The Care Employer Award

Karen Rogers, Herefordshire Care Homes

For me, Karen couldn’t have scored much higher. I love the way their such an inclusive employer, and the support they’ve given to staff during covid such as ensuring those who are extremely vulnerable can still be paid but are not forced to return to work. I also really love how Karen & her team think so carefully about those nearing the end of their lives through covid and allowed relatives to move in for the final days to be with their loved one.


Highly Commended:

Alex O’Neill, Fairway Homecare

Fairway Homecare try everything to support their staff and bring anyone into the care sector. Their inclusive first way of thinking has enabled them to continue to grow and attain independently verified staff satisfaction ratings of 98% on a consistent basis.  They are a true 5* provider


The Care Home Worker Award

Lisa Farrell, Sanctuary Supported Living, Castle Court

The dedication to improve the community and everyone before herself was clear to see. A truly passionate individual who always puts the world before her. A worthy winner.


Highly Commended:

Ben Roberts, Condover College Ltd

Dedicated and passionate about care, a pleasure to talk to. A trustworthy and punctual candidate with an excellent work ethic to continually put his residents first.


The Home Care Worker Award

Rachel Wells, Bluebird Care

Forever learning and has a hugely positive mental attitude and puts people first in everything she does. Over 20 years of experience and nothing is too much trouble for her.


Highly Commended

Charlotte Cridland, Bluebird Care

Joined care during the pandemic and has progressed quickly seeing it is a great career. Charlotte takes pride and sees individuals and uses a unique art therapy into the care she provides which received great feedback from the service users.


The Care Newcomer Award

James Nichols, JAM Care

James goes “beyond the job” and wants to improve quality of life for both clients and staff – he stayed with a 93 year old to watch football connected on a level. first person watched football with for 15 years. bonding moment. He is supportiing staff to learn to drive, something that will benefit them in their personal lives as well as professionally.


Highly Commended: Hannah Wort-Bowne, Midway Care Group

Hannah revamped an initiative to support individuals on their first holidays post lockdown when everything had been put on hold. real successes of holidays in devon and blackpool, lovely pictures. they have supported someone to go to ballon festival in bristol. an individual had never seen night sky and loved star gazing. staff proactive and outside the box, they just need encouragement.



The Care Home Registered Manager Award

Marie Brown, Precious Homes

The passion Marie has shone through and she has such high levels of care for everyone in the service. From families to residents, right through to the care team, they are all one big home. The work Marie helped one service user overcome was outstanding and she is a worthy winner.


Highly Commended: Kirsty Tulloch, iBC Healthcare

Kirsty was a delight to talk to and full of energy. She really does go the extra mile to ensure her clients receive the very best in every way. A very approachable manager with an open door policy and is always at the end of the phone.


The Home Care Registered Manager Award

Lee Hollis, Fairway Home Care

Passionate, dedicated and empathetic are just a few words to describe Lee. He clearly adores his role and this shone through. Lee is exactly the fresh air the care sector needs more off.


Highly Commended:

Luke Burridge, Advantage Healthcare

has learnt his skills well and can apply in a day to day role. Clearly a very goals driven individual


The Care Home Cook/Chef Award

Lorraine Ashby, Anchor Hanover

Knowledgeable and professional chef who has encouraged junior members of staff and goes out of her way to ensure a good dining experience for her residents. Kept everyone going during lockdown with a lot of baking!


Highly Commended: Tim Egleton, Herefordshire Care Homes

So great that Tim is using his experience in the care sector rather than slowing down for retirement! He is obviously passionate about food and creating the best food and environments for the residents and staff team. Food is a big part of the home. Everything local, fresh and home grown with residents involved, digging up potatoes and kneading bread is also great exercise.


The Dignity in Care Award

Heather Graves, Leycester House Care Home

Heather is clearly a Caring Hero. Being passionate about making a difference to people’s lives as best she can is clearly demonstrated through the way that she works and she is an asset to the care community.


