The Care Employer Award

Neighbourhood Care

A truly outstanding company and a well delivered interview by Barbara and Mike. After a fantastic 10 years of Neighbourhood Care it was a great conversation to have with the couple not only on their previous successes but their plans for the future of the company. Their passion and creativity and hands on involvement is admirable.


Highly Commended

Bluebird Care Bristol

Bluebird Care are an extremely well trained selection of workers. High quality care and appreciated staff. A pleasure to interview.


The Care Home Worker Award

Michelle Tipper – Keys Group Ltd

Michelle was a pleasure to interview. An extremely warm and caring person who brings the same love and affection to her work as she would to her own family. With particular attention to E&D, Michelle takes pride in her personal ethos and the value she adds with understanding and relating to her service users. Despite having a busy workload, Michelle has visions to continue her progression and complete qualifications for management.


Highly Commended

Ana Lourenco – Cornwall Care

A fantastic care worker who not only understands and cares for her service users but refers to them as her own “mums and dads” being away from her family and home. She is always looking for ways to bring new ideas and a great environment for her service users as well as being there for her fellow colleagues. A credit to Social Care.


 Home Care Worker Award

Ben Doyle – Holmleigh Care

Ben shown fantastic interpersonal skills and works with a complex young man on improving his quality of life in the best way possible. His role requires consistency and understanding as well as the skills in which require him to defuse situations, avoid crisis points and ensure better surroundings for his service user.


Highly Commended

Amy Hull – Newcross Healthcare

Amy is a calm and bubbly candidate with a great patience and understanding for her service users. She has a great experience in not only general care, but with additional training in dementia and EOL and a good understanding of domiciliary care, she is a worthy candidate for the Social Care Worker award.


The Care Newcomer Award

Jade Bookham – My Carer

Jades drive to enable people to remain at home and her understanding of what will help that to happen were outstanding. As ever, the test is “would I want to be cared for by this person?”. Absolutely. A lovely interview!


Highly Commended

Morgan Palmer – Holmleigh Care

Morgan so clearly feels as well as does, and her ability to go the extra mile was obvious. Her empathy for people was winning and heart-warming. She is a warm and driven woman with a clear understanding of her role and how she can impact people, whether that’s delivering care or leading her team


The Care Home Registered Manager Award

Leanne Bovey – Salutem – Westbrooke Grange

Leanne gave some inspirational stories and examples of why she thoroughly deserves this award, she is passionate about what she does and the level of care and support her residents receive, sometimes in  really difficult situations. Thanks to the leadership she provides, alongside the team she manages there is no doubt she is making a difference to the lives of the people within the service.


Highly Commended

Victoria Somerville – Cornwall Care

Victoria obviously cares deeply about the residents and staff at Blackwood and gave some great examples of the fantastic care and innovations she has implemented at the home to ensure the happiness of everyone within the service in a particularly difficult period.


The Home Care Registered Manager Award              

Micala Small – Right at Home North Somerset

During the past 12 months, Micala has increased the number of hours of support from around 300 to 900 hours per week. Micala has remained focused on delivering outstanding care as safely as possible. She is an excellent manager who works hard to keep the team motivated during challenging times and has the best interests of the clients and the staff at heart. She is positive and dynamic and is always on hand to take a call or offer advice, no matter how busy she is.


Highly Commended

Nigel Brigden – Dimensions UK

Nigel is an example of truly excellent leadership. He understands the importance of forging strong relationships both with those whom Dimensions supports and their families. He prides himself on his ability to remain calm and positive, focusing on ensuring good communication within the team with regular meetings so that each and every challenge is successfully navigated.


The Care Home Cook/Chef Award

Lee Joyner – Berkley Care Group

Lee demonstrated a true passion and enthusiasm for his role as Head Chef and a dedication for providing freshly cooked, bespoke and dignified meals to the residents, who he takes a keen interest in getting to know personally. Going the extra mile and providing an individualised service are just some of the things that Lee takes great pride in, setting a great example for the entire care sector.


Highly Commended

Justin Preistley – Cornwall Care

Justin is a very experienced chef who takes great pleasure in providing service users with homemade, restaurant quality food. He takes the time to listen to the carers and the service users’ relatives and his food puts smiles on many faces.


The Dignity in Care Award

Tracey Gardener – Saracen Care Services

As deputy manager, Tracey is leading by example and is always on hand to help and assist where it is needed by supporting staff with whatever the task at hand is, assisting or carrying out things herself to ensure the job is done. Tracey makes sure staff work in a way that client dignity is maintained at all times.


