell how passionate she is about not only her job, but putting a smile on others faces. She spends most of her life providing the highest possible care she can, not only at work but also at home with her kid, therefore is a truly deserved winner of this award.


The Palliative Care/End of Life Award

Debbie Day, Cedars Care Home

Debbie is passionate and very respectful.  She is an absolute worthy winner really tries to put people and their families first to make what can be an awful time as good as it can be.

Highly Commended: Amy Norgate, Castlemeadow Care

Amy is very knowledgeable and passionate about getting it right.  It was an absolute pleasure to hear her speaking about her vision and support she wishes to give.


The Housing with Care Award

Thera East Anglia

Nick had clear vision and ambition to improve the level of care they can provide. They are doing this by recognising excellence within their organisation and championing it.

Highly Commended: Elzbieta Czubakowska, NOAH Enterprise

She is extremely passionate about reintegrating people into society with a key focus on long term care and mental wellbeing not just outcomes.


The Social Care Nurse Award

Elizabeth Smith, Consensus Support

Elizabeth is a role model as she epitomises what being a nurse is all about. Her team take inspiration from her attitude to work and the sheer blood, sweat and tears she pours into the service. For the individuals, she is a source of great joy and love. She intuitively knows how to connect with each person on their level and their wellbeing is at the centre of everything she does.

Highly Commended: Kim Steed, Melford Court Care Home

Kim is a great leader and knowledgeable mentor, and hugely supportive to those working with her at Melford Court. Kim’s leadership gave the team the knowledge and confidence they needed to find their stride and fight back against COVID 19. With strong clinical management, and vigilant IPC measures implemented by Kim, the team at Melford contained the outbreak, controlled it and by May, residents were no longer symptomatic and the whole home testing produced negative results across the board.


The Unpaid Carers Award

Mary, Woodlands Care Home RCH Care Homes

In the words of the person that nominated Mary:  For over 5 years Mary has been volunteering here with us at Woodlands. Over this period Mary has been conducting regular monthly Reminiscing Sessions with our residents, researching interesting, relevant and meaningful themes such as, Childhood pastimes and games; Seaside holidays; Bygone everyday domestic items & gadgets; School days, etc. which Mary somehow always manages to source a wide selection of wonderful and interesting original items for all to see and touch. Mary’s sessions are extremely popular with both our residents and relatives; the lounge is always packed and you can see our residents’ eyes just light up – the hour session just seems to fly by so quickly! Mary has a great sense of humour; is extremely patient; never rushes her sessions and always has time for our residents. Mary has been so generous in giving us her time over all these years and is now very much part of our Woodlands family. We so very much love having her with us plus all her wonderful work with its notable positive effect that her Reminiscing Sessions continue to have on our residents.


The Outstanding Contribution to Social Care Award

Debbie Day, Cedars Care Home

Debbie is such an ambassador for the Great British Care Awards,  having been involved from the outset 9 years ago.  She champions everything about the awards and indeed the sector.  Despite winning multiple awards Debbie is very humble and always champions the team with her. Debbie always puts colleagues and residents first and has given her all to them aswell as to the families. Debbie has made such an impact on the sector and is a great ambassador.


Highly Commended: Deborah Jackman, Syne Hill Care Home

Deborah has gone above and beyond for everyone. She has made sure that the home is running correctly, has the perfect memory and can remember each individual and what medication they take off the top of her head. Deborah makes sure the shifts are running smoothly and that the residents get the best possible, person centred care.   This lady works from 7 in the morning to 9pm and even on her day off she keeps a check on the residents by reading the care notes.  An absolute star!


The Social Care Covid Hero Award

Gordon Anderson: Cavell Healthcare

A very worthy winner, humble but passionate with innovative ideas which have been put into practice and utilised positively throughout the pandemic.

Highly Commended: Willow Court Care Team, Quantum Care

In some of the toughest times we have known in society this is a truly humbling care home who moved the judges to tears.  In times of adversity this team simply shone. We would move in tomorrow!