Highly Commended:

Julie Riley, Anchor Hanover

Julie really does care about her work and it’s great to see someone move from a completely different sector into care. She has shown some great insights into dignity and really demonstrates her understanding of people’s needs and independence.


The Dementia Carer Award

Keshia McDonald, Anchor Hanover

Keshia is a genuinely caring and thoughtful person, she listens to the needs of the induvial and their families to enhance their lives.


Highly Commended: Kate Dupont, Fairway Homecare

Kate is very passionate about delivering person centred care, she is keen to progress in the role and worked and undertook a course during the pandemic to work with and support the most vulnerable people.


The Care Home Team Award

Donna Shrimpton, Condover College

Created a staycation for residents as they weren’t allowed to actually go away, residents wanted China so they dressed the house up, tasted Chinese food, lanterns, a full experience for all residents. Then they went to Caribbean including sand in the home, brought the beach indoors, had Jamaican food, then the last day was Disneyland. Dressed house up again, had hot dogs & burgers, watched the Disney parade and staff dressed up as Minnie & Mickey. No resident has missed out on anything through the pandemic, including a graduation form college


Team Trinity, Trinity Lodge

This was a very emotional interview as the home were hit very hard by COVID, and the resilience and mental strength that was displayed by the team was outstanding. A very worthwhile winner in an extremely strong category, staff went as far as moving into the home to support the residents, sometimes leaving their own families for weeks on end.


The Care Home Activities Organiser Award

Kate Lockwood, West Mead Care Home

Kate is everything that an activities coordinator should be. She seeks to get to know the individual on a personal level and then wraps the care around that. Each activity is person centred and meaningful and the work she has done to create strong links with families is incredible.


Highly Commended: Roisin McNally, Herefordshire Care Homes Group

It was clear how much Roisin loves her role and how much her role loves her. The time and effort she put in is wonderful to see.


The Ancillary Worker Award

Sally Parkes, Sanctuary Care Bartley Green Lodge

Sally has been a lifeline to so many, especially during the pandemic. A women with a very positive outlook and is selflessly devoted to the residents and team. She is always there to help and support not only her service users but her colleagues too.


Highly Commended: Mary Foley (Pat), Anchor Hanover

Pat is a lovely caring lady. She is kind to the residents and staff at the home and is known for regularly baking the residents favourite cakes. Pat is a committed and loyal staff member and has worked double shifts and annual leave days at short notice to support the home.


The Workforce Development Award

Alison Bentley, Anchor Hanover

A really impressive development record, with over 60% of her senior workforce coming up through internal promotions. Really believes in strong inductions, support, and development to boost attrition. Spots talent early in people’s career and has great initiatives.


Highly Commended: Kelly Brooks, Embark Learning
A highly enthusiastic and positive trainer, introducing people to care in a very positive way.


The Care Innovator Award

Sue Manickam, Bluebird Care Birmingham East and North

Sue has introduced many innovative systems within the business; found highly effective; had given the best outcome. She works hard to align all the staff to the same morals in the business across equality, team work and other areas to provide high quality care to the service users.


Highly Commended: Eyad Hanash, Fairway Homecare

Eyad over the last 5 years has secured various funding and transformed the Embark Learning Care Academy. Eyad is shows continuous enthusiasm and has gained various partnerships with local employers like Fairway Homecare and the programme has had great success, seeing over 70% of learners gaining employment in health and social care within West Midlands.


The Frontline Leaders Award

Christine Brooks, ICCM

Christine is always championing her nursing team. An extremely compassionate carer with the determination to get things correct and moved forward are second to none. She is always approachable to colleagues, clients, families and commissioners. Christine will always look for solutions instead of problems. She has worked tirelessly during the pandemic and I have the upmost respect for her.


Highly Commended: Samantha Price, Condover College

Samantha is very deserving of the Award. A great team leader with efficiency and flexibility to ensure the service users are cared for. She is keen to pursue her career and has taken on additional courses in Mental health first aid.