Highly Commended

Kylie Hester – Porthaven Care Homes

As Team leader, Kylie makes sure all staff get the right advice on how to maintain dignity and ensure staff give clients choices. If she notices any area for improvement from her staff, Kylie is dedicated to take the time to talk, teach and train the staff to the level she would provide herself. A clear demonstration of understanding of dignity was proven throughout Kylie’s interview.


The Dementia Carer Award

Margaret Lovel – Cornwall Care

Margaret clearly understands her clients need with dementia. Dedicated to client and staff, she will always share her knowledge with staff to work effectively, develop inhouse training which she also delivers. She makes sure staff understand the dementia potential issue and challenges and how to work effectively with those clients effectively.


Highly Commended

Samantha Winter, Carrie Cutts & Laura Goodwin – Cornwall Care

The team have a clear understanding of client’s needs. Try support new staff, working extra hours if need it to ensure the best care is given around the clock and offering their knowledge to have an effective, efficient and smooth service.


The Care Team Award

Redlief Care

The team demonstrated a great staff morale, working together, “all do all” type attitude and a great team to work together and value each other. Having a team that come across so close nit and united is a real strength with a shared ethos and mutual respect. A great candidate.


Highly Commended

Seymour Court

One of the most inspiring teams I have ever met. The collective sacrifices they all made to ensure those that needed critical care never went without was simply put, inspiring. A truly worthy winner and an absolute inspiration to the sector.


The Care Home Activities Organiser Award

Emilia Turner – Verwood House – Hamberley Care Homes

Emilia is a fantastic candidate for the award – an engaging, supportive and innovative worker with lots of ideas and themes to keep the residents entertained through lockdowns. Winter wonderland, to Grease to cruise ships – Emilia went above and beyond to ensure all residents no matter their individual situation ,could join in with the activities and events she hosted in the home.


Highly Commended

Sharron Bennian – Cornwall Care

Sharron thoroughly deserves to win after she demonstrated her passion for making a difference to the residents in her service. She demonstrated innovative ways in which she engages with residents, families and team members to ensure the happiness of the residents bespoke to their own interests and deserves recognition for all the support she provides not just to her own residents but to the wider community also.


The Ancillary Worker Award

Hillary Howes – Porthaven Care Home

Hilary is very dedicated person, not only head of house-keeping but she works where it’s needed. Putting her residents first and taking time to listen to them. She recognises the small details with her residents and ensures that they feel important and puts a smile on their faces. Hillary always willing to help and work long hours stay longer when need it, dedicated and passionate.


Highly Commended

John Bulley – Cornwall Care

John has gone above and beyond during the pandemic, putting the needs of colleagues and residents before his own.  An outstanding candidate!


The Workforce Development Award

Cathy Rant – Cranford Residential Home

Cathy is an extremely enthusiastic and passionate worker and manager at Cranford. It is down to her that Cranford achieved Approved Training Centre status. She maintains a high level of efficiency and works hard to create clear progression and support for the staff as well as working hard in areas such as budget to provide the best they can. A real key part of a successful organisation, well done Cathy.


The Care Innovator Award

Paul Dixon – Mill House Care and Dementia

Paul’s passion for his work and specifically innovation is second to none. He has outstanding interpersonal skills and is very keen to do the best to give the best. A very impressive interview and a pleasure to talk to. What an asset to the social care industry.


Highly Commended

Ariane Lawson – Consensus Support Moor Lane

Ariane is a fantastic innovative worker with a specialism in learning difficulties. She uses gig buddies services within the home and has trained with the charity to enable her service users to attend events and believes it strives towards the modern world. Ariane now trains other staff to make a big difference in the Learning Disability world.


The Frontline Leaders Award

Samantha McCrindle, Sanctuary Supported Living

Samantha is an experienced registered manager and very capable. Samantha demonstrated how through effective leadership, communication and teamwork she has been able to manage the team through the challenges of a remodelling project at the home she manages and support residents, staff and families through the moving process even during a national pandemic.


Highly Commended

Katie-Jane Knott, React – Realise South West

Katie-Jane is very inspiration in her passion, commitment, and dedication to supporting people to improve the quality of their lives and life outcomes! She works in a high-pressured environment that is on all 247 supporting people in crisis. Katie-Jane has put in a lot of effort to develop her own leadership skills so that she can more effectively support others. Well done for an exceptional and dedicated service and one that is truly making a difference to people’s lives in the South West.


The Home Care Co-ordinator Award

Suzanne Mee – Realise South West

Suzanne is a very dedicated person putting staff and clients first. As team leader work along site of care team. She goes above and beyond, the extra mile and helps staff to do better by involving other professionals where needed to help staff in their development and a more efficient service.


Highly Commended

Paris Coombes – Care South

Paris has come long way in her career starting as an administrator to becoming a coordinator. She is very dedicated to her work and supports her staff thoroughly. Paris ensures a good relationship is made between herself and her clients and aims to deliver the best service she can provide at all times.