The Care Assessor/Care Planner Award

Phil Elson, Midway Care Group

Phillip works hard to ensure that the duties of his role such as referrals and assessments are done to the highest standard and as efficiently as possible. A hands on individual ready to support the team in which ever area of care it may be.


Highly Commended: Deborah Morris, Bluebird Care Birmingham East and North

Debbie has got extensive knowledge to create care plans; supervisions and reviews and she is an expert. She works with her colleague well and teaches all her care plan skills to others so that everyone within the team work together and deliver the high-quality service.


The Putting People First

Katie Clohessy, IBC

Exceptional individual who really puts people at the centre of everything- even learning to fish!


Highly Commended: Connor Shaw, IBC

Thinks outside the box – healthy eating options


The Housing with Care Award

Cheryl Jones, Autism West Midlands

Cheryl is very nurturing and encouraging who certainly puts the lady she is supporting front and centre of everything.


Highly Commended: Business Development Team, Midway Care Group

Fantastic, forward thinking team who take holistic approach for what is right for the people they are supporting, involving them as much as possible in decisions about their housing and care. Constantly evaluating lessons to be learnt for continuous improvement.


The Social Care Nurse Award

Oliver Marange, Komplex Care Limited

Oliver is an outstanding nurse and should be commended for his professionalism and work ethic. He goes above and beyond to help create a settled and sustainable package of care for both client and family whilst continuing to manage a number of other complex cases.


Highly Commended: Rebecca Hyland, Scotia Heights, Exemplar Healthcare Services

Becki is a fantastic leader and has made countless contributions to the care of residents as well as being extremely supportive of her fellow staff. Any time that a colleague needs assistance, Becki is there without complaint and with a willingness to help. She genuinely loves what she does and it shows through her enthusiasm to educate others in a way that makes them feel accomplished and competent.


The Unpaid Carers Award

Garry Weaver

My 29 year old stepson has moderate-learning-disability and is autistic and when he isn’t supported well then he can have behaviours that challenge and needs 2-1 support. Unfortunately he has been sectioned/admitted to hospital 3 times and has spent nearly 3 years of his life in hospital. He has lived in care since the age of 16. In order for my stepson to have a happy meaningful life and to reduce his level of anxiety, so he doesn’t display behaviours that challenge it’s important for him to have routine, planned activities, regular contact with family – overnight home stays. I have never known a more compassionate, supportive, dedicated father. When the marital home broke down when Sean was 13 Garry has been a consistent support for Sean and provided over 50% of his care until it was decided in Sean’s interest to be supported by a care home, this was following his first hospital admission. Garry has always continued to support Sean through all of Sean’s hospitalisations and care home placements by, visiting during the week, having him home at weekends, home for Christmas, takes him on holidays and ensures that he is included within family events. Sean is a very loving man, who loves to come home and being with family and his Dad supports him with this even when he is struggling with his behaviours. Routine is so important for Sean that Garry ensures that his work-life/home-life balance fully supports his son needs. As well as being an extremely dedicated father, to 5 children/stepchildren and 8 grandchildren, he also supports the City of Birmingham Special Olympics Club by being their fund raiser for over 12years and is now training to be a coach for the club. I am privileged to have both of these men in my life, for the last 11years.


The Outstanding Contribution to Social Care Award

Vikki Sylvester, Acacia Training

Has set up a business that has trained over 50,000 and introduced so many people to the sector. As well as ongoing mentoring, she is truly innovate and a powerful voice in the industry.


The Social Care Covid Hero Award

Kim Northwood, DKL Healthcare Limited

Kim is extremely innovative, companionate and caring to both the residents in her home and the team.  Kim went out of her way to ensure that the residents in the home had a minimal impact to their lives during covid and enabled them to be able to do all of their usual activities and see their loved ones in a safe environment.


Highly Commended: Leanne, Inkersole, Midway Care Group

This was a team effort and thanks to Leanne and her team their residents I the home managed to all avoid contracting Covid and therefore never lost a resident due to the pandemic.