The Care Assessor/Care Planner Award

Jayne Torrano – Cornwall Care

Whilst Jayne had to shield through most of the pandemic she worked tirelessly at home, working long days to reduce the impact her absence had on the rest of the team. She adapted quickly to remote working and coordinated the staff. Finding any way she could to alleviate any additional workload or stress from her team during the lockdowns, Jayne maintained a very crucial part of Cornwall Care with her coordinating and planning.


The Putting People First

The Wheelhouse – Covenant Care

Kate and Gosia demonstrated many examples of why people in their care are at the heart of what they do by working closely with the residents, families and other care professional to get the best possible outcomes and thoroughly deserve this award.


Highly Commended

Fran Drew & Barbara Kaczorowska – Neighbourhood Care

A great example of a company putting people before profit and demonstrated that they deeply care about the level of care they provide.


The Palliative Care/End of Life Award

Marie-Claire Foule – Seymour Care

Inspirational in her approach to end-of-life care. Marie is knowledgeable, skilled, warm and compassionate. A real pleasure to meet.


Highly Commended

Elaine Clay – Ablecare Homes – Frenchay House

Elaine and her team have a clear drive to support an individual to have their end-of-life experience which is peaceful and as they would wish it. There is a clear point of tailoring their service to the individual and their close circle as well their dignity and needs.


The Housing with Care Award

Emma Pike – Realise South West

Emma has a warmth about her, but also a certain kind of confidence that seems so unique. Emma makes it her job to get to know the person, not just the diagnosis. Emma promotes choice and provides care with dignity, whilst showing empathy throughout.


The Social Care Nurse Award

Lucy Jeffs – Elizabeth Finn

Lucy is bubbly, bright and fun, during the interview, and I would believe during her role she has a great balance and understanding of both fun, creative and keeping spirits up & efficient and professional care. She is knowledgeable, patient and makes time for the residents.


Highly Commended

Marina Topcic-Garcia – Brunel Care

Marina has practiced her nursing in hospital as well as in social care, it’s clear that she feels that in social care she can get to support the individual to have a fulfilling life, especially in the re-ablement area which she is passionate about.


The Unpaid Carers Award

Mia Richardson – Cornwall Care

We very much want to nominate 10-year-old Mia. Her dad approached us at the beginning of lockdown to let us know that Mia was virtually travelling 1347.1km from Land’s End to John O’Groats on a cross-trainer to fundraise, no mean feat by an adult never mind a child. Pre-lockdown, Mia was a regular visitor at Cornwall Care’s Blackwood Residential Home. She loves nothing more than going to see the residents with her mum Bernie who is a Carer at the home. Mia sits and chats with them and has also previously been involved in helping at their fundraising events. Mia has captured the hearts of so many across the UK with donations coming in far and wide, exceeding £20,000. We have appointed Mia as a Young Ambassador. We are so proud of Mia and are sure she will not only capture your hearts, but those of the nation for her incredible kindness during sad, tough times.


The Outstanding Contribution to Social Care Award

Briden Tanner – Aspirations Support

Briden is proud to have led by example during COVID, making sacrifices to ensure that his family were safe whilst he worked with his teams. From sourcing PEE, arranging zoom parties for residents and families, and moving into the home when cases began to rise. The first priority is always the residents for Briden.


Highly Commended

Christopher Bell – Salutem

Chris is a fantastic asset to the social care sector, evidenced by his lack of believe in himself and views that his colleagues are responsible for their achievements. Chris, you’ve made a huge difference to those you have worked with, and you must learn to take some recognition from that


The Social Care Covid Hero Award

Sharon Bromage – Holmleigh Care

Sharon provided much needed administrative support to Holmleigh Care, as well as undertaking care responsibilities, during the pandemic. As well as implementing a Covid-19 questionnaire throughout the company, she worked extremely hard to make sure residents and staff were supported.


Highly Commended

Susan Sullivan – Babbacombe Care Ltd

Susan has worked in social care for over 20 years, including as a Registered Manager during the pandemic. Through this experience, Susan has shown great strength, kindness and compassion in dealing with an incredibly difficult time, working tirelessly with her team to protect and care for their residents.


The Social Care Covid Hero Team Award

Covid Care Team – The Bay Care Group

The Bay Care Group’s response to the Covid-19 pandemic was second to none. Its Covid Care Team provided invaluable support to the NHS and many care homes with staff working tirelessly and selflessly to provide much needed care to the people of Torbay. Extensive efforts were made to ensure that there was sufficient PPE for staff, some of which was donated to other care providers, and staff showed immense dedication and compassion to the care they provided throughout the pandemic. This team are true Covid heroes.